Green Snake-Opheodrys Vernalis

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Green Snake-Opheodrys Vernalis

green snake : Green Snake is also called Opheodrys vernalis which has many names such as Smooth green snake, Grass snake, Keeled green snake, garden snake etc. Smooth green snake is inhabited more in North America. Green snake is slender and it is a small to medium size snake. Little Green snake is the non-aggressive snake, attack only when threatened by humans or any other species. It has the common name, due to its smooth scales it was called as a Smooth green snake which is opposed to the keeled dorsal scales, Rough Green snake. Mainly Green snake is found in Meadows, open woods, Marshes etc. This green snake native regions are Canada, Maine, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, Michigan and northern Mexico. The green grass snake identification and its tongue color are red or end of a black snake with green stripes.

green snake

Green Tree Snake Quick Facts

Kingdom                                                            Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Order Squamata
Family Columbidae
Genus Opheodrys

Light Green Snake or Vine Snake

Light green snake seldom the bites and also flee only when they are threatened. These are non-aggressive. In late spring to summer it mates and from June to September female snakes lay their eggs. The non-venomous snake eyes are the big and round shape. Green Snake uses tongue which is in red or green and black snake end and flicks it in out to smell. The native place of the smooth green snake is Nearctic region and also spreads in Canada, South through Illinois. This snake is also inhabited in Wyoming, Lowa, Colorado, Texas, Northern Mexico etc. Green Snake probes for insects and spiders, which include caterpillars, snails, worms, ants etc. These snakes are hunted by the several predators which consist of a Red-tailed hawk, rough-legged buzzard, bears, foxes etc. To keep these snakes for pets, Human beings hunt these snakes in the forest.

green snake

Smooth green Snake and Rough Green Snake identification

Smooth Green Snake is in small-medium size, black snake with green stripes. The average longest smooth green snake was measured as 66 cm and the total length of the adult one is 36-51 cm which is 14-20 inches. Green snake tail length is up to 1/4 to 1/2 of the total length of the snake and the Male snake have longer tails than the females. The back of the snake is in light green and the belly is in white or yellow color with smooth dorsal scales on the midbody average 15 rows. And, the all the features are different for the rough screen snake. After the birth, the color of the dorsal scales turns into different. Initially, it is in olive green, Blue-gray and brown color later it turns into the skin and later bright green. Also, based on the location the dorsal color of the Snake changes in olive tinted light brown, blue in Texas and dorsal color at northern Wisconsin is bronze.

green snake

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Neon Green Snake Lifespan

The lifespan of the rough green snake is up to 15 years. The another green snake name is green tree snake or vine snake. For climbing they choose vertical space, Dark Green snake is very peaceful so these can be placed in groups, minimum 3 snakes can be kept in minimum 30 gallons of tank. To keep these snakes for pets, Human beings hunt these snakes in the forest. If you want green snake pet, you should treat them very carefully. To avoid escapes, the tank should be fit very tight with a mesh lid. Green snakes will be stressed if they don’t have the greenery around them. To maintain these snakes, you should definitely fill the tank with minimum greenery.  Since both rough and smooth green snakes have thin bodies and both are shy snakes.

green snake

Green Tree Snake Feed and Snake farm

Green Snake name has another name which is green grass snake and these are insectivores, some snakes more likely to eat insects. In forests, snakes eat several insects such as spiders, moths, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and fly larvae etc. It also eats worms which are a soft feeder, mealworms etc. These snakes mainly prefer the water to drink through leaves rather than a bowl, so the daily misting of the tank greenery is mandatory. To maintain these snakes, you should definitely fill the tank with minimum greenery.

green snake



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