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GST JOKES: GST bill is nothing but a Goods and Service Tax which was built up as a system of taxation by which economy was taken. GST tax will ease the trade and also industry to the indirect tax system of India. All the other indirect taxes are dejected in GST bill India. Trade and industry should pay only one tax. consumption-based tax charged on national level goods as well as services. GST tax will be a substitute for all the manufacture and consumption of Goods and services. Goods & Services Tax is applicable for all the goods other than the petroleum oil, Diesel, fuel, and all other natural oils etc.


GST is a substitute for all the services which bares a few to be mentioned. With the increment of services of international trades, This tax has become a globally. People are also trolling the GST Bill on Social Media. We have dropped out here some of the Jokes on GST Bill, Check it out the jokes on GST bill 🙂

Goods and service tax implementation date GST

Goods and service tax implementation date GST is on July 1 2017 GST, Goods and Service Tax (GST) was implemented by the Indian government. GST funny full form in english is GST-Good Night Sweet Dreams Take care 😀

GST goods and service tax – GST Jokes and memes

Viewers can share these Best jokes whatsapp forwards – Best GST Jokes with your friends and relatives. Here we have provided, GST Jokes and memes, for whatsapp forwards read GST Jokes whatsapp messages here. Know GST Funny meaning and also GST funny quotes in Hindi. On Goods and service tax implementation date GST, In twitter many people had leaved many funny comments on GSTS with many Hash Tags #GSTJokes #GSTFunny . We have provided best whatsapp message on GST and also funny GST Jokes full form.



GST Funny full forms

  • What is GST:

It’s an Abbreviation of
G: Good Night
S: Sweet Dreams
T: Take Care.


Doctor: Glucagon Stimulation Test

Pandit: Gau Sewa Tax

Haryanvi: Ghano Sara Tax  😛 

 Baahubali Jokes on GST Bill

  • Baahubali jokes on GST in Hindi: Waha Baahubali Ki Neend Devseena ne Chin Li thi..
    Aur Yaha GST Ne Logo ki Neend Haram Kardi.. 😛 😛


  • Politician: GST passed wooohhoa

Media: GST passed wooohhoa

Businessmen: GST passed wooohhoa

CA student: BC naya ACT padhna padega #GSTBill

Rahul Gandhi – now GST is coming

Ali – this was also before the GST

Husband And Wife Jokes on GST Bill:

  • Husband – Sab Ladkiya GST hai !
    Wife – Kyu ?
    Husband- Samajh Hi Nahi Aati ! 😉 🙂
  • Warning to all husbands, GST @28% is applicable on beauty parlors and restaurant services.
    This will make beauty parlors and restaurants more expensive…💰💸💸 so keep reminding your wives that they are naturally beautiful….👱🏻‍♀
    Also, encourage them that they cook awesome food!😋🍱

*Issued in the public interest…*


  • Anushka Sharma- You know the meaning of GST

Virat Kohli – yes you know

Anushka Sharma – what is that?

Virat Kohli – GoodNight SweetDreams TakeCare … 🙂 😉

Anushka Sharma – Ab GST is the winner

Virat Kohli – Ye gst to phle tha

Anushka Sharma – You have also given the GST result.

Virat Kohli- ha pata hai

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Anushka Sharma – what is it?

Virat Kohli – GoodNight SweetDreams TakeCare …🙂 😉

  • Please do not send any *GST related jokes,* mobile battery automatically goes down by 28%.😂😎



  • If GSTBill was passed by UPA

government, it would have become

Rajiv Gandhi Vastu Evam Seva Kar Yojana


Advantages of GST Tax

Disadvantages of Goods and Services Tax

  • What is GST ?

Bhakt: Gau Sewa Tax.

*Wife: How much Do you Love Me?
Husband: 72%
Wife: Why not 100%
Husband: 28% GST on Luxurious Items. 😉


  • I thought Congress party blindly supports anything starting with “G”.
    But then GST is an eye opener 😅😅😅




GST Jokes in Hindi:

  • Kunware the tab kamai me se aap kuch paise Maa, Baap, Bhai, Bahan ya apne mitro ko dete the.

Par Shadi ho jane ke bad Sare paise gharwali ko dene padte hai.

Bas isi ka naam
GST : Gharwali ka Service Tax


  • Santa : Bhai Samaj me naa aane wali chiz me GST Bill No. 2 par pahuch gya hai.

Banta : to No. 1 par kya hai bhai ?

Banta : “Wife ka Mood” Abhi bhi Top par hai.


Funny comments on GST:

CA Employee: If on one end Deepika Padukone offered to marry me, on the other: My CA offered to properly explain GST to me.

I’d Marry my CA. 😉 





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