Gautama Buddha Birthday – History of Buddhism

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Buddha Birthday is a holiday which traditionally does a festival in Mahayana Buddhism to show respect the birth of the Prince Siddartha Gautama. Later Siddartha Gautama Buddha has called as Gauthama Buddha and also become the founder of the Buddhism. As per the scriptures of the Tripitaka (Theravada), Gautama Buddha has born in Nepal the place where Lumbini in Modern-day. Tripitaka scriptures are also called as Three baskets. The Buddha has raised in Kapilavastu. Around the year 563 BCE, Budha has born and raised. After Buddha’s birth, the young prince Gautama, Asita visited the prince’s father king Suddhodana. Asita (Astrologer) said to the King Suddhodhana about prince Buddha future that he would become King and rule the country or he will become the great holy man, which Gautama saw what life was like outside.

Buddha birthday


Gautama Siddhartha secretly left the palace and became an ascetic wandering. Siddharth traveled south, and Gautama studied meditation under the teachers. His teachers are Alara Kalama and Udraka Ramaputra. Gautama Siddhartha soon mastered their systems and reaching the states of realization. But he was unsatisfied and went out in search of nirvana and also the highest level of enlightenment. Around 6 years Gautama took the fasting and also various austerities and all these techniques proves that ineffectual and also abandoned. During Gautama again regaining his strength at that moment, he sat under a pipal tree at the place where what is now Bodh Gaya in west-central India and he also makes a promise not to rise until he had reached the higher enlightenment. After attained the enlightenment, he became a Buddha at his age 35 years only.

Then Gautama Buddha has traveled to the Benares deer park in India, the place where he gave his 1st sermon and features of the basic lines of Buddhism.

Buddha birthday

Buddha Day – Where was Buddha born:

Buddha father has determined to see his prince to become a king, so suddhodhana has prevented his son from leaving the palace grounds. During the age of 29 of Buddha, he ventured beyond the palace many times. At the many encounters known in Buddhist literature, we can know the four sights they are Buddhist learned of the suffering of normal people, attacking the old man, sick man, a corpse and at last ascetic holy man. All these experiences are prompted by the Siddharth Gautama to abandon royal life which has become interested in taking up a spiritual quest. Buddha’s Birthday is called as Buddha Purnima and Buddha Jayanti. By Hindus and Buddhists, Buddha’s Birthday was observed. On Gautama Buddha Birthday all his followers celebrate his birthday with respect and love. as per the varies by region this day has being celebrated, April 8 or May 8 (Japan) Second Sunday in May (Taiwan), the 8th day of the 4th lunar month (mainland East Asia), a first full moon of Vaisakha (South Asia and Southeast Asia).

Buddhist festivals / Buddhist holidays:

The Buddha Birthday is exactly celebrated in the Baisakh month as per the Buddhist Calendar and also considering the Asian Lunisolar calendars, Bikram Sambat Hindu Calendar which is also called as VESAK. Buddha Jayanti is also celebrated on the full moon in Vaisakha month as per Buddhist calendar in Nepal. In Theravada country, the buddha birthday was celebrated on the fourth-month 8th day as per the Chinese Lunar calendar. In leap years, Buddha Birthday may be celebrated in June month, In the western gregorian calendar, the date changes from year to year but usually, it falls in April or in May month.

Buddha birthday

Buddhist Celebrations:

Buddhas Jayanti was celebrated in south Asian and southeast Asian countries on full moon day of the month of Vaisakha as per the Calendars of Hindus and Buddhists. Usually, the birthday of the Buddha falls in the months of April or May by considering the western gregorian calendar. The birthday of Buddha is known as Buddha Purnima, in Sanskrit Purnima means full moon day. this occasion is also known as Buddha Jayanti, the meaning of the Jayanti means birthday in Sanskrit. the buddhas birthday celebrations are set up as mentioned below:

As per the dates of the western gregorian calendar, it changes from year to year:
2014: May 14
2015: May 4
2016: May 21
2017: May 10
2018: May 29
In Taiwan, the Buddhas Jayanti is set on second Sunday of the may by the Taiwanese government. All the countries like Taiwan, japan, Asia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and many other countries are celebrating Buddha Birthday as per the calendar dates. In some countries, on this day government has set public holiday. On this day at Buddhist temples hold the celebrations and also decorate the temples with flowers and also flags of Buddhists. Some devotees or followers of devotees also bring offers and also decorates Buddhist flags.

The celebrations of the buddha birthday were performed in the US varies from community to community. Based on the nationality this day also celebrated. On this day, Buddhists celebrate the birthday of Gautama thought to have lived in India from 563 B.C to 483 B.C. as per the tradition of the Buddhists the birthday is set on April 8th which was originally set his birth date in the 11th century.

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As per the Buddhism, there are Four Noble truth’s they are:
Noble Truths of the Buddhism:
1)existence is suffering
2) this suffering is caused by human craving
3) there is a cessation of the suffering, which is nirvana
4) nirvana can be achieved, in this or future lives, though the “eightfold path” of right views, right resolve, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration.

Buddha birthday

Buddha teaches and gathered all his disciplines to his monk’s community. Buddha died at his 80 years and told his monks to keep on working for their shrine liberation by following what he taught to them. Like this Buddhism has started and spread from India to central and south Asia, japan, us, Korea and also west. As per the survey, currently, 350 million people in of hundred nations are believing and following the Gautama Buddha disciplines and his good way.




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