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Who is Anjali Pichai

Anjali Pichai is the wife of the CEO of Google. She was born in Kota, Rajasthan. She has spent a lot of time in Rajasthan, India with siblings. Anjali Pichai is a chemical engineering student and has secured a degree from IIT Kharagpur. As per her profile in the LinkedIn account, Pichai has graduated from IIT in the year 1993. Although is the wife of the Sundar Pichai, she has sculptured a fantastic career for herself. As a business analyst, Anjali Pichai has started working with MNC company Accenture in the year 1999. Until 2002, Pichai has worked in Accenture for 3 years of span. At present, Anjali Pichai is working at Intuit as Bussiness Operations Manager. But, it is a bit difficult to provide Anjali Pichai’s net worth. Viewers, those who are searching for more details and going with Anjali Pichai Wikipedia or some other informative sites those can check out this complete article.

Anjali Pichai Quick Facts

Anjali Pichai House Living in  Los Altos Hills
Anjali Pichai Age 44 years
Anjali Pichai salary    $200
Anjali Pichai Job Bussiness Operations Manager in Intuit
Anjali and Sundar Pichai Children                              Kiran Pichai and Kavya Pichai

Anjali Pichai is a wife of Sundar Pichai

Anjali and Sundar Pichai’s love story is straight out of all the love stories. Anjali and Sundar have studied in the same college, That’s how they both met. Anjali was the classmate of the Sundar’s wife. In recent times interview, Sundar called their love story. During their final year of the college days, Pichai has proposed to Anjali. To study in abroad, Sundar has visited to the United States and Anjali stayed back in India. During his education, he has less money, For six months, he couldn’t make a call to his lady. But, still, the bonding between Pichai and Anjali was strong. Later, after his education, Sundar has joined in a stable job. Sundar has talked to Anjali’s parents about their marriage and took their permission. The Later couple has got the married in the Indian wedding style.

Anjali Pichai

Anjali and Sundar Pichai Children

Later on, the couple has two beautiful kids, daughter and son. At present, The family was living in Los Altos Hills which is designed by the Robert Swatt. Sundar Pichai is the Indian American business Executive, In the year 2015, he also became the Chief Executive officer of the Google. Initially, Sundar was the started working with Google, later on, Sundar took up the CEO position in the Google. Anjali Pichai is a lucky charm for Pichai, Though his husband is the CEO she is very simple and independent women. Pichai is one of the top Indian and American businessmen in the world. Anjali met Sundar Pichai at his college IIT Kharagpur.

Anjali Pichai

Anjali Pichai

Anjali Sundar Pichai Love Story

Many years of being friends, Anjali and Sundar Pichai were gone to a meaningful relationship. After, the completion of their education in IIT Kharagpur, He flew to the US to support his family financially and also for his education. AFter their marriage, the couple has shifted to the USA and worked in a stable job. Pichai has gone to become a Google CEO and getting a net worth of $650 million. Though Anjali Pichai husband is CEO of Google, being a wife of powerful husband, she was a very independent woman. Currently, she was working at Intuit as Business Operation Manager. There is no doubt, Anjali is an independent woman. This is also one of the main reason to fall Pichai for her. Sundar took up the CEO position in the Google. Anjali Pichai is a lucky charm for Pichai, Though his husband is the CEO she is very simple and independent women. Pichai is one of the top Indian and American businessmen in the world.

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Anjali Pichai House, Family, Job Details.

Anjali was born in Kotak Rajasthan India, The born name of Anjali Pichai is Anjali Haryani. The accurate age of Anjali is still don’t know, she mostly ages same around which is similar to her man Sundar. Anjali has lost her mother in the year 2013, Anjali’s father has married a second time in the year 2015, at the age of 70 to Madhuri Sharma. Anjali has also one sibling, she has one brother but still, his name not yet revealed. Anjali Pichai belongs to South Asia and now she was currently living in Los Altos Hill. Well, Sundar Pichai is a person those who doesn’t need any introduction. Though Sundar has come from middle-class family, due to his hard work and many struggles, he acquires the position in Google as CEO.

Anjali Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Anjali Pichai Recalled their Love Story

Sundar has recalled his love story that it was very difficult to talk to Anjali from Sarojini Naidu hostel which is the only women’s college in the IIT Kharagpur. “If you had to get someone from the girl’s hostel, you had to request someone in the front office to call them from inside. So they would call them loudly, ‘Anjali, Sundar is here to see you’. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience.” Initially, the couple was just friends. The duo kept it their friendship for a very long time and they both seemed to enjoy their relationship. Currently, Sundar and Pichai living happily in Los Altos Hills. Not only in professional life they both were also very proud parents for their kids, The boy named Kiran and Girl named kavya.

Anjali Pichai



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