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Encumbrance Certificate Kerala State

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About Encumbrance Certificate Kerala:

Encumbrance Certificate Kerala is nothing but a piece of property which shows its value. encumbrance certificate Kerala online web portal is available. Viewers who want to purchase the property or land in Kerala state those should check the Encumbrance certificate. Encumbrance Certificate Kerala is one of the essential document which was very useful to the purchaser whenever he purchased the property. If anybody wants to purchase the property in any state, they must know about the encumbrance certificate Kerala online.

Basic Details of Kerala Online EC:

Name of the organization                  Karnataka Encumbrance Certificate
State Karnataka
Official website  http://keralaregistration.gov.in
0471-2472118, 2472110

In internets, all the Encumbrance Certificates of various states are available. In those websites, encumbrance certificate Kerala is one of the Kerala EC web portals. In this article, we have provided the process of encumbrance certificate Kerala online mode.

Encumbrance Certificate Online Kerala:

Encumbrance Certificate Kerala is an evidence which is the property on sale is free from mortgages. Kerala Encumbrance Certificate is the essential for the purchasing of any property. Banks and government departments require minimum 13 years of encumbrance details, but purchasers can get up to 30 years listed on Encumbrance document. The encumbrance certificate can be issued from the relevant sub register office where the record is originally recorded. People who want to know about encumbrance certificate Kerala online, below is the procedure to be followed which is obtained a Kerala EC.

Encumbrance certificate online Kerala

Encumbrance Certificate is essential to purchase the property, registering for the home loan or any loan against property. The government officials and financial organizations such as Banks etc they ask for 13 years of Encumbrance. aspirants can check online Encumbrance Certificate to Number of years by verifying the DATA AVAILABILITY. people who are seeking for the Kerala Encumbrance Certificate, they can apply through online mode.

encumbrance certificate kerala

Steps to Obtain Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala:

Step-1: Initially visit the GET the property Details. Viewers should find out the survey number of the land or owners name. These are the basic fields which are essential to apply for the encumbrance certificate.

Step-2: In this step, apply for the EC Kerala.
Application of Encumbrance Certificate needs to be filled up with the mandatory details:

  • Name of the Property Owner
  • Survey Number of the property
  • Description of the property such as Measurements and boundaries.
  • EC period which is requested.

Here the main application is made through the application form to Tehsildar which is Rs.2/- of the Nonjudicial stamp. The applicant will also be done the other details such as a Residential address. People can also submit their EC Application at Jurisdictional Sub Registrar’s office.

Step-3: Candidate must pay the fees at the jurisdictional Sub-registrar office, year wise required fees must be paid. EC purpose, every year starts on April 1st and ends up on March 31st.

Step-4: Encumbrance Certificate Issuance.
The official or Tehsildar will check the reports from the Patwari if there is any entry for the owner of any query. If there is no entry created, then a detailed inquiry is done and the Encumbrance Certificate is issued between 15 to 30 days.

The officials finish the checking of Encumbrance Certificate and also obtains a printout which contains all the transactions which were prepared during the particular period.

Step-5: Encumbrance Certificate Verification.
Encumbrance Certificate has been signed and stamped with the officials. Survey number and also other details are pertaining to the land or property and also have to be verified with what was specified in the Encumbrance Certificate Application.

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Encumbrance Certificate Limitations:

EC has some limitations such as, it can’t be considered as the solo evidence of the property.

Certain transactions such as immovable properties, the minor transactions which are not fixed in the encumbrance certificate because they are not required to be enrolled under the Registration Act 1908.

EC certainly can’t be neglected during a deal of real estate, but its best to not rely on that alone. These are the steps which you need to follow to get an Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala state. In this article we have provided the EC Kerala online, check out remaining states Encumbrance Certificates.



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