do’s and don’ts during group discussion – GD Tips

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do’s and don’ts during group discussion – GD Tips

In the previous article we have discussed about types of group discussions, different formations of group discussion and the group discussion techniques

Today we will discuss about the do’s and dont’s during group discussion. Before going ahead with the do’s and don’ts during group discussion, I would like to provide an extra information about the how does a HR conduct a group discussion.

Once the written test results are announced, the qualified candidates are generally formed into groups and a group discussion is conducted.

  • A group size in the group discussion typically varies between 6 and 25.
  • The time limit for a group discussion varies depending on the size of the group or the time available with the HR. Generally, the time period will be between 10 minutes – 25 minutes.
  • The facilitator might ask the members of the group to select a group discussion topic or himself might announce a topic.

Now let’s get started with the do’s and don’ts during group discussion.

Do’s in Group Discussion

  • Enter in to the group discussion room confidently.
  • Please carry a pen and a paper/scribbling pad when you participate in a group discussion.
  • Occupy your chair/seat silently.
  • Sit comfortably (straight and confident) in the chair/seat.
  • Have a pleasant smile on your face.
  • Please understand the topic of the group discussion properly.
  • Jot down your thoughts in an organized manner.
  • If you are an initiator, please greet the group and mention your topic name before conveying your opinion.
  • Maintain positive body language throughout the group discussion.
  • The speaker should maintain eye contact with everyone in the group discussion and on the other hand the listener should look only at the speaker.
  • Modulate your voice according to the size of the group, intensity of the point expressed.
  • Speak for more number of times and also let others express their opinions.
  • Speak only for 30 seconds every time you  get a chance and speak clearly & completely.
  • Speak relevant to the topic.
  • Speak in a simple and lucid language.
  • Control your emotions.
  • Use quotations, proverbs, facts and figures according to the topic of the group discussion.
  • Use one – liners such as I beg your pardon, I’m afraid to disagree with you, you are right and I have another opinion too, it can be put the other way etc.,
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities throughout the group discussion.
  • Be a good listener. Also bear it in mind that a good listener is always a good speaker.
  • Be natural in your performance.
  • Think out of box for abstract topics of group discussions.
  • Please conclude the topic within the time allotted to your group discussion.

Do not’s in group discussion

  • Never drag your chair/seat.
  • Never disturb the seating formation.
  • Do not slouch in the chair.
  • Do not play with pen, pencil or the scribbling pad.
  • Do not speak in a loud voice.
  • Do not demonstrate aggressive body language like pointing fingers at the other participants, palm down gestures to control the group discussion.
  • Do not speak for more time.
  • Do not fidget with fingers, bite your nails, shake your legs or tap your feet.
  • Do not directly oppose a member’s opinion.
  • Do not crack jokes during the group discussion.
  • Do not laugh big or giggle.
  • Do not look down while you speak or while others are expressing their opinion.
  • Do not look at the HR or facilitator of the GD.
  • Do not bluff the group members and the HR with false information.
  • Do not involve in a sub – group conversation during the discussion.
  • Do not change your stance very often. Do not be a fickle minded person.
  • Do not interrupt the speaker while expressing his/her opinion.
  • Do not criticize any person, any religion, any national.
  • Do not abruptly stop expressing your view.
  • Do not involve in an argument with anyone during the group discussion.
  • Do not address the participants with their names even though they are your friends.
  • Do not moderate the group discussion excessively.
  • Do not give a pre – mature conclusion.

This brings to an end the do’s and don’ts during group discussion.

A student who is well versed with these do’s and don’ts during group discussion, will surely make it through to the next round.

In the next article I will provide list of topics of the group discussion which are generally preferred by the MNC’s. Topics of group discussion will be followed by an article on how to create a perfect resume, CV & tips on writing a unique resume.

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