How to crack AMCAT Exam and get a decent job

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How to prepare for AMCAT Exam


Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT) is a an employability assessment test conducted all over India by Aspiring Minds to evaluate the aptitude, logical reasoning and technical skills of the test takers.

For single job thousands of students are applying in this case AMCAT exam is very helpful to measure skilled students.

It is difficult to companies select the right candidate from the number of resumes, so if you will write an AMCAT exam then it is an advantage for you.

Nowadays everyone having percentages but they are not skilled people. So, the AMCAT test helps to overcome this problem. The test useful to identify employability skills of a candidate.

As most of the jobs in AMCAT is related to IT industry I will focus on mainly Computer Science students in this post since amcat exam is more benificial to CSE students.

Important points regarding AMCAT Exam :-

  • AMCAT is an adaptive test which means this test adapts to your level of knowledge.


  • The best thing about AMCAT is you will not be judged by being compared to the most knowledgeable candidate.


  • The worst part of AMCAT Exam is if you answer many questions in the beginning correctly, you are probably going to get tougher questions in the end of the section, and you may not know the answers to those tougher questions and you score low in the exam.


  • If there are 25 questions in the particular section, try to answer the beginning questions correctly only if you have confidence that you can answer the all level of question in the end of the section. Other wise I would suggest you to attempt 7 questions correctly out of 12 first questions and believe me the rest of 13 questions will be easier for you to answer them.


  • In Amcat exam level of difficulty of exam is increased or decrease after 50 percent of a section (TRIED AND TESTED BY MANY PROFESSIONALS).


  • In Amcat you have 5 sections out of which three sections are compulsory i.e. English, Reasoning and Quant the other two sections are related to your branch of engineering but I would suggest you to take programming and CSE as other two sections because combination of these sections only have higher number of jobs. So in this post mostly I discuss in the perspective of Computer Science only.

Detailed Syllabus: For CSE

Basic Programming
Data Types
Iteration, Recursion, Decision
Procedure, functions and scope
Data Structures
Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs
Stacks, Queues
Hash Tables
Searching and Sorting
Complexity Theory
Operating System and Computer Architecture
Basics of OS and Computer Architecture
Process Management and Synchronization
Memory and I/O Management
Data model
Relational Algebra and SQL
Normalization, Architecture, Indexing
Computer Networks
Basics of networking and communication
OSI, TCP/IP layers and protocols
Network Devices and Routing Algorithms

Lets break it section wise :

Quant : For Amcat you can solve Arun sharma till LOD 1, But it would be preferable if you extend your practice to LOD 2 so that you can get good score in Elitmus exam too.

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Reasoning : Practice from Arun sharma logical reasoning and data interpretation book or you can solve RS Aggarwal . I would suggest solving arun sharma rest is your personal choice.

Verbal: This is easiest section of all you can practice from Arun sharma or any other publications book.
Computer Skills/Programming : For this section you can refer websites like india bix. Only questions of basic level are asked in this section.

Domian Knowledge: Again india bix is good for practice of this section and you can revise your concepts from your college books/material.

The last two sections are not too tough and you can easily get questions from india bix which are enough.

For first three sections you can also practice from online sources like m4maths, indiabix.

Advice for English section :

If you get on to a Passage type question usually last 7 questions are of such type, dont just skip the passage, read the passage thoroughly, as each passage will have 2-3 questions.
There are about 2 passages in english section. You must read a passage within 1 min 20 seconds and answer the 2-3 question within 2 minutes.

Advice for Logical section :

No need to prepare anything much on this. Section is easy.
But still you can prepare for the Abductive Reasoning and other parts from TCYONLINE.COM,
Yes its the best site for this section, it has youtube videos you can use to understand how to answer WEAK/STRONG ARGUMENTS, DATA SUFFICIENCY PROBLEM etc.

Advice for Aptitude Section:

This section has a lot of LOG, PERMUTATION COMBINATIONS, PROBABILITY, and Interests type questions.
Other questions will be easy to answer.
I suggest you to study the Aptitude questions from

Advice for Computer Programming

This section has fairly easy questions, language independent but you should have basic knowledge of OOPs Concepts and some other important topics such as Pointers, Overloading, Overriding, etc.
Apart from programming, this section has questions from Complexity (Omega / Theta / Pi), go through it thoroughly and some questions from TREEs, best sorting techniques to use out of (Heap/Shell/Insertion/Radix) etc.

Practice previous year amcat questions as much as possible .
Because they have limited sets of questions. And hence the questions get repeated in their exams.

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