Bahubali Movie review

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BAHUBALI Movie Review

Bahubali Review

Rating 4.5/5

Bahubali Movie Review

The biggest motion picture of complete film industry. Bahubali Movie is most awaited movie from almost from 3 years. It has two parts and the first part is going to release on 10th july,2015. This movie is estimated to be the most expensive production in film industry. All the fans of Prabhas, Anushka, Rana Daggubati, Tammana and the legendary director S.S.Rajamouli were eagerly waiting for this movie. This epic movie is produced by Shobu Yerlagadda  and Prasad Devineni under ARKA Media Works banner. Till now there is no other movie released which is equal to Bahubali. This is the epic movie of S.S. Rajamouli’s creation. As everyone one knows S.S. Rajamouli is an extraordinary director whose movies were blockbusters. The story of Bahubali was buzzed in S.S.Rajamouli’s brain almost 6 years ago.  This is his Second film working with Prabhas, the first one was Chatrapathi which was a huge hit and it is turning point in Prabhas career in film industry. It is also the second movie for Anushka Shetty with S.S.Rajamouli, the first movie was Vikramarkudu, which is also a big blockbaster which made Anushka Shetty so busy in her career with the many movies. Tamannah and Rana Daggubati are also playing a lead role in this movie, Rana Daggubati is playing as the brother of Prabhas but in a negative role.

Bahubali Movie Review : Best Performance, Great Team work of visual effects,direction, music, action, fights

Bahubali movie Rating :  4.5/5

Bahubali Movie Review


There is a huge number in Cast and  Crew who worked so hard for this movie. Everyonegave their best to bring this movie to the first place in complete film industry. Prabhas as Bahubali & Shivudu , Rana Daggubati as Ballala Deva, Anushka shetty as Devasena and Tamannah as Avantika are playing the main leads in this movie. There are also many famous actors like Ramya Krishna as Shivagami, Sudeep( Eega fame) as Aslaam Khan, Nassar as Bijjala Deva, Adivi Sesh as Badrudu, Tanikella Bharani, Satya Raj as Kattappa, Rohini,Prabhakar as Kalakeya, Chandradeep, Subbaraju are playing the key roles.

M.M. Keeravani who is the National Award winner took the honour as a Music Director, and gave his best as usual. Who did many Musically hit films like Annamaya, Chatrapati, Amma cheppindi, Vikramarkudu, Pelli sandadi, Okato Number Kurradu, Student No.1, Maryada Ramanna, Magadheera and many more..

Anushka action at Bahubali is peaks. Anushka acted as Mother and wife of Prabhas, Tamanna milky beauty is good,

Ultimate things of this movie is Visual effects,Prabhas, Rajamouli & Music by keeravani.

There are many great lyricists like K. Shiva Shakthi Datta, Inaganti Surender, Ramajogaya Sastry, Chaitanya Prasad, Anantha Sreeram, Noel. And the singers are Sivuni Aana sung by M.M. Keeravani & Mounima, Mamatala Thalli sung by Yamini, Jeevanadi sung by Geetha Madhuri, Dheevara sung by Ramya & Deepu, Pachcha Bottesi sung by Karthik & Damini, Manohari sung by Mohana & Revanth, Dheevara (English Version) sung by Adithya, Nippule Swasaga (Maahishmati) sung by M.M. Keeravani,

In Tamil wide, K.E. Gnanavel Raja is presenting this film in Tamil language in UV Creations and Karan Johar is presenting this film in Hindi Version. It is also Presented by Global United Media in Malyalam theatrical version. Visual effects are supervised by V. Srinivas Mohan who is also a National Award winner.


Bahubali Story

Sivagami( Ramya Krishna) saves a child( Prabhas s/o of Devasena) and runs away. But later when the army chases Sivagami( Ramya Krishna) she hides him in a cave and runs away but anyhow army finds her and kills her. Some pass on villagers sees him and thinks him as a gift from Lord Shiva and names his as Shivudu( Prabhas).  Once, when Shivudu( Prabhas) accidentally sees Avantika( Tamannah) who is one of them who want to save Devasena( Anushka) who was imprisoned by Ballala Deva( Rana Daggubati)  and fells in love with her. When Shivudu proposes Avantika she tells him that she is on an important work and she can’t have any relationships now. But Shivudu( Prabhas) tells her that its his duty to save her Avantika( Tamannah) and takes the chance to go up the mountain to save Devasena( Anushka shetty). Kattappa(Satyaraj) tries to kill the Shivudu( Prabhas) without knowing that he is son of Bahubali( Prabhas), but when he sees the face of Shivudu( Prabhas), he recognizes that he looks same as Bahubali(Prabhas) and identifies that he is s/o Bahubali(Prabhas) and fells on his feet to apolozige. But Shivudu can’t understand what exactly is happening. By this time, Shivudu killed Ballala deva’s( Rana daggubati) son who is trying to kill Devasena( Anushka shetty). In the meantime, the mother who raised Shivudu( Prabhas) searches for him and comes out of the cave and finds him fighting there. Now, Kattappa(Satyaraj)  starts telling who actually Shivudu( Prabhas) was. There was a  kingdom “Mayasmathi” which was ruled by a king who has one son named as Bahubali( Prabhas).  He was expert in all the Martial arts like horse riding, swordplay etc. Who is very intelligent and there is no one who can give equal competetion to him. This king has a brother Bijjala Deva(Nassar)  and his wife is Sivagami( Ramya Krishna) and he has a son named as Ballala Deva( Rana Daggubati). After some years this king dies and both the sons were looked after by Sivagami( Ramya Krishna). Bijjala Deva(Nassar) want his son Ballala Deva( Rana Daggubati) to become the king of that empire but technically Bahubali(Prabhas) should be the king. So, Sivagami( Ramya Krishna) tells that she will conduct some competitions, and who wins in all of them will become the king of that empire. By this time Kattappa(Satyaraj) will be the head of the army ‘Senadipathi’. There is also a opponent empire, the king of that empire is Kalakeya( Prabakar) who always challenges for a war to this empire. So, Sivagami( Ramya Krishna) says that who among Ballala Deva( Rana Daggubati)and Bahubali(Prabhas) will bring him alive to her feet without killing him will become the king. But Ballala Deva( Rana Daggubati) kills prabakar. So According to condition Bahubali(Prabhas) becomes the king of Mayasmathi.


This is the First part of Bahubali movie and what happend to Bahubali( Prabhas)  is the second part…!!!

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Above is Real story of Bahubali


Below one is Guessed story by People

The kingdom “Mayasmathi” was ruled by a king who has two sons named as Balla Deva( Rana Daggubati) and Bahubali( Prabhas). He also has a daughter Shivagami( Ramya Krishna). These three children were experts in all the Martial arts like horse riding, swordplay etc. They are also very intelligent and they is no one who can give equal competetion to them, they have competition among themselves. When they are into their young age, their father died due to health problems by handing over the ikingdom to Bahubali( Prabhas). Bahubali( Prabash) ruled the kingdom so peacfully and removed all the taxes which were not necessary. Because of his kindness he gained the respect and love the people in that kingdom which made Balla Deva( Rana Daggubati) very jealous. He is waiting for his chance to take revenge on Bahubali( Prabhas). In the mean time, Bahubali( Prabhas) fell in love with Devasena( Anushka shetty). Then Balla Deva( Rana Daggubati) opposed this and challenged Bahubali( Prabhas), for a war where only one should survive and become the king of that kingdom. But Bahubali( Prabhas) couldn’t accept it as he doesn’t want to see the blood of his own brother. So he decided to leave the kingdom with Devasena( Anushka shetty) to Himalayas to pray the Lord Shiva. But Bijjala Deva( Nassar) by his cunning nature thought of killing Bahubali( Prabhas) to get rid of him permanently. Bijjala Deva( Nassar) send his army to Himalayas to kill Bahubali( Prabhas). By that time Devasena( Anushka shetty) will be pregnant who is about to give birth to a child. At last Bijjala Deva’s( Nassar) army find Bahubali( Prabhas) and injures him so badly and thinks he is dead and searches for Devasena( Anushka shetty). Devasena( Anushka shetty) hides herself in rive Ganga and gives birth to a male child who was found by some villagers. Villagers thinks him as a gift from Lord Shiva and names his as Shivudu( Prabhas). But somehow, the army finds her and takes her back to the kingdom. Once, Avantika( Tamannah) daughter of Shivagami( Ramya krishna) come to visit that village for a change. And Shivudu( Prabhas) falls in love with her and goes to the Mayasmathi kkingdom for her and finds strange that everyone respecting him and addressing him as Bahubali. So, he wants to find out WHO IS HE? AND WHO IS HIS FATHER? AND WHERE HE BELONG TO..

This is the First part of Bahubali movie and what happend to Bahubali( Prabhas) is the second part…!!!

Bahubali Review Check here, Bahubali direct rajamouli used Arri Alexa XT camera .Digital camera

Review of Bahubali Movie

Bahubali Full Story

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