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Different Types of US Visa

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US VISA : The usage of your travel and various facts will explain what type of visa is required Under the Immigration law of United states. As an applicant of visa, candidates need to create that you face all the requirements to get the visa category for the particular registration. Candidates when you register at a United States embassy or consulate, based on laws of an officer consular, either you are suitable to get a visa and also what type of visa category is suitable. Candidates who are interested in visiting the United states, as per particular candidate occupation and also time limit of the staying at Types of United states Visas are issued. There are various types of Visa’s which also contains different categories. watch this space to check out the different types of US visas and their categories.

US visa


There are various Visa’s that an Abroad national may register for be officially admitted into the US. Of course, it is temporary or permanent. We have clearly mentioned the several types of Visa categories at below of this post. This post is just an overview and it is not a complete analysis of Immigration law of United states. US VISA Types are clearly specified here, Those who want to know about various US Visa Types those can read this Different Types of US Visa Post and get the idea US VISA TYPES.  People need to finish their Visa application process. 

Temporary Visa’s

B-1/B-2 Tourist/Visitor Visas :
This visa is accessible for all the visitors who are coming to the United States for their visiting purpose. Visitor Visa or B-1 visa is a business visitor visa’s which are used for a short period and which is not used for local employment. All the nationals from particular countries are eligible to visit the United states up to 90 days. By using B1 / B2 without obtaining visa we can use it for 90 days.

E-1 / E-2 Treaty and Investor Visa’s :
Investors, traders and also the employees can receive the visa’s to carry on their business in the United states If their home country has a treaty of the commercial with the United States conferring visa eligibility.

F-1 and M-1 Student Visa’s :
Candidates who are seeking to study a full education course at a school in the United States are eligible for an F-1 and M-1 visa for the education course of their study plus, Sometimes, the practical training in their field study.

H-1B Speciality Occupation Visa :
Candidates who have a bachelor degree or any equivalent education those can be eligible for the Nonimmigrant visa if their workers can say that they are to be paid for the position of the prevailing wage.

J-1 and Q-1 Exchange Visitor Visa’s :
Candidates who come to United states in an approved exchange scheme can be eligible for this Visa. J-1 visa is for students, scholars, trainees, scholars, professors, government visitors and much more. Sometimes, in the j-1 scheme will be coupled with the beneficiary spend at least of 2 years outside of the United states. They regularly provide the registration process for looking waiver to the house accommodation requirements which applied to many J-1 visa holders

K-1: Fiance Visa :
A Fiance of a United state citizen is eligible for an NMV Non-immigrant visa with the condition of the marriage within 90 days time.

L-1 Intracompany Transfer Visa’s :
L-1 Visa’s are helpful for managers, especially knowledgeable candidates, executors and many employers of United states. L-1 Visa is eligible for the without the need for a labor certification for permanent residency.

O-1 Extraordinary Ability Worker Visa’s :
This visa is available for the Athletes, Celebrities, Actors and entertainers.

R-1 Visa’s : R-1 Visa is available for the religious employers.

TC and TN NAFTA and US-Canada Free Trade Agreement Visa’s : For Canada and Mexico people, a very special visa has implemented which comes under the provision of the N.A.F.T.A and U.S.Canada FTA.

Permanent Residency Visas

Immigration Visas of Family Sponsored : United States nationals may keep petition for spouses, parents, children and siblings. For spouses and children’s, Nationals may petition.

Immigration Visas for Employer-Sponsored :

EB-1: Foreign Nationals of Extraordinary ability, and for amazing professors / Managers, Multinational executives.Candidates who belong this category those can keep petition for a particular and own address without any help of time-consuming labor document process.

EB-2 Candidates with high profession (degree) in Arts / sciences / business : Candidates who belong to this category should be a job holder and also must complete labor document process. The labor document process consists of testing of the job marketing to explain that the potential visa holder is not taking a job away from the workers of United States. Candidates can show that his introduction is in the nationals attentive, the employment opportunity and labor document requirements can be renounced.

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EB-3 Skilled Workers and professionals : The holders of Visa who belongs to this field those must be a job holder and the possible job holder must finish the labor certification procedure.

EB-4 Visa : For Religious workers EB-4 Visa is available. For special Immigrant Visas, the religion ministers are suitable for permanent residency.

EB-5 Investor : This visa is not only as an investor for also helpful for job creation. per every year 10 thousand visas for investors alien who implements job for every 10 candidates. here there are 2 groups of investors under the process. Candidates those who invest minimum $500,000 in “Targeted Job areas” and candidates those who invests $1,000,000 anywhere else.

DV-1 Visa’s : This visa called as Green Card Lottery. 55,000 Visas are yearly slotted in a frequent drawing candidates from nations which were underrepresented in the total Immigrant pool.

The other statues visas are also mentioned here, Refugee and also applications of the Asylum. Here candidates with a well-founded fear of oppression on account of the Religion, social group of membership, race or any other political candidates may be suitable to register for statuses of Asylum or Refugee in the united states.

US visa

Temporary protected status :

This visa type is available for the candidates from various places which the United states. It allows candidates to remain in the United States for the duration of their particular status. It doesn’t lead to a visa, As per periodic INS review.

TN Status :

This status is suitable for Mexican and Canadian employees to avoid the procedure of visa registration by implementing directly to a United states port and also implementing the required certificates.

A green card is also generally called as I-151. As per the permanent residence entitles you to need to legally work in the United states. It allows you with the identity of name and also proof to enable you to register for the license of the driver’s. To take out the loans and also to implement a bank account and many other details.

Travel Limitations and Citizenship :

Candidates who are a holder of the green card, you can travel outside of the United states and also back as long as you manage their initial address in the United States. Candidates who wish to become a citizen of United states candidates need to generally wait for minimum five years from the date you get your green card. Traveling more than 6 times outside of the United states may delete the time counted toward your suitable for membership.

Renewal of the green card : After 10 years, the green card is renewable.

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