Guntur Talkies review rating 3.00

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Preveen Sattaru venture Guntur Talkies review has got positive buzz at boxoffice. Guntur Talkies rating is 3 stars out of  5 stars.

Guntur Talkies review rating 3.00

Rashmi acting is superb in Guntur Talkies. Audience are going to see Guntur Talkies only for Rashmi. It is based on Guntur backdrop.


If you see Kishkinda Kanda movie. It remembers the movie. Siddhu and Naresh works in Guntur for a medical shop.

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There are different typical characters. They falls in trouble. How they came out from this is the story. They fall in trouble with Rashmi and Shradda Das. Villains enters…



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