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West Bengal – Obtain a Domicile or Residence Certificate:

Domicile Certificate West Bengal: A Domicile certificate is also called as Residence certificate. The Domicile certificate is generally issued to the person which is an prove that the certificate is a Domicile of the state by which the document is being published. Domicile certificate is one of the essential document which acts as the proof of the residence to get the Residential quotas in educational organizations and also in official govt sectors. Domicile Certificate is also treated as one of the proof of the residence for jobs where local residents are hired. Don’t worry, here we have provided the complete information regarding How to get domicile certificate in West Bengal, Uses of Domicile Certificate and What are the documents required for domicile certificate in West Bengal.

Benefits of Domicile Certificate West Bengal:

Domicile certificate meaning in English is Residence certificate. This Certificate is given by the state / Union Territory officers. This certificate acts as a proof for the applicant / Person those who had applied or Domicile certificate holder is a resident of that particular state. So, let’s Check out some benefits and also “what is the use of domicile certificate” by following steps.

  • A person can avail the resident quotas in colleges for their education through this Certificate. So, it is helpful for education purpose also.
  • People can get some reservation in resident quota in government organizations.
  • This certificate is also acted as one of the identity proof of the residence for the employments where local residents are recruited.

What are the documents are required for Domicile Certificate West Bengal:

People who are interested to get this document those should submit all the required documents. Every Indian must have the proof of the residence. So, people, who are looking in west bengal for domicile certificate those can get the certificate through online mode. All the necessary documents you must submit to get the Domicile certificate in West bengal. If you are interested to get your Domicile certificate through online mode then submit the following documents along with the Domicile Certificate application form.

  • Initially, fill up the Domicile certificate form which is available in online or also you can get the Domicile Certificate Application form at Local Tehsildar Taluka office or district collector office.
  • Address proof of the particular state for at least minimum period of time.
  • Owner of that particular land proof in the particular state.
  • Educational certificates
  • Any ID proof
  • Inquiry certificate.

Domicile Certificate West Bengal

How to get Domicile Certificate in West Bengal:

People who want to get the Domicile Certificate in west Bengal those should follow some steps and get the certificate in a simple manner.


  • Visit e district west Bengal official website.
  • Initially, get a fill the Domicile Certificate West Bengal application form through online or also get the form from nearer Taluka or District collector office.
  • The Sub-Divisional Magistrate
  • Tehsil office
  • Revenue Department Office
  • Office of District Collector
  • Any other authority that is specified in the State or Union Territory.

What are the required details to get the domicile certificate:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address
  • Place and also Date birth
  • Nationality

Domicile Certificate Process:

  • This certificate is used for many purposes, The main theme to issue this document is to show the person identity where he belongs to.
  • Download Application form through online or get the form from taluka office.
  • Fill up the application form with required details and also mention your contact details / Person who is a holder of Domicile certificate name.
  • Also, attach the documents along with the form and carry those documents to the nearer setu center for submission.
  • Finally, submission process completed, aspirants must wait for minimum one month to get the Domicile certificate from the date of the submission.

Domicile Certificate West Bengal

Domicile Certificate Fees:

Rupees 50/- charged for issuing the domicile certificate.

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Important Points:

People can’t obtain more than one state / Union territory Domicile certificate, Have one which is a legal, if in the case have more than it was illegal, it is a punishable offense. So, avoid those kinds of activities.

Women / Ladies do not originally belong to the particular state, but the women who married to men those who are permanent resident’s of a particular state or Union territory or those who are eligible for the Domicile certificate form those women can apply for the Domicile certificate.





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