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1.Aadhaar Application Form below link

Know Your Aadhaar Application Form

2.Agrogyasri Application

Employees-Aarogyasri Application Form


  1. Crop Insurance Application Form
  2. Farm Mechanization Application Form – English Version Form
  3. Farm Mechanization Application Form – Telugu Version Form
  4. Subsidy Seed Distribution Application Form

4.Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

  1. Birth and Death Corrections(New)
  2. Birth Certificate Form – English
  3. Birth Certificate Form – Telugu
  4. Death Certificate Form – English
  5. Death Certificate Form – Telugu
  6. Birth Corrections Form
  7. Death Corrections Form – English
  8. Death Corrections Form – Telugu
  9. Non Availability of Birth Certificate Form
  10. Non Availability of Death Certificate Form
  11. Child Name Inclusion Form(After 1 year)
  12. Child Name Inclusion Form(Before 1 year)
  13. Child Name Correction Form – Telugu

5.civil supplies

  1. Member Addition (In case of Birth) in Ration Card Form – English
  2. Member Addition (In case of Birth) in Ration Card Form – Telugu
  3. Conversion of White Card to Pink Card Form
  4. Deletion of Member in Ration Card Form – English
  5. Deletion of Member in Ration Card Form – Telugu
  6. FP Shop Renewal Form
  7. House Hold Head Modifications in Ration Card Form – English
  8. House Hold Head Modifications in Ration Card Form – Telugu
  9. Issue of New Ration Card (Pink) Form – English
  10. Issue of New Ration Card (Pink) Form – Telugu
  11. New Gas Connection Form
  12. Member Migration in Ration Card Form – English
  13. Member Migration in Ration Card Form – Telugu
  14. Ration Card Missing in Department Database Form
  15. Data Modifications in Ration Card Form
  16. Transafer of Ration Card Form – English
  17. Transafer of Ration Card Form – Telugu
  18. Surrender of Ration Card Form
  19. Deepam Gas connection Form

6.Collegiate Education

Admission to colleges Application Form

7.Commisionarate of industries

Sanction of incentives Industries Application Form


Amaravati Landless Poor Pension Application Form

9.Department of Factories

  1. Annual Fee Payment Application Form
  2. Annual Rerurns Application Form
  3. Change in Manpower Horse power Application Form
  4. Change ManagerApplication Form
  5. Change Occupier Application Form
  6. Revised plan Approval Application Form

10.District Administration

  1. Application For Apathbandhu
  2. Form Of Application Claiming Family Benefit-NFBS
  3. Money Lending Application Form
  4. Pawn Broker Application Form

11.Medical Education

General Nursing and Midwifery Issue of Mark Memo


  1. Application For Correction Of Details(Form-8)
  2. Application for Transposition(Form-8A)
  3. Inclusion of Name in the Electoral Rolls(Form-6)


  1. Sri venkateswara Swamy Room Booking Dwaraka Tirumala Application form
  2. Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swami Seva Ticket Booking Application form
  3. Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swami Room Booking Application form
  4. Sri Bramaramba Mallikarjuna Swamy Seva Ticket Booking Application form
  5. Sri Durga Malleswara Seva Ticket Booking Application form
  6. Sri venkateswara Swamy Seva Ticket Booking Application form
  7. Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Vari Devasthanam,Room Booking
  8. Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Vari Devasthanam,Simhachalam,Visakhapatnam Seva Ticket Booking
  9. Srikalahasteeswara Swamyvari Room Booking Application
  10. Srikalahasteeswara Swamyvari Devasthanam,Srikalahasti,Chittoor Seva ticket Booking application
  11. Sri Tirupatamma Ammavari Devasthanam(Penuganchiprolu,Krishna District)-Room Booking Application form
  12. Sri Tirupatamma Ammavari Devasthanam Seva Ticket Booking-application
  13. Sri Veereshwara Swami Vari Temple Muramulla East Godavari- Seva Ticket Booking


  1. EPDCL New Connection Department Application Form
  2. EPDCL Load Change Application Form
  3. EPDCL Category Change Application Form
  4. EPDCL Name Change service Application Form
  5. EPDCL New Connection Application Form


  1. Revalidation of old certificate Application form
  2. Transfer of certificate Application form
  3. Existing Fresh Water Aquaculture Farm APPLICATION FORM
  4. Compliance Form For License Application Form
  5. Final Registration Of New Fresh Aquaculture Form
  6. Provisional Application For Fresh Water Aquaculture Farm RegistrationRenewal Of License Form


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Permission for Scanning Centre Application Form


APMIP Farmer Registration Application Form


Sanction of incentives ITE & C Application Form


  1. Integrated Application Form
  2. Registration for Unorganised Worker Transport Driver Application Form(English)
  3. Registration for Unorganised Worker Transport Driver Application Form(Telugu)
  4. Registration of Shop Details Application Form


  1. Application for Renewal of Repairing License
  2. Alteration for Repairing License Application Form
  3. Alteration of Dealer licence Application Form
  4. Alteration of Manufacture License Application Form
  5. Issue of duplicate license Application Form
  6. Issue of Skilled Worker Certificate Application Form
  7. Registration of manufacturer packer importer license Application Form
  8. Grant of Licence Dealing Application Form
  9. Renwel of Licence Dealing Application Form
  10. Grant Manufacturer Application Form
  11. Renewel Manufacturer Application Form
  12. Grant of repairing license Application Form
  13. Alteration In Registration Of Manufacturer Packer Application Form


  1. Mineral Concession Application Form
  2. Mineral Dealer License Application Form


Prajavaani Application form


  1. Encumbrance Certificate Application form
  2. Hindu Marriage Registration Application Form-Marriage has been Performed


  1. Regularization of Encroachment in Government Land Upto 500 Sq yards -Application Form
  2. Corrections in Adangal FormAgricultural Income Certificate Form
  3. Agricultural Land Value Certificate Form
  4. Appeals On Demarcation Form
  5. Certified Copies Issued by Dy.Tahsidhar Form
  6. Certified Copies Issued by RDO Form
  7. Certified Copies of Panchanama Form
  8. Certified Copies of ROM Form
  9. Change of Citizen Name
  10. Adangal FormEBC (Economically Backward Class) Forme
  11. Pattadhar Pass BookExtract of D Form
  12. Patta FormExtract of House site patta Form
  13. Extract Of NOC Under Petroleum Act Form
  14. Extract Of NOC Under Explosive Act Form
  15. Extract of ORC (Occupancy Rights Certificate) Form
  16. Family Member Certificate Form
  17. F-Line Petition/Sub Division Form
  18. FMB (Field Measurement Book)Land Conversion Form
  19. Integrated Certificate for SC and BC Form
  20. Integrated Certificate for ST Form
  21. Income Certificate (Fee Reimbursement) Form
  22. Income Certificate (General) Form
  23. Integrated BC-E formArm License Form
  24. Crackers / Explosive Material Storage Form
  25. NOC for Storing of Petroleum Products Form
  26. Occupancy Rights Certificates for Inam Lands Form
  27. Small and Marginal Farmers Certificate Form
  28. Late Registration of Birth Certificate From
  29. Late Registration of Death Certificate From
  30. Loan Eligibility Card Form
  31. Local Candidate Certificate for Educational Institutional Purpose Form
  32. Mutation and e Pattadhar PassBook Form 6 (1) in English
  33. Mutation and e Pattadhar PassBook Form 6 (1) in Telugu
  34. No Earning Member Certificate Form
  35. No Property Certificate Form
  36. NOC for construction of Cinema hall Form
  37. OBC (Other Backward Caste) Form
  38. Appeals On Demarcation FormManual Adangal Form
  39. Permission for Digging a Agricultural or Drinking Water Well Form
  40. Permission to Run the Benefit Show Form
  41. Possession Certificate Form
  42. Refund of Trade Deposits (In Case of Resignation of Dealer) Form
  43. Renewal of Cinema Licence Form
  44. Residence Certificate (General) Form
  45. Residence Certificate (Passport) FromROR 1B- Copy Form
  46. Regularization of Encroachment in Govt. Lands Form
  47. Village Map Copy Form
  48. Addition of survey Number in adangal Form


  1. Sand Order Placement Service Application Form
  2. Request for AIDS and Appliances Application Form
  3. Request for SADAREM Certificate Application Form


  1. Prematriculation Scholarship Application Form
  2. Student Scholarship Application Form (Fresh)
  3. Student Scholarship Application Form (RENEWAL)


  1. SPDCL Category Load Change Application Form
  2. SPDCL Load Change Application Form
  3. SPDCL Category Change Application Form
  4. SPDCL Name Change Application Form
  5. SPDCL New Connection Application Form


  1. Anganwadi Workers Recruitment Application Form

29. Other Services

Other Services



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