How to get Driving Licence

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How to get Driving Licence


Article By:Sai Teja Sada

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Driving License Process:

How to get Driving License

For getting driving license we have following stages

  • Stage1: Book Slot for LLR[Learner License Registration]
  • Stage2: Appear for LLR Test
  • Stage3: Book Slot for Permanent Driving License
  • Stage4: Present to Driving Test and get License



Before getting into process we have to check these requirements for applying.

Age Limit:

  • 16 to 18 years — As the applicant in this age must have to apply for drive a motor cycle
    with engine capacity of 55 CC & below, and with condition that a parent (or) guardian
    should give declaration for him.
  • 18 to 20 years — As the applicant in this age can apply for driving a private motor cycle
    not to drive transport vehicles and there is a limit.
  • 20 & above years — As the applicant is above 20 years can apply for license for driving
    a commercial and transport vehicles.

Required Documents:

  • Age Proof — Birth Certificate, Voter Card, S.S.C Certificate [Any one of these]
  • Address proof — Ration Card, Electric or Water Bills, Passport, Voter Card,
    Aadhar Card [Any one of these]
  • Photo Id — College Id, Voter Card, Aadhar Card [Any one of these]




First we have to book slot for LLR test there are 2 ways for booking slots

1. Through Online

2. Through RTO Office

If we want to apply through Online then go below Link

“A.P Transport Department Online Services”

In Online we must need Aadhar Card Now go to “Learner License Test” as shown below image.

A.P Transport Department Online Services

Then, fill the form with

Aadhar card Number,

District and the Test Center

and click Submit button shown in below Screen Shot.

A.P Transport Department Online Services

After submitting Test Center we will redirect to LLR Slot booking date there,

We have to check the availability of slots and click on date we have to go and

appear LLR Test with in time between we have to attend and

click submit button shown in below Screen Shot.

A.P Transport Department Online Services

By clicking submit button we redirected to Application form

Where we have to fill with required details like

What we fill in normal forms,

Address Permanent and Present,

and type of Vehicle we want to drive and to apply as shown in the below Screen Shot and

click Submit button the form submitted and the slot is registered for you with your name.

A.P Transport Department Online Services

Now we will to pay for the LLR for this we must go to payment form we can go as shown in
below Screen Shot.

A.P Transport Department Online Services

Now we must fill payment form with

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First Name,


Date of Birth and click on “Print(or)Make Payment” button

then make payment with Internet Banking and print of Receipt for further process.

A.P Transport Department Online Services

By this we booked slot for LLR test now prepare for Test and wait for the test as we booked the slot

The below links are used to prepare for LLR test:



If we want apply through RTO Office go to your area RTO Office and fill the Form for which we have to
applicable with the required documents and book the slot as by above online steps.



By preparing the LLR test until our Slot booking date and then go to the Test Center we booked before in Online Slot booking.

Go before nearly 1 hour before the time of the test we booked and communicate with the RTA officer and fill a form they will give and attach the payment slip, documents with it and write the LLR test as instructions the test contains 20 questions with each 1 mark totally 20 marks we must get 12 marks (60%) to pass the Test.
As we passed the test the officer will verify documents and give LLR to you for Learning driving.

The LLR will valid up to 6 months from issued date. We can go to driving test after 1 month of LLR issued until then we must learn driving.



Now after learning the driving for 1 month we must go to driving test as before we should book slot Driving
test in following link

“Slot Booking for Driving License”

As in LLR slot booking fill the form and proceed forward step by step and make payment and book slot for
driving test below screen shots will explain the process

First fill the form and move forward and book the slot for driving test.

A.P Transport Department Online Services

Next make payment by going to payment form as shown in below Screen Shot

A.P Transport Department Online Services

Fill the payment form with

Learning License Number,

Date of Birth

Click on “Print(or)Make Payment” button and then make payment through Internet banking and take out
the print out and wait for the booked slot date.

A.P Transport Department Online Services


STAGE4: Present to Driving Test and get License:

After the Slot booking date go to the test canter you have registered in slot and perform driving before the
RTA officer.

If the officer satisfied by your performance of driving the officer will check the documents and formalities
you are qualified for Driving License.

The Driving License will be posted to your address and you got the driving licence.

Any Queries regarding to applying License feel free to ask me

Mail Id:

Any doubts ask in comments section below

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