Group discussion topics

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Group discussion topics

Group discussion topics : In this article let us know about the group discussion topics or in short GD topics.As we know there 3 types of group discussion topics – Factual, Controversial and Abstract topics for group discussion, we will now try to know the list of latest topics for group discussion. Having a fair idea on which topic are you discussing is the most essential trait for a participant in the group discussion.Let us know group discussion topics of each category in detail.

Group Discussion Topics – Factual topics

  1. Comment on the recent Nepal earth quakes.
  2. Comment on the HUD-HUD Cyclone in Andhra Pradesh.
  3. Present engineering education system in India.
  4. Comment on the role of youth in the politics.
  5. Global Warming – A threat to the next generation!
  6. Make – In – India.
  7. How to protect Non – Renewable resources?
  8. Entrepreneurship – Advantages and Dis – Advantages.
  9. India a super power by 2022?
  10. Trial – Jail – Bail. Is the Indian law biased?
  11. Share your views on the Present Indian Economy.
  12. Role of Educational Institutions in creating Employable Engineers.
  13. How to strike a balance between professional life and personal life?
  14. Swach Bharath Abhiyan – Making India healthy?
  15. 130 crores – 10 Medals
  16. Share your views on CHILD Marriages in India
  17. Rich is becoming richer and poor the poorer. Share your views.
  18. How does contribution of IT industry effect Indian economy in the near future?
  19. Can Indian Rupee compete with DOLLAR?
  20. Is growth in the technology weakening relationships day by day?
  21. Role of women in the development of India.
  22. Use and misuse of the internet.
  23. Effect of movies on present generation youngsters.
  24. Role of AAM ADMI in transforming India.
  25. India is a poor country but not Indians – Share your views.
  26. BLACK MONEY – a Dream come true?

Group Discussion Topics – Controversial topics

  1. Should hockey be replaced with cricket as our national game?
  2. Do you support pre – marital sex in India?
  3. Do women make better managers than men?
  4. Is china a threat to India?
  5. Do you support net – neutrality?
  6. Share your views on MORAL POLICING?
  7. Should gambling be legalized in India?
  8. Brain – Drain
  9. Is India a safe country to live in?
  10. Do you support FDIs in India?
  11. Loved marriage vs Arrange marriage.
  12. Does India need another freedom movement?
  13. Do you support or oppose SECTION 377?
  14. Does NIRBHAYA end the attacks on women?
  15. Casteless India – is it still a dream?
  16. Do you support reservation in higher studies?
  17. Are reality shows and TV serials misguiding Indian youth?
  18. Effect of social media on present generation?
  19. Should sex education be a part of school syllabus?
  20. Is suicide a solution for every problem?
  21. Quality is a myth in India – Agree or Dis- Agree?
  22. Should IPL be banned?
  23. Corruption free in India – is it still a big joke?
  24. Intervention of media into personal lives is right to freedom of press – Do you support it?
  25. Is it sensational India or senseless India?
  26. Are people of India loosing hopes on the judicial system?

Group Discussion Topics – Abstract topics

  1. Mother – Nature
  2. Ice cream/ I scream.
  3. East or west ……
  4. Red.
  5. COAL – GATE / Colgate
  6. What do you want to be? A Chimpanzee or A Lion?
  7. A B C D E F G.
  8. Thread.
  9. Pen
  10. Twinkle twinkle little star.
  11. Earth is round.
  12. Paisa mein parmathma!!
  13. Chalk piece
  14. White board, marker and a duster.
  15. Fire and ice.
  16. Plug and play
  17. The taste of India
  18. The secret of my energy.
  19. Genie
  20. Everything has become automatic.
  21. Divide and unite.
  22. COW
  23. Bullet for bullet
  24. Age of information.
  25. Sponge.
  26. Crazy combinations

And there are many more group discussion topics which you can find online.

This completes article on group discussion topics. In the next article we will learn Interview Tips.

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