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His father toiled hard, sold off his only piece of land so that Govind could get an education. Complementing his father’s struggle and dream, Govind ranked 48th in the Civil Service Examination, 2006.

Mr. Govind Jaiswal is a man who with his continuous hard work and rock-solid determination has achieved that goal which remains only a dream for millions. He has proved that those who have firm determination for them even success can become a slave. Govind has proved that a man with hard work and determination can even crack the hard nut of IAS exam. It was in the year 2006 when Govind recorded his name in history with the golden words after achieving 48th rank in an IAS exam.

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Belonging from a lower middle-class family, he always knew that he would have to clear this prestigious exam in his first attempt, and never had a thought of the second attempt. From his childhood, he was very clear about his goals.

Govind was born in a family of three sisters, and he is the youngest brother. They had no other option except to live in a 12×8 ft rented a room as his father being a rickshaw puller and mother being a housewife. Govind has completed his schooling from a government school in Usmanpura and did his graduation in maths from the government degree college.

Behind this focused and firm determination of Govind, there is a pity story when he was of age 11 once he had gone to his friend`s house who was well abundant in the locality but within few minutes he was thrown out his friends house in a very disgraceful and in an insulting manner. He was warned not to make friendship with a son of rich. This insult was taken as disrespect by Govind, in fact, he looked over it as an optimist point of view, and this made him strong and determined to achieve something big and respectable. At that time, the only big, respectable, most desirable and prestigious thing that came to his mind was a civil service exam and became a goal of his life.

The struggling period of Govind in Varanasi was very miserable. There used to be a 14 hours power cut, so he used to shut all the windows and put cotton balls in his ears to reduce the noise of generators running all around in the locality. Soon after his graduation, he realized that the distractors and adverse situations in Varanasi would never allow him to prepare for a civil service examination.
So he decided to move to Delhi.

After finishing his graduation, Govind decided to first share a room with his friend in BHU to prepare, but this idea of him didn’t work. On looking the difficulties of his son, Govind’s father Narayan Jaiswal decided to send his son to Delhi for huddle free preparation of his son.

So for that Mr.Narayan sold his only piece of land in Rs. 40,00 and sent his son to Delhi. The life in Delhi was not that easy for Govind it was for the first time that he was introduced to such a big city and there was a fair chance of going away from his goal in this glamour city. But instead of going off track Govind worked harder towards his goal.

Along with his studies, Govind used to take maths tuitions also so that he can reduce the financial burden on his father. Everyday Govind used to study for 18-20 hours a day, and he even used to skip meal sometimes to save time and money.

The tears of joy and happiness broke out from the eyes of Govind Jaiswal when he came to know that he had achieved his goal, his dream in the just first attempt of IAS exam. For the first few minutes, he was shocked and shivering as his hands were not in his command when he tried to give this news to his father.

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Govind,s inspiration and motivator were well-known Indian scientist and ex-president of our country Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul  Kalam. Govind in his own words has framed that “After Gandhiji, President Kalam has given us a dream and the power to dream. His dream is of a developed India, and he is a symbol of many common people’s dreams.”

Govind’s family was the happiest creature in the world when they first heard the news that Govind has cleared the exam and now he is an IAS officer. His eldest sister Nirmala said that their father was not able to afford further expenses of Govind if he could not have been able to clear it in a first attempt. They had no idea about what would have happened if Govind would have failed. She also mentioned that their father had a sleepless night for about ten days before the result came out.

This was a very short but a heroic story of Govind which gives inspiration to lots of youngsters to do something big in life. A sweet, heart-toughing but inspiration story of Govind Jaiswal, an IAS officer.

UPSC Topper Govind Jaiswal Background

  • Govind’s father Narayan worked at a government ration shop and was able to buy and hire out a few rickshaws.
  • At one point, the family was moderately financially secure. But things took a turn for the worse and the family had to survive on meagre earnings from Narayan who had a hearing disability and carried a wounded leg.
  • Despite hardships, he managed to marry off his three graduate daughters.
  • Now the whole family looked upon Govind to bring success in his chosen field. It wasn’t easy for Govind to study amidst taunts like, ‘What will you gain by studies? You can probably own two rickshaws.’
  • But, he got immense backing from his family who supported him to live in Delhi (which some consider the mecca of IAS coaching); as he was unable to concentrate on his studies from their one-room, power-cut ridden dwelling in Varanasi.

Journey towards the IAS

  • But Govind’s dedication and sincerity towards his ambition were unwavering.
  • He gave Maths tuitions and even skipped meals in Delhi to save money.
  • His father had sold a piece of land that he owned in order to send him to Delhi. Meanwhile, his father’s leg got worse and he had to stop pulling rickshaws.
  • Govind knew that he couldn’t let anybody down. He had no choice but to succeed.
  • He knew he did not have the luxury of a second or third attempt. In his own words, “Anyone who can understand my hardships and circumstances will realize that I had no other option. Neither I could go for lower government jobs as they are mostly fixed nor I could start a business as I had no money for it. I went for the option I was left with: worked hard on studies.”
  • And succeed he did. In his first attempt itself, Govind Jaiswal, who attended a government school and a modest college in Varanasi, secured 48th rank in the UPSC civil services exam in 2006.
  • All this at the young age of 22! To understand what the family sacrificed to see their son do well, just look at the first thing Govind said he would do with his first salary – get proper treatment for his father’s wounded septic leg.
  • Govind bagged the amazing rank of 46 with Hindi as medium. Get a list of the UPSC books in Hindi at the linked article.

Govind’s story shows that the civil services exam can be cracked by anyone with the will and determination to work hard.

Your background, father’s job, financial status, etc. does not matter. As far as the UPSC civil services is concerned, the only thing separating success and failure is your work.

If you work and fight off distractions and temptations, you can crack the exams and change your life forever.

Govind’s mantra whenever kids mocked his zeal towards studies was to picture his struggling family.

Lessons to learn from UPSC Topper Govind Jaiswal’s story

  1. Never take insults and disrespect to heart. Use them as stepping stones to alter your own life.
  2. Work hard with a single-minded devotion. It pays.
  3. Don’t use excuses like distraction, family circumstances, etc. to not work towards your goal. If one man can do it, so can ten others.
  4. A poor grasp of the English language is not a handicap. What is important is for you to be conversant and articulate in any one language. You can always learn English.
  5. He says, “The problem is not language, it is confidence. My ability to read and express in Hindi made me an achiever. If you are confident enough to articulate your thoughts, then no one can hinder your success. No language is superior or inferior. It’s an unwanted perception made by the society.”
  6. The civil services is truly a leveller in our society. He said on his decision to try for the IAS, “I decided to try for the IAS because this is one government job where you don’t need money or approach to get in, and I had neither…”
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