How to crack eLitmus exam and get a good job?

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How to prepare for elitmus


Hii guys, now most of you know about eLitmus exam which provides some good high paid job to the indian job seekers. eLitmus only provides IT and software jobs so this exam is only for engineers of any branch who want to start their career in IT industry. eLitmus through its test provides the jobs to its test takers with an average salary of 4 LPA. If you want a really a good job you should take eLitmus test. In eLitmus it doesn’t matter whether you are from Tier I, Tier II, Tier III engineering college, you will get your dream job if you are a engineering graduate with minimum 60 % in engineering with a good percentile in eLitmus test.
There is no particular percentile or score at which one could get the calls from all companies that recruit through eLitmus unless you are a 100 percentile. You need to follow the eLitmus forum for latest updates of different companies about recruiting and places of recruitment and many more. Some companies even call the candidates with 1percentile it is just a formality for those companies. Service based companies like Accenture for their mass recruitment hire candidates at 70-75 percentile. But if you want to land your first job in the core product based companies, you need to score 90+ percentile. If you want receive maximum calls from companies you need to score 99+ percentile.
Now in this post I will educate you how you can crack the eLitmus exam with 90+ percentile and I will discuss each and every thing about eLitmus exam from syllabus to negative marking.

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eLitmus pH test have three sections

1. Verbal Ability
2.Problem Sloving
3.Quantative Aptitude

Important points of eLitmus exam

  • Each section of eLitmus exam has 20 questions and each question carries 10 marks, so from three sections there are total of 20 Q * 3 = 60 Q and 60 Q * 10 M = 600 Marks.
  • eLitmus is a pen and paper test.
  • All questions in the exam are of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) and some times fill in the blanks may asked in the exam
  • Syllabus of eLitmus is not officially defined but eLitmus suggest its test takers to refer any standard MBA entrance exam material/aptitude material while preparing.
  • But based on previous years papers the suggested topics are given below which are repeating in eLitmus exam on a regular basis.
  • No programming related questions asked in the exam.

Section A: Verbal Ability (200 marks for 20Q)

1.Fill in the blanks: 6 Q
2.Para Jumbled questions: 2 Q
3.Reading comprehension: 3 para’s with 4Q each -> 12 Q
Section B: Problem-Solving (200 Marks for 20 Q)

In this section try your best to attempt shorter 2 paras only and generally you won’t get time for the big 3rd para.

Section B: Problem Solving(200 marks for 20Q)

1. Crypto arithmetic: 3Q
2. Data Interpretation: 4Q
3.Data Sufficiency problems: 4Q
4.Logical Reasoning Puzzles: 9Q

Attempt Crypto arthmetic problem only if you are master in it because it is very time taking problems so you may miss time for solving other questions and Section B is the toughest of all 3 sections.

Section C: Quantative Aptitude (200 marks for 20 Q)

1.AP GP Series: 1Q
2.Averages: 0-1Q
3.Geometry: 4-5Q
4.Logarithms: 1Q
5.Number Systems: 4-5 Q
7.Permutations and Combinations: 2-3 Q
8.Probability: 2-3 Q
9.Profit and Loss: 1Q
10.Quadratic Equations: 1-2Q
11.Ratio, Propotion and Variation: 0-1Q
12.Time and work: 2 Q
13.Time, Speed and Distance: 2Q
Remeber only percentiles will be shown to companies, not marks! So examine the below image in detail for marks and percentile comparison and come up with you own strategey and decide how many questions you are going to attempt in the exam from each section.

Negative Marking in eLitmus

Negative Marking in eLitmus is quiet tricky if you attempt 25% questions wrong of the total questions then for the rest of each wrong answer half mark will be deducted.

If you attempt more than 1/4th of total questions wrong then you get negative marking.

If 12 questions are attempted, and 1/4 th questions are wrong i.e. 25% questions wrong and exactly 3 questions are wrong and 9 are correct, then there is no negative marking.

If you answer 8 correct and 4 wrong negative marks will be for the 4 th not for first three.

What does a percentile score in eLitmus?

From beginning of the post most of the time I reffered percentile and most of the students confuse percentile to percent. There is much difference between percentile and percent.

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For example
‘X’ has 80th percentile in one of the section so it means 80% of eLitmus pH test takers have scored less than ‘X’ and 20% of pH test takers have scored more than ‘X’ in that section. Typically one’s scores is compared with approximatley 1 lakh pH test takers. So 20% of candidates that is 20,000 in all are above ‘X’.

eLitmus strategy to crack the exam.

I’ll break down the important topics section wise with number of questions to attempt in each section to get a 90+ percentile in each section :

#Quant : (6-8 correct answers)

Log (1 question in every exam is asked which is score-able), Functions, Geometry(basic question will be asked revising properties will do the work), Number system (application of HCM,LCM and remainder theorem will do the work), Time-Speed-Distance-Work, Percentages-Allegations-Profit Loss, Permutation and combinations, Probability (As P&C and probability are tough topics you also skip these topics). Practice all these well for quant section and you will score a 90+ in this section.

#Logical Reasoning and Data interpretation : (6-8 correct answers)

Crypt-arithmetic (3 answers straight away),
Arrangement : Practice and in exam give at least 20-30 mins to solve arrangement question cause it will fetch you straight 5 answers correct. You can switch crypt with data sufficiency questions.

#Verbal :(9-11 correct answers)

Practice reading comprehension well and basic of grammar, that will help you
easily to score 90+ in verbal section. This section is considered comparatively easy than other two section.
E-litmus is a bit difficult test than any other aptitude test you might have faced till now. Keep on practicing and you will score great score.

Books Recommended for eLitmus :

Arun sharma- Quantative Aptitude (LOD 1+2)

Arun sharma- Logical Reasoning (LOD 1+2)

Arun sharma- Verbal Ability

Online sources : + (for crypt)
Feel free to post your doubts in comments section and you will be provided with best possible solutions and multiple approaches by admins and professionals.
To ask anything specific you can reach any of the admin or by commenting below.

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