4 Ways To Download YouTube Videos

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The World’s largest video search engine Youtube in recent times launched a new feature called Offline Videos through its app.However, it is very poorly implemented and inefficient, taking large amount of your phone’s storage and all of the videos of youtube are not available offline.So here are 4 ways to download Youtube videos.

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Here we go

1.Youtube Downloader Websites

It is most popular way and easiest way to download your favourate youtube video.Web sites such as Keepvid,savefrom.net, Clipconverter,Videograbby ,Savido helps you to download files, especially videos in the desired format you want like mp4 or avg or 3gp.
All you have to do is open any of those websites you will find a single text field at the centre of the webpage.Paste your desired youtube link in the single text field select the resoultion and format and press the download button and your youtube video starts downloading .This process even work in your Android mobile phones .But this trick wont work in ios devices.
Another simple trick to download youtube video is, in youtube play your desired video, in the url bar before youtube put ss and press enter you will be redirected to savefrom.net site with your video link with download option this process will save your time.
If www.youtube.com/abc is your desired link then you have to put ‘ss’ before youtube like www.ssyoutube.com/abc this link will be redirected to savefrom.net with your video link with download option.This process will work in your Android phones too.

The best way to  download youtube videos on android is download an app called tubemate it is not available in google playstore get it from official website tubemate.net.

2. VLC player


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You can download youtube videos with VLC player.It is recommended to download the youtube videos with VLC if and only if you don’t want to deal with pop ups,annoying ads,downloading other softwares for the sake of youtube video.But this method is not straight forward as the one before .It is some what complex.Copy the url of the video you want to download.Now,open the VLC player go to media and open network stream where you have to copy your video’s url and click play.Now open “codec information”(ctrl+j) in tools where you find a url in location field copy the url and open it in the browser.The video you want to download plays directly in the browser,by clicking the right key you will find Save As option.Click on it to save your video and enoy it offline.

3. Browser Extensions

There are good number of browser extension or add-ons for various browsers that will help you in downloading the YouTube videos.For both Chrome and Firefox Video Downloader Helper is a popular extension to download youtube videos. Ant video Downloader is another extension for Firefox to download the videos. FastestTube is another one.They provide your with pop-ups or download tab in the browser to download the YouTube videos.

4. Software

You can download Youtube videos using some third party software.They provides more control in downloading the Youtube videos.But most of them are freemium or paid ones.YTD Video Downloader is most popular one.There are many free options are available on the internet but they could be injected or bundled with adware or other malware most of the times.
But we want to recommend Internet Download Manager (IDM)software that is very useful in downloading not only youtube videos but most of the videos that stream on your browser.Yes it is a premium software that wont available for free but you can find many cracked versions of that software .To download the cracked version of IDM go to onhax.net/idm and follow the instructions.
Enjoy the youtube videos offline 😛  🙂 



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