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BASAVA JAYANTI : Basava Jayanti was a Lingayats traditional and it is celebrated in Karnataka state, India. Basava Jayanti is observed as a holiday. Basava Jayanti is celebrated as per the marks of birthday of BASAVANNA. He is an philosopher – poet and also a faint of the religion of LINGAYAT. In south india, every year “Basava Jayanti” is celebrated as gaiety all over the Karnataka state, India. Basava Jayanti was mainly celebrated in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra states. Basava Jayanti is considered as a HOLIDAY in Karnataka state.. Because the Maharashtra state and Karnataka state governments has declared a GOVERNMENT HOLIDAY on the occasion of Basava Jayanti. On third day of Vaisakha month of the Anandanama (year) in Nakshathra of Rohini (star) BASAVA took birth. DATE OF BIRTH of BASAVA is on 30th March 1134. Now a days we can see the panchangas which was used by the Era of the Basava and Shake is 879.


He was born in 30th March 1134 in bijapur district. At karnataka state in India. BASAVA was believed in equality in among all the human beings. BASAVANNA teaches his spirituality and also his great words at Sharana movement. He also has followers they are sharanas. He also elected as prime minister in the kalchuri empire at kalyana court of King Bijjla. Now, kalyana is called as BASAVA KALYANA. During BASAVA prime minister tenure, his ANUBHAVA MANTAPA establishment was called as spiritual parliament. He also spread social awareness through his speeches and his potry those are called as Vachana Sahithya. And it is derived from Vedanta and Upanishads. In day to day life, the vachanan vedanta’s are easily understood by human being.  BASAVANNA is also called as Bhakti Bhandari and Kranthi Yogi. The birth of BASAVANNA is also celebrated on BASAVA JAYANTHI. He was a great philisopher, social former. BASAVANNA is a founder of Lingayat religion. BASAVA has implemented the ANU BHAVA MANTAPA which is called as spiritual parliament.

Vishwaguru Basavanna is a great revolutionary who implemented “Anubhava Mantapa” which is called as Spiritual democracy in 12th century, In india Anubhava Mantapa is consider as “FIRST PARLIAMENT CONCEPT OF THE WORLD”. He gave all the knowledge and solve all the problems people was suffered at their time. BASAVA teachings are very scientific, proven and well time tested. TATVA BASAVA is an great inspiration to get the welfare of the mankind. He is very inspiration to all the south Indian people, people love BASAVANNA vachanas. BASAVA JAYANTI is also listed in karnataka holidays.



Kalabeda, kola beda, husiya nudiyalu beda
Muniya beda, anyarige asahya padabeda
Thanna bannisabeda, idira haliyalu beda
Ide antaranga shuddhi, ide bahiranga shuddhi
Ide namma koodala sangamanolisuva pari.

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Don’t rob, Don’t kill, Never ever lie
Don’t get angry, Don’t think negative about others
Don’t self describe, Don’t tease others
This is the way of self-respect, this is the way to get respected by the world.
This is the way of impressing my lord Koodala sangama deva.


Famous slogan of Basavanna… “Kaayakave Kailaasa” Meaning “Work itself divine heaven”



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