Chittorgarh Fort History

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Chittorgarh Fort HistoryChittorgarh city is treated as headquarters of Chittorgarh district. Chittorgarh is situated at banks of river berach and also river Gambhiri. Earlier, Chittorgarh city is the capital of Sisodia dynasty. In Chittorgarh city, the Chittorgarh fort is available and it is treated as the largest fort in the country. Sisodia clan ruled the Chittorgarh fort for a nearly 7th century to 16th century.

Chittorgarh Palace:

As per the mythological tales, Bheema who is one of the Pandavas. To learn and know the secrets of immortality, he visited the place. According to the mythological tales, Pandavas member Bheema was a disciple of a stage who trains him. Bheema has kicked hard the ground and suddenly water appears from earth at that kicked place. That water came out of the earth at that place is now called as Bheemalt. It is a water reservoir. On the 8th century, Bappa Rawal married to the Solanki princess, Chittorgarh fort was gifted to him as a name of the dowry system. For Sisodia dynasty, the founder of Bappa Rawal. Up to 16th century, Bappa Rawal and his descendants had ruled the city.

Chittorgarh Fort History


Chittorgarh Fort Siege 1303:

Chittorgarh Fort History: In the year 1303, Under the Mewars rule, Allaudin Khilji attacked the Chittorgarh city. Allaudin attacked the Chittorgarh to focus on Rani Padmini. She was the queen of Rana Ratan Singh. The Khilji has captured the Rana Ratan Singh and he sent a message to the Rani Padmini that Ratan Singh would be released only if she agrees to go along with Allaudin. Padmini sent 700 soldiers to bring Ratan Singh and the soldiers were successful in saving the Ratan Singh. Allaudin followed the soldiers and save the Ratan Singh. the ferocious battle took over at the fort and also Rana Ratan Singh has died during the fierce battle. Later, Padmini has JAUHAR and immolated her life.

Allaudin overpowered the Chittorgarh fort and later on, he gave the fort to his son Khiz Khan. Then, the named was changed into Khizrabad. Khizr ruled the Chittorgarh Kila for 1311 A.D. Khan has left the fort force under the heavy pressure by RAJPUTS. Again on 1311 A.D. RAJPUTS had restored the Fort.

Chittorgarh Fort History

Chittorgarh Siege (the year 1534):

Delhi Sultan Bahadur Shah of Delhi attacked the Chittorgarh fort on 1567 A.D. A fierce battle had done between RAJPUTS and MUGHALS. Eventually, RAJPUTS had won the battle.

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Chittorgarh Siege(the year 1567):

Emperor Akbar attacked the fort with his soldiers among 5000 members. Mughals killed nearly 8000 RAJPUTS troops and attacked the fort of Chittorgarh. AT that time, the Emperor Akbar had praised and raised by the other kings. Later on, they defeat the Dynasty of Lodi, then again RAJPUTS had got the power. But always, RAJPUTS were against among the rule of MUGHALS in the fort and also being aware of the same. Emperor Akbar fought a huge number of battles against the RAJPUTS. He also realized that the Rajputs should no longer to rule the fort and Akbar also asked his soldiers to build a big mud hill in front of the Chittorgarh port. The place where the cannons can be fixed and also all the attacks can be done on a big scale.

Emperor Akbar wants to punish their troops when the sabbats were being built. The troops are escaped from that place. Thier mind was ruined by the little bit of confusion of battle, so troops had tied up their spouses and pretend to be as Mogul troops which escorting the prisoners of the war. It is very har to believe that the only one troop, who is called as Zarb Ali Tuwaci had passed away while battling for the Chittorgarh fort.
But a large has failed against the assurance of the fort and also emperor Akbar had a blow at the fort o Chittorgarh. The mines were passed for the shelling. at the same time, from inside RAJPUTS archers are in continued to attack the Mughals emperor. At that time, it is unbelievable at that time, The Mughals had raised more than 200 at that time. Emperor Akbar along with his soldiers entered into the fort of Chittorgarh from the hole blown which were under the fort. RAJPUTS Commander was killed by Emperor Akbar and the RAJPUTS got smashed by this way. Mughals had won the fierce battle for the Chittorgarh fort. Then RAJPUTS ladies had performed JAUHAR and also immolated their lives to the MUGHALS. Mughals were finally won the fierce battle and attacked the CHITTORGARH FORT in the year 1568 A.D.

Chittorgarh Fort History


This is the Chittorgarh fort history, and the fierce battle of Chittorgarh fort is at last won by the MUGHALS. The place Chittorgarh kila is very famed and historical place in India. They are many places to visit in Chittorgarh and they are especially Chittorgarh ka Kila. 



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