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Highlights of Patanjali’s Press Conference held today:

1) Patanjali founders Baba Ramdev and Acharya Bal Krishna addressed a press conference on Thursday.
2) Patanjali’s turnover crosses Rs105.6bn in FY17. #Growth/profit target for Patanjali in 2017/18 set at 100%
3) Till now, foreign company’s CEO were under an impression that we have abysmal market share. There survey says our turnover is mere Rs 20bn. But the fact is, only Patanjali Ghee iteself is worth Rs 14.7bn.
4) Patanjali toothpaste enjoys 14 per cent share of the market
5) We are going to increase our distributors from 6,000 to 12,000
6)Plans to build production plant in Vijay Nagar
7) Pointless questions raised against Patanjali Amla Juice
8) Every Patanjali product according to FSSAI standards
9) Currently 1 Lakh people work for Patanjali and wherever we are hiring, we send authorized people.
10) Patanjali’s sole purpose is charity – 3 aims are education, research and cow preservation
11) Patanjali will be India’s biggest Swadesi brand within a year or two.
12) Boycott Chinese products because sales generated by them fund terrorism against India
13) Patanjali products will recapture the market currently held by Chinese products
14) We are soon going to enter the spice market under the Patanjali banner as well
15) Baba Ramdev announces Patanjali Residential Army School for children of martyrs of military and paramilitary soldiers. “Will open ‘Patanjali Aavasiya Sainik school’ this year for children of martyred soldiers, free of cost. Location will be around NCR”
16) Viral message that Patanjali is hiring 10 thousand people is false. Lakhs have been looted in the name of the message.
17) Patanjali uses ‘Gaumutr’ or cow urine in only five products
18) Accusations of Gaumutr in Patanjali products false.


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