Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme

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Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme

Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme is the scheme introduced in order to provide the best study . Every  student will have a dream that he/she should get the best study so that their future will be in aright path. If the student want to get the best study then he/she should study in the best college, but studying in the best college needs more money. But now a days the families economical position is  been decreasing  and the families are not in a position to provide their children the best study. So the Financial department of India had introduced this Education Loan . So this under this scheme the government is been providing an educational  loan up to  9 lakh rupees . The government is going provide this scheme  to the students whose family income is below 6 lakh rupees . If the student has the physical disable then the scheme will  be provided to the families  then the limit of their family income 9 lakh.

This scheme will be applicable only for the government and the recognized  technical professional courses in India. The students who a joined through the management quota, NRI quota or studying in unrecognized colleges are not entitled to this scheme for the Education Loan Budget 2017. So the bank  will provide the loan and and the borrower(student) have to follow the rules the rules

Application form of Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme

The following is the Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme application form . In this application form the student need to fill the basic details (Name, Address, Name of College, Specification of the Course, Tenure of the Course, Bank details, Loan details, Income Certificate details etc..).  Along with the application you will be given a declaration form in which the student declaring the information is been right and along  with there will be provided the information that the bank should verify all the details and provide the loan to the student.

Certificate of Eligibility for the Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme

Along with the application form the student should submit the Certificate of Eligibility which decides either the student is entitled to the scheme or not . Along with the student the village officer of that corresponding village has to approve the student. Here is the certificate of the Eligibility:

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Claim Certificate by the bank for the Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme

And finally the student have to get the Claim Certificate by the bank, in which the bank and the loan details are to be filled by the bank. Here is the Claim certificate by the bank.

As all the details which are given by the bank are cross checked and then the bank will sanction the loan to the student with the assistance of  the State Government.



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