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Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Books:

DR APJ Abdul Kalam Books: APJ Abdul Kalam was a bookwarm and it is a fiction, poetry, religious tomes, novels where kalam enjoyed and experienced all. In My Journey; is about Transforming Dreams into Actions, Kalam also wrote about his favourite books, his love among these volumes would be unmistakable. Books are your good friends its kalam one of the writing. In this excerpt from My Journey are few of Kalam’s best literary buddies. He have read many books over the year Light from Many Lamps was called the first as it is edited by Lillian Eichler Watson. I heard this book in the year 1953. The editor has compiled by inspiring stories which was written by various writers, and very helpfully.

APJ Abdul kalam books

There has been an occasion when the works are not mentioned in the book have not brought me solace in my hours of sadness, or uplifted me when I needed a suggestion. If I am every in danger of having swept away from my own emotions, this book brings balance in thinking. APJ Abdul Kalam belongs to a poor background to the president of the whole nation, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam has left an remarkable image on everyones mind and heart. He is not just a simple man there is more behind the technological innovatitons by upsurged our nation, Kalam penned books which will convey messages for our countrymen and for each and every issue present india is facing with.

Books written by apj abdul kalam


Dr apj abdul kalam books

Wings of Fire Abdul Kalam:

Kalams optimism is the thing which stand out. This autobiography explains his story, and his incredible journey, from the boy and his background how became a chief scientist from the innovations and ideas in Indian space research and Indian missile programs, and after became the President of India. From the Wings of Fire, we can know more about brilliant people who served behind Indian space research like Dr Vikram Sarabhai and Dr Brahm Prakash.


Ignited Minds APJ Abdul Kalam – unleashing the power with in India

Kalam Books: In 2002 Ignited Minds was written. It explains about Dr Kalam experience of interacting students from all over the country. It knows how it will be there while meeting with people from the entire country, he know the potential of india would be a developed nation. The book ends with the conversation between the two kids in a mothers womb which is known as ego and spirit. It will give message to look beyond what our eyes can see. He thought that india should be a knowledgable society.

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Dr apj abdul kalam books

Indomitable Spirit explains the values, thoughts and ideals of our former president Kalam. In this book, he displayed great respect to the women and said that, Womanhood is a wonderful and beautiful creation of God. Indomitable Spirit shows us a full picture of his journey from the Rameswaram shores to the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Books of APJ Abdul Kalam

India 2020 is a thought annoying book. Kalam envisions India is to obtain the status of the developed nation of the world as fourth by 2020. From many statistical proofs, this book explains that Vision 2020 will not obtained. He also explains this by presenting several examples like the success of the green revolution and the improvement of space technology.

Turning Point APJ abdul kalam:

This book has changed his life up to 1992, Turning Points is a sequal to Wings of Fire and this book presents his journey as a president and at the time of presidency what have happened. The book is almost like a blueprint of Vision 2020. In this book, he mainly explains about the fact that india should develop techology to move forward. He has also stressed how with the use of e-governance, many present day problems in india will get solution.

turning point apj abdul kalam



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