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Birth Certificate Tirunelveli

Birth Certificate Tirunelveli: Birth Certificate is a one of the mandatory document which must be an essential thing to every person in every country. It is one of the necessary thing to obtain, because birth certificate shows the date and fact of one’s birth which was a very essential for any purpose, such as school admissions, right to vote, any government services, at the time of marriage, Heirship certificate, obtaining inheritance of the properties, Also obtaining driving license, PAN card, Passport. To take the government and central government exams, accurate date of birth proof is mandatory. Here, we have mentioned you step by step procedure here.

Required Documents of birth certificate Tirunelveli online

  1. Name of the Person / Child
  2. Father Name
  3. Mother Name
  4. Date of Birth place
  5. Address of the child (Parent)
  6. Occupation of the child parents.

Eligibility criteria of Birth Certificate Tirunelveli:

  • Every person can get apply to this Birth Certificate.
  • As per the law, every Indian should avail the birth certificate and birth with the official state with in 21 days of the occurrence.
  • The government has provided its support for application of birth, with the Registrar general at the center and also state chief registrars which were registrars of the district to both village and town.

Procedure for getting birth certificate in Tirunelveli:

Follow the below steps to obtain the Birth Certificate Tirunelveli.

  • The organization of Local Self Governance has provided the e-Governance. So, the birth certificates are easily availed in online. Interested candidates can get the birth certificate through online mode. Only Recent records are available in online.
  • Visit the official website of the Tirunelveli governance services
  • Search for the records of your child’s which are available or not.
  • If the child record is available, then you must enter following details such as.
  1. Name of the child
  2. Gender
  3. Name of the mother
  4. Name of the Father
  5. Date of Birth
  • Below, type the characters which appear on a screen and click on proceed button.
  • Here you will get the birth certificate.
  • If your child’s birth information is not available in online, then you can also get it through offline mode.
  • Get the Birth certificate by visiting to nearer Municipality / Taluka Office.
  • Now, fill up the Birth certificate application form.
  • Click on submit button and attach the stamp paper and also court fee stamp on the application form of birth certificate.
  • Here you will get the receipt along with the date.
  • If child age is above 6 years then the certificate from the educational institution in which the child is pursuing should be submitted along with the registration form.
  • Generally, it will be a school register copy.
  • Records available from 1998 to till date.

Download and Apply birth certificate online Tirunelveli

  • Applicant must Visit to Tirunelveli Corporation website
  • You will navigate to the home page of Tirunelveli Corporation website.

Birth Certificate Tirunelveli

  • Now scroll down the page and search for the birth certificate – Tirunelveli city municipal Corporation link.
  • You will get the link below at below of the page, now Hit on the birth certificate – Tirunelveli city municipal Corporation link.

Birth Certificate Tirunelveli

  • You will navigate to the page as per the below image.
  • Here, applicant must fill the details as per the following

Enter all the following details to get the birth details of the child:

  1. Name of the child
  2. Gender
  3. Name of the mother
  4. Name of the Father
  5. Date of Birth
  •  After filling up the fields with your details, click on submit button.

Birth Certificate Tirunelveli

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Birth certificate Tirunelveli corporation

These are the steps to apply for a Birth certificate in Tirunelveli, Applicants must know that the Records available from 1998 to till date. Only from the year 1998 Born’s can avail the details of their birth. For birth certificate correction in Tirunelveli, You can also speak to birth certificate Tirunelveli district panchayat/taluka office they will guide you in right way. Or you can also visit the birth certificate Tirunelveli corporation office to get the complete details. If you are having any doubts, you can ask us with out any hesitation.




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