Creatinine Blood Test – Serum Creatinine Levels – Symptoms

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What is Creatinine

Creatinine: In the blood, the chemical waste product which passes through the kidneys to be filtered and removed in the urine. It is the by-product of the muscle function, a human being those who are having more number of muscles, then that person has more chances to get the creatinine. In the blood, due to creatinine levels both the amount of muscle a human has and the amount of their kidney function. To know more about creatinine levels, High creatinine range and creatinine normal range, read the complete post for the clear information. Normal creatinine levels and High creatinine levels are specified here, viewers can check this space for more details about serum creatinine levels and the creatinine blood test.


Low Creatinine – Normal creatinine levels – High creatinine levels

Mostly in men, the kidney function of creatinine is up to 0.6 to 1.2 deciliters or Milligrams. And in women, the kidney function of creatinine is up to 0.5 to 1.5 deciliters or Milligrams. As per the studies, females usually have lower creatinine levels when compared to male, because, on average females have less muscle when compared to males. That’s the main reason, females have normal creatinine levels. To know about creatinine range in your body, consult a physician and get creatinine test. The creatinine normal value for men is 0.6 to 1.2 deciliters or Milligrams and normal creatinine value is 0.5 to 1.5 deciliters or Milligrams.

What is Serum Creatinine

Serum Creatinine test is a test which draws blood and transfers it to a lab to be diagnosed to check serum creatinine levels. If the person with serum creatinine normal range then there is no problem, but you have high creatinine range then you must consult to doctor regarding how to lower creatinine levels in your body. Don’t neglect about your health, consult a doctor and get a high creatinine treatment immediately. after high creatinine treatment, please do follow the high creatinine diet which is suggested by your physician and get rid of creatinine serum high range.


Serum Creatinine levels

S creatinine levels are also referred as creatinine clearance which estimates the GFR. Glomerular filtration rate is the full form od GFR. The clearance of kidney creatinine levels is diagnosed or measured under two ways. Serum creatinine Test is calculated by using a formula which is serum creatinine level, the age of the patient and also considering the body weight.

Creatinine Blood Test formula

Formula: 140 minus age of the patients (age should be mention in years) weight in kilograms, divided by 72 times, the serum creatinine level in deciliters or Milligrams. The creatinine clearance can also be tested by taking a urine sample of the patient and then after drawing the blood sample. In both urine and blood, serum creatinine levels are compared. The normal creatinine clearance for a woman is 88-128 deciliters or Milligrams and for male 97 to 137 deciliters or Milligrams. Sometimes, the normal ranges may change slightly between labs.

Creatinine symptoms treatment

The causes of high creatinine levels in your body are due to following factors. From creatinine normal range to elevated creatinine range is due to kidney problems, body dehydration, reduction of blood flow to the kidneys etc. If you have below creatinine symptoms, run to the doctor and immediately go for creatinine blood test. Following are the symptoms which may occur under high level creatinine levels in a person. If you are facing any of these symptoms then don’t neglect and consult any kidney specialist very urgent to check kidney creatinine level.

  • Nausea
  • vomiting
  • fatigue
  • changes in urination
  • high blood pressure
  • chest pains
  • muscle cramps
  • Color changes in stool while pooping.

There are many reasons which might have increased your creatinine levels, now check the some of these conditions and follow these steps to get your creatinine levels back to normal.

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Renal failure or impairment: Once if the human kidneys get damaged, damaged kidneys cannot filter creatinine out of your body through glomerular filtration. The Glomerular filtration works as the outflow of filtered fluid passing through your kidney.

Muscle destruction: If you are in a muscle breakdown condition, then the tissue is broken down muscle can get into your bloodstream and it will impair your kidneys.

High intake of meat: If you eat meat regularly then it increases the level of creatinine in your body.

Causes of Elevated Creatinine or High Creatinine Levels

  • kidney damage or kidney failure
  • kidney infection
  • Reduced blood flow to the kidneys
  • Dehydration


How to reduce creatinine level naturally

The human body needs clean blood for body function If a person with high creatinine levels then the body function is affected. The finest way to lower your kidney creatinine levels with various remedies and also some changes in your daily routine. A person who is with high creatinine range then they can follow the below remedies and get rid of elevated creatinine. Include these following options, also talk to your doctor about ways to cure high creatinine levels in your body.


  • Cut back on vigorous exercise
  • Don’t take supplements containing creatine
  • Reduce your protein intake
  • Eat more fiber
  • Always stay hydrated, in taking more fluids
  • 4 Liters of water per day
  • Hitosan supplements (Reduce Cholesterol)
  • Use salvia

These are the main factors which indicate the high creatinine symptoms and cure elevated creatinine. Here some more often-missed factors may be missed out that might improve your health awareness and help you prevent a high creatinine in blood. If you are in severe condition then you should definitely consult a doctor about ways to cure creatinine high range. Get high creatinine treatment and follow high creatinine diet chart which is suggested by your doctor.



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