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About Gary Richrath:

Gary Richrath Real name is Gary Dean Richrath, He is a great American guitarist and also a songwriter. Gary Richrath was a lead guitarist for the REO Speedwagon band up to 1970 to 1989. Gary Richrath born on October 18th, 1949. Gary Richrath sang many genres such as Pop rock, Rock songs and also Hard Rock songs. In the year 1970, Richrath has started his music career. Gary Richrath was a multi-talented, He was a musician, producer and also a songwriter. In addition, Gary was very famed because he was a lead vocalist, slide guitarist and lead REO Speedwagon guitarist. On September 13th, 2015, Richrath has died in Bloomington, Illinois United States. Gary was dead at the age of 65 years due to a health issue. Read the Complete post to know what did Gary richrath die from?

REO Speedwagon Gary Richrath

Full Name Gary Dean Richrath
Gary Richrath born October 18th, 1949
Gary Richrath wife / Spouse                           Justine
Gary richrath birthplace Peoria, Illinois
Gary Dean richrath death Sepetmber 13th, 2015

gary richrath

Richrath REO Speedwagon Music Career

REO Speedwagon Gary richrath is an American and his nationality is North American. From 1970 to 1989, Gray Richrath was the songwriter and also guitarist for the REO Speedwagon band. Richrath has left this REO Speedwagon band in the year 1989. He has composed his solo album under the name Richrath and released it on 1992. Richrath album has titled as Only the Strong Survive. REO Speedwagon songs are written and sang by Gary such as “Golden Country” (1972), “Ridin’ the Storm Out” (1973), “Find My Fortune” (1973), “Son of a Poor Man” (1973), “Wild as the Western Wind” (1974), “(Only A) Summer Love” (1976), “Flying Turkey Trot” (1976) etc.

gary richrath

Gary Richrath REO Speedwagon Singer

In addition, he also sang lead vocals of REO Speedwagon music, He was also an REO Speedwagon singer  “Five Men Were Killed Today” (1971), “Find My Fortune” (1973), “Wild as the Western Wind” (1974), “Dance” (1975), “Any Kind Of Love” (1976), “Only A Summer Love” (1976), “Breakaway” (1976) and “Tonight” (1976). Richrath gave many REO Speedwagon hits. Due to the cause of differences with other REO Speedwagon members, Richrath has Departure from REO Speedwagon band. Later in the year 2013, he joined (Reunion) in REO Speedwagon band for REO Speedwagon concert.

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gary richrathgary richrath

Gray Richrath Personal life:

Richrath was married to Justine and he has two sons, Eric Richrath.

gary richrath

Gary Richrath death

After Gary richrath death news, all his fans have felt lost and attended for Gary richrath funeralGray Richrath was very alcoholic, he was struggled and tried a lot to overcome it, He had some stomach problem, so Richrath went to the hospital for a treatment and he didn’t make it. On 2015, September 13th Richrath has passed away and Gray richrath death news and Gary richrath cause of death was confirmed by his REO Speedwagon members – Kevin Cronin.



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