BSNL 4G Plans – Unlimited Internet Offers

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BSNL 4G Plans – Unlimited Internet Offers

BSNL is giving one the best competition for reliance JIO, here are BSNL 4g Plans, You can recharge BSNL Online


About BSNL:

BSNL is India’s well famed and biggest correspondence benefit supplier. BSNL Mobile is the main Cellular administration which is accessible in all significant urban areas and covers all major parkways. BSNL Mobile gives all of you India wandering office (counting Delhi and Mumbai) and International meandering office to more than 300 networks over the world. It has impressions all through India aside from the metropolitan urban areas of Mumbai and New Delhi, which are overseen by Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (MTNL).BSNL Unlimited Internet plans


It is the most recent innovation of portable remote innovation and offers the best information speed. It is made for giving versatile broadband get to and can be utilized for information serious applications like observing top quality TV on portable, distributed computing and so on.

4G system is at present conveyed utilizing LTE (Long Term Evolution) and WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) advancements. According to the ITU-R (International Telecommunication Union-Radio Communication Sector), any system having a pinnacle download rate of 100 Mbps for high versatility and up to 1 Gbps for stationary remote get to will be named as a 4G organize.


  • LTE, LTE-A (LTE Advanced), WiMAX Rel 1, and WiMAX Rel 2 are a portion of the prevalent 4G organize measures.


4G systems depend on neither GSM nor CDMA innovation, however are rather in view of OFDMA, SC-FDMA advances. That is the reason the essential 4G systems can’t make voice calls and another standard called VoLTE is being sent to make that conceivable.


The accompanying table demonstrates the distinctive speed evaluations of system innovations utilizing 4G


Standard              Radio     Maximum Theoretical Download Speed Maximum Theoretical Upload Speed


LTE  OFDMA Up to 100 Mbps (Cat3) Up to 50 Mbps (Cat4)
LTE-A     OFDMA, SC-FDMA Up to 1 Gbps Up to 500 Mbps
WIMAX Rel. 1     OFDMA Up to 30-40 Mbps Up to 17 Mbps
WiMAX Rel. 2     OFDMA Up to 1 Gbps Up to 376 Mbps


The previously mentioned velocities are hypothetical qualities determined for various models for perfect situations. Nothing is perfect in true. Besides association throttling by the administrator, arrange clog, and nature of administration additionally influence the real speed that the client gets. Diverse recurrence groups are utilized for conveying these portable systems crosswise over various parts of the world. In this way, a 4G telephone propelled for the U.S. market won’t not have the capacity to lock onto Indian 4G systems.


Download and Upload rates of different administration administrators in India Airtel offers a normal of 5.4Mbps download speed and 3.3Mbps transfer speed. Vodafone 4G has a normal download speed of 6.4Mbps and transfer speed of 3.1Mbps. Thought 4G offers a normal download speed of 12.6Mbps and transfer speed of 3.8Mbps. Few Days back, Company has presented its BSNL 4G Plans. I would likewise discuss BSNL Broadband Plans today.


As far back as dependence jio sim began taking off in the market. Each telecom is currently in incredible rush to make their arrangements more reasonable. Telecom, for example, Bharti Airtel, Idea has officially revealed their low value duty to draw in clients.

The BSNL has quite recently propelled new Mobile Data arranges included Few Broadband arrangements. The organization is centring to give Low cost 4G LTE information for under Rs.1 per GB. However, the revealing these arrangements everywhere throughout the nation may take some time. Let’s examine all arrangements in points of interest.bsnl online recharge.


BSNL Broadband Plan: BB249

BSNL has presented extremely quick BB249 BSNL broadband arrangement for new clients. In this arrangement you will appreciate boundless 2MBPS speed for initial 2GB information. After that you will get boundless transferring and downloading @ 1MBPS with no extra cost.

You can likewise investigate BSNL 4G LTE Plans beneath the post. These arrangements may differ according to your circle (states). Requests look down to the base.bsnl online recharge

The BB249 plan will cost you Rs.249 for 6 months. This arrangement association and actuation will cost you just Rs.49 every month. Also, as i have broken down that it will cost under 75 paisa for each 1 GB web utilization which is the most reduced among all BSNL Broadband Plans.


Reasons for select BSNL Broadband Plans.              

The BSNL offer an extensive variety of administrations on its broadband arrangements. Administrations, for example, Landline broadband, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wi-Max broadband, Fiber Broadband (FTTH), Dial Up web and CDMA Broadband. These administrations has distinctive costs and legitimacy.

The most prevalent BSNL broadband is Landline. The primary reason is that you will get boundless free calling from 9PM to 7AM regular t whatever other telecom supplier.

  1. Government owned ISP in India
  2. Wide range of Internet Services
  3. Flexible for Home and Commercial
  4. Cheapest rates with High Usage


Some aspects why I will choose BSNL:

Ever, BSNL is dependably a moderate choice for everybody. Not just this, BSNL Broadband is India’s biggest broadband ISP supplier that is the reason it can be effortlessly accessible at wherever in India.

Minor Limitation:

In the event that you take a gander at BSNL Speed, Usage and Price, it will be genuine as is commonly said however one thing that keeps me far from utilizing BSNL BB Plans is its Downtime.

Right now:

You may ask be what is precisely a downtime?

It’s a period when you can’t interface with web, implies BSNL broadband won’t work for quite a long time like 1-2. This can be a disappointing minute for those, who require dynamic web association 24X7. Be that as it may, its entirely common, in the event that you are utilizing DSL Wired network access.

BSNL Broadband Plans: Recharge BSNL Online


Plan type                                                                Monthly Charges             High Speed Quota        Unlimited Data Speed

BBG ULD 499                                                                   Rs.499                        2Mbps upto 2GB              1Mbps

BBG ULD 545*                                                                 Rs.545                        2Mbps upto 3GB              1Mbps

BBG ULD 675**                                                              Rs.675                        2Mbps upto 3GB              1Mbps

BBG ULD 795#                                                                 Rs.795                        2Mbps upto 10GB            1Mbps

BBG ULD 845**                                                              Rs.845                        2Mbps upto 10GB            1Mbps

BBG ULD 945**                                                              Rs.945                        2Mbps upto 10GB            1Mbps

BBG ULD 990**                                                              Rs.990                        2Mbps upto 10GB            1Mbps

BBG ULD 1445**                                                           Rs.1445                       4Mbps upto 30GB            1Mbps

BBG ULD 1491                                                                Rs.1491                       2Mbps upto 40GB            1Mbps

BBO ULD 799                                                                   Rs.799                        2Mbps upto 10GB            1Mbps

BBO ULD 949                                                                   Rs.949                        2Mbps upto 20GB            1Mbps

BBO ULD 1199                                                               Rs.1199                       4Mbps upto 30GB            1Mbps

BBO ULD 1499                                                               Rs.1499                       8Mbps upto 40GB            1Mbps


  • (*) BB Home UL 545″ plan is Rs.645 in the Odisha circle, Selected SSAs of UP(West) circle


  • (**) Means BB UL 675. BB ULD 845 & BBG ULD 945 plans is Rs.775, Rs.899, (* Rs.1000 respectively in the Odisha circle, Selected SSAs of UP(West) circle


  • (#) FMC under broadband “BBG ULD 795” plans is Rs.825/- in Bijnore SSA of UPW circle


  • Broadband Plan BBG ULD 1445 is Rs 1600 in Selected SSAs of UP(West) circle


How Can I Get BB249 Plan?


Well the strategy to get this arrangement is very basic and not confused as Reliance Jio. This is a Home Broadband Plan so must be utilized for individual use. On the off chance that you are searching for business Plan then this arrangement can’t be utilized for office reason.


I will let you know precisely how you can benefit this BB249 arrange. I have given some unmistakable directions beneath



  1. Collect Your Document ID:

Please make sure that you are 18+ of age and you have valid document ID. These ID includes Aadhar card, PAN Card, Voter ID etc. Also take your latest passport size photographs.


  1. Visit Nearest BSNL Office:


Make a beeline for your nearby Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited provincial office with your reports. Let them know that you can’t BB249 get ready for your home. They will request your records and confirm your points of interest recently. At last, Fill the application form.


  1. Payments and Processing:

At long last, pay the sum which is Rs.249 for 6 months.


In any case, wait: You should choose a calling arrangement with this broadband arrangement. You need to pay also for this arrangement. For instance, you can choose Rs.300 calling arrangement your aggregate sum will be Rs.300 + Rs.249 = Rs.549.


You likewise need to pay a one-time refundable security sum i.e. Rs.1200-1500 + benefit charge + landline cost (on the off chance that you need). The aggregate sums might be approx. rs.2500 (one time). After that you need to just pay the calling arrangement’s value every month.


At long last, following six months you need to pay full sum i.e. Rs. 549 on this case.



Already I am a BSNL Broadband User, Can I eligible to BB249?

Yes, you may be…

You need to experience above process as I have clarified. In any case, you need to pay Rs.1200 (one time) rather Rs.249 for this arrangement. After that, appreciate boundless broadband administration.


Advantages of “Experience Unlimited BB249”:

Experience unlimited internet for 6 months for just Rs. 249

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Get unlimited free calling with anyplace in India for 6 months on landline and mobiles.


The plan will be accessible in public from 9 September 2016.


Just new clients can profit this plan.

Important Terms & Conditions On BB249 Plan:

  • You get 2G Data usage with 2 Mbps speed after than Unlimited Data usage with 1MBPS.
  • After 6 months, you can only have opted for Rs.799 unlimited BB plan which features same benefits.
  • You can make unlimited free call outgoing calls only on Sunday.
  • You can make free calls from 9PM to 7AM on Monday to Saturday.


BSNL 3G/4G Plans:

Pack Name         Tariff MRP          3G/4G/ Validity

BSNLRC4              Rs.4-7                    20MB/ 1 Day

BSNLRC17            Rs.17                     100MB/ 1 Day

BSNLRC29            Rs.26-33               150MB/ 3 Day

BSNLRC39            Rs.39                     200MB/ 5 Day

BSNLRC56            Rs.56                     250MB/ 21 Day

BSNLRC68            Rs.68                     1GB/ 1 Day

BSNLRC78            Rs.78                     1GB/ 5 Day

BSNLRC98            Rs.98                     650MB/ 14 Day

BSNLRC109         Rs.109   300MB/ 28 Day                                                                                                                        

BSNLRC155         Rs.155   1GB/ 15 Day

BSNLRC156         Rs.156   2GB/ 10 Day

BSNLRC198*       Rs.198   1GB/ 28 Day

BSNLRC239*       Rs.239   1GB + Rs.80TT/ 14 Day

BSNLRC291*       Rs.291   2.2GB/ 28 Day

BSNLRC444         Rs.444   3GB/ 60 Day

BSNLRC451         Rs.451   2GB + Rs.80TT/ 60 Day

BSNLRC549         Rs.549   10GB/ 30 Day

BSNLRC561         Rs.561   5GB/ 60 Day

BSNLRC821         Rs.821   6GB/ 60 Day

BSNLRC1949       Rs.1949 21GB/ 90 Day


BSNL Unlimited Plans:

Plan Name          MRP / FUP Limit               Fup Speed/Validity

BSNLRC351#       Rs.351/1.5GB     80Kbps/28 Days

BSNLRC399*       Rs.399/2GB         80Kbps/30 Days

BSNLRC451#       Rs.451/2.5GB     80Kbps/28 Days

BSNLRC629*       Rs.629/3GB         80Kbps/30 Days

BSNLRC651#       Rs.651/5.5GB     80Kbps/28 Days

BSNLRC751#       Rs.751/7GB         80Kbps/28 Days

BSNLRC851#       Rs.851/8GB         80Kbps/28 Days

BSNLRC951#       Rs.951/9GB         80Kbps/28 Days

BSNLRC1099       Rs.1099/Unlimited          21Mbps/30 Days

BSNLRC2399*    Rs.2399/16GB    80Kbps/60 Days

  • (*) sign denotes that this plan is available for only North and South Zone BSNL Users.
  • (#) sign denotes that this plan is available for only East Zone BSNL Users.


These tariff of BSNL 4G plans can be delighted in by BSNL customers all over India. We will update the tariff plans according to preference. If you don’t mind, try to dial 1503 from your Mobile to check these STV Rate. You can likewise check your BSNL circle site as well.

3G Postpaid Data Service

Uniform 2G & 3G Postpaid Data Plans

Fixed Monthly Charge in Rs.(Service Tax Extra) Total bundled free Usage in GB Data Charges after free usage Data Charges in Rs./MB***(For APN bsnlstream)


250 MB




500 MB















666 Unlimited Speed 128kbps after 7GB



Speed 128kbps after 10GB



Speed 128kbps after 20GB


(i) Unlimited Data Add-on Plan(for South Zone & North Zone Circles)

Plan Name Fixed Monthly Charge in Rs.(excl. of S. Tax) Free Usage Addtional Tariff Details

Add-On Data Pack



Speed 80Kbps after 1GB

Add-On Data Pack



Speed 80Kbps after 2GB




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