How to get job in service based companies?

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To   get a job in service based companies is very easy , generally service based companies will recruit the candidates in mass numbers. So there is high scope of success rate to get job in service based companies. But generally I won’t recommend a job in service based companies doing the job in service based companies is use less especially for computer science engineering students.

I would suggest this job for non cse students and those students are in need of financial support for their families other wise you should not do job in service based companies it will harm your future whether you are from cse branch or non cse branch.

  1. If you like really challenging technical work, then service based is definitely not for you.
  2. Because of nature of work they hire too many people at less wages.
  3. Since technical competency doesn’t play a huge role, usually office politics, backstabbing, flattery take front seat during appraisals and review.
  4. As a consequence you see lot of arrogance from people sitting on top (manager/directors/vp), and lot of chaos in project executions.
  5. You might have to work for long hours to prove your worth because there is not much scope to rise by sheer brilliance.
  6. If you really want different projects, and want to work in different domains, then nothing like service based company.
  7. Unlike a product based company which generally has top notch talent, if you are really sharp it is relatively easy to grow in a service based company.

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Coming to the topic the requirements you need to get the job in service based companies are:-

1.You should have good percentage in your or B.E at-least you should maintain 65% to attend the interviews.

2.To attend more service based interviews prepare for Amcat or Cocubes aptitude exams.

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3.You should be good in English communication, basic maths, puzzles and aptitude section.

4.You should prepare for to do job in night shifts .

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5.You should be good in multi-tasking there are plenty of tools will be there to do simple tasks.

6.Generally service based companies are very strict and you should be go back to your school days i.e. if you join any service based company there will be uniform.

7.Just prepare well for aptitude before one month of the interview.

8.You should be perfect in one programming language of your choice generally C or C++.

9.You should have some grip over English grammar.

10.In service based company interviews in first round probably you have written test and the second round is technical round in which they ask question regarding programming languages and some database related question and SQL queries and third round is group discussion where they check you English communication skills and in final round you will have HR round in which HR asks about your self and general things you should keep yourself cool in this round.
In this way you can easily get the job in Service Based company.

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