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Healthy Tongue Vs Unhealthy Tongue – How to Read your Tongue Diagnosis

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What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health

Healthy Tongue: A tongue is the main clue to check your health problems. Through tongue health diagnosis you can also diagnose your health. If you want to check whether you have healthy tongue appearance then you should open your mouth, stick out your tongue and look in the mirror. The healthy and normal tongue appearance is pink in color and also it was covered with small nodules those small nodules are also known as papillae. If you feel that you have a Normal looking Tongue or Healthy Tongue Color then no problem, or if you have Tongue discoloration then you should definitely consult to doctor before complicated. In this post, we have provided Healthy Tongue Vs Unhealthy Tongue Symptoms.


Healthy Tongue

How to Read your Tongue – Healthy Tongue Vs Unhealthy Tongue 

As per many sources, Doctors Pros explained healthy tongue vs unhealthy tongue and what does a healthy tongue look like underneath, You can consult dentist or doctor for the changes that might need to be accessed. In this article we have provided healthy tongue vs unhealthy tongue, following are the Health Conditions That Can Affect Your Tongue.

White tongue or White Spots on your Tongue: White on side of Tongue

If you have white spots on your tongue, then it is the indication of following steps:

White Tongue Symptoms – What Causes White Tongue


Healthy Tongue

Oral thrush: It is a yeast infection which develops inside the mouth. It appears as white patches, The Oral Thrush is commonly seen in infants, and also denture wearers, and also people who are with weakened Immune system says. Diabetic people and asthma patients those who are taking inhaled steroids and lung disease patients can also get Oral Thrush. If you regularly take Antibiotics, then Oral thrush is more likely to occur.

Leukoplakia: The excessively growing of the cells in the mouth then white patches will appear on the tongue. “When the tongue irritated then there is more likely to occur Leukoplakia is a precursor to cancer symptoms but isn’t inherently dangerous by itself. It mainly occurs for the people those who take tobacco regularly. If you that you may feel these symptoms of leukoplakia then you can contact your dentist.

Oral Lichen Planus: The symptoms of Oral Lichen Planus was If your tongue consists of raised white lines which are very similar to lace.

How to Read your Tongue Diagnosis – Red Color Tongue:


Healthy Tongue

Following are the Tongue Health Indicators and symptoms of the red tongue could be a sign of Tongue Coating Diagnosis.

Vitamin deficiency: Deficiency of Folic acid and vitamin B 12 may your tongue changes to reddish appearance.

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Geographic tongue: The Geographic tongue is harmless, If a map like a pattern with reddish spots occurs on your tongue then it is the development of the Geographic tongue. Around the patches, you can also observe the development of a white border, and it appears on the location of the surface of your tongue which may shift over time.

Scarlet fever: The main lead of Scarlet fever occurs due to infection and the tongue appears into strawberry (red and bumpy) color. You can mostly see these symptoms when you have a high fever and your tongue changes to red color. To heal Scarlet Fever infection, Antibiotics are necessary.

Kawasaki disease: The Kawasaki disease condition is also similar to Scarlet fever, the tongue appears into Strawberry color. This condition is mainly seen in children under the age of 5, the condition with a high fever. Kawasaki disease should take it seriously, immediate medical treatment is necessary. If your tongue turns in to Black and hairy, which is much like hair grows the papillae on the surface of your tongue throughout your lifetime. In some condition, for some people, it grows excessively long which also have more chances to develop harbor bacteria.

Healthy Tongue

When harbor bacteria grows, then the patient may look dark and also papillae may be overgrown which appear similar to hair. Mostly, this occurs for the people those who don’t have good dental hygiene, This condition is not common and also typically not serious also. Diabetic patients and people who regularly take antibiotics or taking chemotherapy may have more chances of developing black hairy tongue.

What if your tongue is sore or painful tongue:

If you face Painful bumps on your tongue in your mouth or sore tongue can be due to following steps:

Trauma: The Trauma causes when you accidentally bite your tongue or you bite the food which straightly arrives from oven then your tongue may hurts due to high temperature then you may feel sore tongue until the damage heals you need to face the problem. “Grinding or clenching your teeth then your tongue irritates which is very painful.

Smoking: When you smoke, then it will irritate your tongue, then you may face soreness.

Canker sores or Mouth Ulcers: There is no constant reason for this Canker Sores or Mouth Ulcers, Canker sores develop on many people’s tongue many times. Stress is one of the main factors for this Canker Sores was due to stress and normally it will heal within a week without any medical treatment.

Oral cancer: The main cause of Oral Cancer was an indication of a lump or sore on the surface of your tongue which doesn’t heal in two weeks then it could be a sign of oral cancer. In the early stages, Many oral cancers may don’t hurt.

How to prevent bad breathe

Tongue cleaning is also considered as brushing your teeth. If you have a normal tongue then it is considered that you have you have good health. Your tongue says and reveals about your health condition which state of your health and oral hygiene. You need to clean your tongue regularly then you can prevent the bacteria which grows on your tongue and mouth. In the market there are many toothbrushes are designed for tongue cleaning. You can regularly use mouthwashes, Saline water is also similar to mouthwash which is the best alternative to chemical mouthwashes. Or daily gargle your mouth with salt water about four to seven times.



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