How to get a Special Category or O-1 Visa Very Easy

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Get a Special category or 01  Visa very easy:

Special category visa is available for celebrities, actors, politician, sports persons etc. To visit India, Special category visa is very simple. But these process will come under one week or ten days of time. Candidates need to apply for special visa 10 days before of the journey date. This is also called as O-1 Extraordinary Ability Worker Visa’s. This visa is available for the Athletes, Celebrities, Actors and entertainers. It is also called as O 1 visa. The 01 visa is helpful for celebrities so it is also called as artist visa.

The application process to get a Special category or O Visa:

  • Initially, a candidate needs to fill the special category visa application form correctly.
  • Need to attach identity proofs
  • Details of the parents, native place, last 10 years of visited countries, Identity proof of their country and all other details are to be filled in application form.
  • Candidate’s date of birth, passport number, Nationality of your birth place, conveying the reason why he/she is going and all other details are to be filled.
  • Invitation and whom you are going to meet in India their details and all other information need to be attached.
  • Candidates should attach the current passport copy. But passport should be used for 180 days. At least two pages should be empty, Visa sticker will be sticked to one of the empty pages. On another empty page, Entry and exit stamps will be given by the Immigration officers at the airport.


01 Visa application process has clearly mentioned here. Candidates who are seeking for the 0 visa or o1 or visa o1 those can follow these steps and get o visa or o1 visa. The o visa is also called as Artist visa. 


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