13 Best and effective Yoga asanas to reduce weight easily

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Now a days people are so busy to find time for themselves to keep them healthy and in perfect shape. Most of the researches proved that 80% of people said that they don’t have time to relax and don’t have enough to time to spend for exercises and all. Because of this many men and women mainly fall under stress category with unhealthy conditions.

That is why, here are some effective and easy Yoga asanas to enhance your health and too relax your mind and body which also helps you to reduce weight and burn fat easily. Just follow these 13 asanas regularly and within no time you will surely find lots of change in yourself!!!




Vrikshasana is the most basic asana in yoga. This is mainly done for the improvement in concentration. The students who are unable to concentrate can do this daily with increase in seconds in this pose. This should be done by changing legs. That is, for first 15 seconds on right leg and then next 15 seconds on left leg. Try to put your foot as high as possible on your opposite leg. This helps you to gain balance over your body. This also helps you to reduce thigh fat.




Trikonasanam is for reducing belly fat as well as arm fat. The pose should be made such that it should look like a right angled triangle. First put your right leg front and try to touch it with left hand and your right hand should be exactly opposite to left hand facing up. Try to remain in that position for 5 seconds and change it in opposite way.  Try to increase the count as you do it daily for better shape.




Tadasanam is mainly for increasing height. Stand straight with legs close together and hands in Namaskaram pose stretched up and head facing up. Try to remain in this position for atleast 25 seconds. For better results in increasing height try to stand on toes with same position.




Dhanurasanam is in the shape of “Bow”. This is mainly performed to overcome back pain. Dhanurasanam helps you to tone your buttocks and thighs. This helps to reduce arm fat and flattens your belly quickly and also back fat. Try to remain in this position for 15 seconds and increase the seconds as you get used to this by doing daily. First lay down facing your face to floor. Then stretch your legs backwards and try to touch them with both the hands. For beginners this finds to be tough, as they find it difficult to hold legs with hands. So, try to catch your legs if you can’t try to stretch as long as possible. Repeat this daily till you can catch your legs and get exact position.




Ardha halasanam is for reducing thigh fat specially. Lay down facing your face to the sky. Then stretch your leg at 90 Degrees angle to your body. Try to remain in that position for 20 seconds and then change your leg. You can also perform this at 60 degrees angle and 30 degrees angle. This asana will help you to lose weight very quickly.





Nauka chalan is a boat shaped asana. In this asana, You need to lay down first and then raise your legs 60 degrees angle to the body and raise your back and hands as shown in the picture. This helps you to lose weight more quickly as pressure falls on all parts of body. Try to remain in this position for 10 seconds each time. And try to increase the count and seconds daily as you get used to it.




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Warrior pose helps in stretching body easily. This helps you to lose thigh fat and also arm fat. Do this by changing the legs.




Utkatasana, is the most effective asana to reduce thigh fat, arm fat and flattens your belly very easily. You can lose nearly 15 pounds in a month easily by doing this daily. Try to remain in the positions shown in picture for 20 seconds each. Try to increase the limit daily for better results.




Padahastasanam is mainly to flatten your belly. It seems to be easy one, but touching your feet without bending knees is very hard. It happens only when your belly fat is completely burnt. For beginners it is difficult to touch them. But try to bend as much as you can try to touch your feet. By repeating this daily your belly fat will be burnt gradually and you will find it easy and relaxed.




Sasangasanam, is also called Rabbit pose. As we find rabbits sitting like this. This helps you to reduce belly fat and thigh fat simultaneously. This also tones your buttocks. This is more effective for burning thigh fat and helps in easy digestion.




Paschimottasana helps in reducing belly fat and get rid of back pain. Relaxes your back.




Vakrasana is complete body twisting asana, which helps in relaxing muscles of back, stomach, thighs and hands. This helps you to reduse waist fat easily. Try to remain in this position for 15 seconds and change it with alternate legs and hands and increase the count daily.




Ustrasana is also called camel pose. This helps to reduce back pain and gives relaxation to your body. Helps to reduce double chin and back fat.

Whatever asana you do try to maintain regularity and increase the count of it for better shape and healthy life.




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