Death Certificate Mumbai

How to Get and Check Death Certificate Mumbai Online Status

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Details About Death Certificate Mumbai:

Death Certificate Mumbai: A death Certificate is a document which was published by the government to the person those who passes away, which shows the date and cause of the death. In Urban areas, a death certificate is provided by the Municipal Corporation and at Rural areas death certificate are issued at the Taluka Office by the Tehsildar. And at village areas, a death certificate is issued by the Gram Panchayat Office. The death certificate is one of the important document which is used for all the legal formalities for example to obtain a heirship Certificate, you need a Death certificate, for Bank Insurance, Family pension etc. This document is also essential to obtain the family pensions and also insurance.

Death Certificate Mumbai

Who issues online death certificate Mumbai:

This official government document is issued by the MCGM at the allotted office by the official Medical officer, Health MOH of the allotted ward. In Urban areas, a death certificate is provided by the Municipal Corporation and at Rural areas death certificate are issued at the Taluka Office by the Tehsildar. And at village areas, a death certificate is issued by the Gram Panchayat Office. So, candidates, those are looking to collect the death certificate those can get the document from the office which is available to you. So, people who are from urban, rural and village level’s those can get the death certificate though concerned offices.

How to get Death Certificate Online Mumbai

  • The person who dies, then the dead body must be certified by the medical doctor in writing that the cause of his death.
  • If the person has died at home, you can also get the letter from your family doctor.
  • You can collect the letter from the doctor if the person died at the hospital. This will provides you to make the possibilities for their final rites. The letter must be submitted at the place where the last rites have given.
  • After finishing the last rites takes place, the letter must be forward to the ward office the place where the application has started. Then the death certificate will be issued.

Where we can get the Death certificate form:

  • To obtain the Death certificate, initially, you must get the application form from the MOF of the ward office. Now fill the death certificate application form and attach all the required documents along with application form.
  • If the person was born before 1996 then they must submit the application form to the MOH and pay the fees. Death certificate register number will be issued which must be provided to the MOH, the time you get your Certificate.
  • If the person who was born after 1996 then they must submit the application form to the CFC with the concern fees. An application number will be issued which needs to be given to the CFC, the time when you get your certificate.
  • The certificate can be obtained on the day after finishing off the funeral, and it can be collected from the local ward office, this procedure will be taken for a couple of days. To obtain the certificate, you must carry the letter which was provided by the doctor.

Required details:

  • Name of the Person ( Died)
  • Age of the dead person
  • Gender of deceased (Male/Female)
  • Name of the Father/Husband of the deceased
  • Details of Place of death, Hospital/House
  • Date of death
  • Purpose for which Death Certificate is required
  • Relationship of the applicant with the died person.

Death Certificate Mumbai Procedure

Initially, Visit nearest Municipal Council office, Tehsildar or Gram Panchayat office at Talukah office.
Fill the form in a specified format and Fill the white plain paper with the required details for Rural areas.
For urban areas, submit the filled form with the necessary court stamp amount.

How to apply for death certificate Online Navi Mumbai:

People who are interested to apply for death certificate through Online Method those can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Hit on the register death link to.
  • Fill up the form with all the required information and click on submit.
  • Take out the print of the application form
  • Now, submit the form with required documents at CFC.
  • The CFC concern people fill in the application.
  • CFC Concern People will collect the amount (as per the copies) and the documents which are required from the applicant.
  • As a final step, the CFC concern people take prints and submit Certificates (as per the copies) and Amount receipt to the applicant.

Death Certificate Mumbai

Required Documents:

  • Application form
  • Person’s death proof, whom the certificate is required.
  • Address proof,
  • Death was taken specifying place, date and time of the death of the person.
  • Ration Card.

Important Points to be noted:

  • After 1996, mostly all the records are presented in the system.
  • The application number which is issued by the Hospital should be held carefully for a long time. Because it will be used to check the records.
  • If you lost Death Certificate application number, all the other details such as the name of the deceased, gender, date of death, Ward, father’s name, mother’s name or hospital name.
  • People can copy as per their interest.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes in the death certificates.

Online Death Certificate download link:

Death certificate process

A Death Certificate is published by the MCGM through the official Ward Office and the Medical Officer, Health (MOH) of the concerned Ward.

Records are found only after year 1996 are available in the system. Application number issues by the Hospital or Nursing home which should be very confidential, it must be kept safely.

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Applicant eligibility criteria details such as name of the deceased, gender, date of death, ward, father’s name, mother’s name or hospital name can be used in case you lose your registration number, Interested candidates can get many copies.

To avoid spelling mistakes in the Death Certificate, when filling the application form, write the name of the deceased in both English and also in mother tongue.

The complete procedure could take a couple of days, The Death Certificate can get on the day after the funeral from the local Ward office. To obtain the Death Certificate, carry the doctor’s letter to Ward Office.

These are the steps and procedure of MCGM Birth Certificate search. Get the online death certificate download link from its official website. Visit the online death certificate download link and visit the page which appears same as below image.

Death Certificate Mumbai

Death Certificate Mumbai



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