How to choose best engineering college

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This is the engineering counselling period right? and most of the students in dilemma How to choose best engineering college according to their rank.Here we discuss how to select best engineering college for you.By reading this article you will clear all your doubts like
How to select an engineering college?
How to choose the right Engineering College?
How to choose YOUR engineering college ?
how to choose best engineering college?

How to Select a engineering College to attend?
How to Pick the Right engineering College?
Things to Consider When Picking a engineering College?
What to Look for in a engineering College?

Here we go

If any one would get seat in IITs or NITs or Some Private Universities they dont even think for top 10 Engineering Colleges they blindly join their respective colleges because of the brand name of those colleges.So In our post we are excluding all IIts,NITs , Private and Government University engineering colleges from our discussion because they always stay in top positions.We mainly focus on how to choose best engineeing college among tier II or tier III engineering colleges in India.
If you got nice rank in your state engineering entrance then give first importance to top 10 engineering colleges in your state.Because if once the college in top 10 then they try very much, to get good placements to their students.If you are unable to join in top 10 engineering colleges according to your rank ,then don’t get disappointed we have many alternatives.

Every Engineering college In India should possess some basic criteria as below

* Check whether the college is having (All India Council for Technical Education )AICTE approval from Delhi
* Check whether the college is having affliation from well known Government Universities in their respective states

Now we discuss how to choose best engineering college according to your rank

1.List out some good colleges according to your rank using previous years cutt-off ranks and visit those sorted out colleges according to your rank ,enquire about faculty,placements and Labs from previous year students in their college. Visit each and every lab then analyze the best one from your list.Never trust any engineering college what they say in their website cross check each and every Information they provided in their site.
2.Give Importance to college which are near or located in state capital or major city of your state.

3.Give importance to older college for that see establishment year of that college.

4.Give importance to colleges which have NAAC and NBA accredation.

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we discuss some of the above points in depth to choose best engineering college

1.Why you should give importance to engineering colleges which are located in state capital or major city in your state?

The reason behind this is very simple you can save lot of time in journey because most of the engineering colleges in India located at outskirts of the city .Insted Use that time for getting new skills or sharpening your existing skills using various internet resources and in large cities you have best and good number of coaching centres in what ever field you want incase if you dont like learining from Internet.So you will be more productive than others who are wasting time in their journey to their colleges .

2.About NAAC and NBA Accredation to engineering colleges

About NAAC Accredation.

NAAC is accredation given to higher education institutes and the accredation is given to a college for a particular period of time only and if the college continues to maintain the standards they extend their accredation.If a college is claiming that they have NAAC Accredation ask the management for how much duration they have NAAC Accredation.Generally colleges get NAAC Accredation way back and accredation expires and still they proclaim that they have NAAC but they dont, be careful about these type of engineering colleges.

About NBA Accredation.

NBA Accredation is given to the branches in engineering colleges but not to the colleges.For example if a college has CSE,ECE,EEE,CIVIL,MECHANICAL branches and if that college maintains good standards in CSE AND ECE branch ,NBA Accredited to CSE AND ECE branch only but not to the whole college or remaining branches.NBA also accredited for only period of time only ,if a college fails to maintain standards in that branch continuously they wont give accredation for the next academic year.I have seen many colleges proclaiming that their college is NBA Accredited but they wont say which branches has NBA Accredation,even if one branch is accredited they say that they are NBA accredited.I also seen some colleges ,though their NBA Accredation is expired still they are saying that their college is NBA Accredited.So becareful about these type of colleges.

Check the NBA Accredation Status  of any engineering  college in India by using this link

3.Students if you are unable to get admission into top and medicore colleges dont go to colleges that are far to major cities Iam stressing it again because it is very important ,give importance to colleges which are near to your state capital or major city in your state this may helps in many ways.If your are in a city dont go to colleges which are in outskirts of the city instead wasting time in your journey you can join very good institute which offers some courses related to your branch and master in that you will get equal opportunities same as students in top colleges.In engineering skills plays major role not the percentage and not the college but keep atleast 60% in your academics.
4.Last but not least there are many colleges with slight change in their name ,some are very popular and some are very low reputed colleges.In States like Telangana and AndhraPradesh Be careful about the eamcet codes of the colleges.And some colleges has 3-4 branches with same name, always give importance to main branch of that particular college.Dont judge the engineering college with their college building,many colleges have good buildings but inside they dont have enough infrastructure.

All the best for your future



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