8 Famous people who turned their failures into stepping stones for Success

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Most of the people just give up their goals when they fail in one or two attempts.  And most of them get depressed because this failure and just stop trying even for other ways. But failure gives you the chance to look at the other side of your goal where you have to improve yourself.  So you should always be thankful for this, because people who see the success in first step doesn’t know the other sides of what they are doing, but people who face failure in first attempt can improve themselves in other ways and  know what exactly your step is. So, know that your failures are the stepping stones to your success.

Here are some famous legendary people who faced failure for N number of times before seeing the incredible success. Their path was never easy, but working hard made them sit in such a legendary position.


swa abraham

Abraham Lincoln is the 16th president of United States and he was also considered as one of the greatest president in the history of United States. But his life was never easy, he was humiliated so badly for his failure in the war. he was sent as a Captain for the army, but because of his failure he returned back as normal man. So he left the army and started into business. But even in this his path was never easy and not even one successful profit in his business career. Then faced repeated defeat in elections which generally breaks a people like us. But he did not give up at any field and worked so hard and stood so tough and became the 16th president of United States.


swa Michael_Jordan_

Michael Jordan is the worlds richest athlete and he is greatest basketball player. Even his journey was not an easy one. Michael saw many failures in his career too. His first rejection started when he is high school and enrolled for basketball team. Since then he developed a competitive spirit towards the game. He never gave up his love towards basketball. Never gave up his practice even though he had many failures.



Our childhood would be nothing without his Mickey Mouse, the most favorite toy for every child.  He was rejected from a Newspaper saying that he doesn’t have good imagination and creative thoughts in the beginning of his career. But he never gave up on this thoughts because of this rejection.  And started giving the world the new and adorable characters like Donald Duck, Goofy, Minney mouse etc.



I don’t think you are are not aware of him, because he is the one responsible for the Iphone, Ipad, Ipod etc which is in the 1st position today on the market but he they were given away by his parents for adoption because they couldn’t afford to bring him up. Later many Jobs ousted for him and also from Apple, the company he co-founded. Today, We call him as “Father of the digital revolution”.


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Albert Einstein, the super genius scientist and for the world of science. When he was in school his grades were poor, his thoughts were different,  and whatever he predicted were taken and considered as stupidity by his parents. He was expelled out of school. No one expected that he would win the Nobel Prize in Physics for his predictions and proved science with theory and practical.



JK Rowling, the only thing comes in our mind when we hear or see this name is “HARRY POTTER”. I wonder how could she imagine such wonderful and unimaginable series.  Her life is one of the most uncomfortable and she dint even had a penny to spend for herself before her books got published and got the fame. She was in so poor condition and had to raise as child as only mother was most painful. She led her life on Government welfare before her books got the range. But now is one of the richest women in UK.


swa amit

Amitabh Bachchan!! he actually doesn’t require any introduction. Because he is world famous. There will be no one even a kid without knowing him. And all we know is his success and how famous how incredible actor he is. But no one knows how bad his past was. He was rejected in ‘All India Radio’ for his voice!! which we enjoy now. His first 12 films were big flop. But now we can see in which position he is and how he shined. He is the Best actor ever and no one can replace him.


swa oprah

Oprah Winfrey, the world’s successful talk show comes in our mind when we hear to this name or see her face. But she is one of them who had a heartbreaking childhood. She was rejected by a News channel saying that she is unfit for TV Programs. But now she is the host of world’s most successful and famous talk show. Oprah Winfrey also had many obstacles in her life. God made her taste the bitterness first. Oprah Winfrey was raped at the age of 9. But now she has become one’s inspirational woman. And she the North America’s ‘First Black Billionaire.’

You have now seen some of the famous people who has gone through worst conditions in their life. This is just a small attempt to make you know that life will not be same all the time. It will have problems which will be resolved by the time itself. So all that you got to do is to believe in yourself and do your best and wait for the result patiently.




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