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How to Get Student Visa in the US

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student visa


Student visa: Every student dreams to study in United states. To get dream come true, the student must follow each and every step very effectively. The student needs to check carefully before applying in University to after getting a visa. If anything goes wrong, a student can’t enter into United states once in their lifetime. To visit United states, Visa is compulsory. So, that why student needs to take care before applying. Some consulates are misleading the students, that student visa will get very easy. So, students should follow the right way to get the student visa. Don’t go with any illegal things to get a Student visa. The Non immigration student visa process has specified here. 

student visa


Follow the steps and get Student Visa in United states:

  • If you get a green signal from university to join in University immediately students need to apply for F-1 non-immigration visa.
  • For this, Student needs to attend and crack the interview in United states Embassy.
  • Initially, the student must apply for Machine Readable visa. As per the rule of Embassy authorities, students need to pay the fee 160 Dollars.
  • Students should fill the Department of state – 160 application form.
  • University application sheet, All the fee bills, eligibility certificates, 6 months education of time limit passport in United states, Embassy authorities mentioned documents are to be carried to the Interview.
  • The counselor will decide that to give visa to for you or not, As per your financial status, after finishing off your graduation do you like to back to your country or not? Based on your marks, Counselor will decide to give visa for you.
  • At last, based on English language and English speaking skills also be one of the key roles to get a visa.
  • Before in university, student English speaking skills are tested and later on the second time, Consulate officer will test your English speaking skills and issue your Visa.
  • How you pay your education course fee, Which course do you chose? How much knowledge have you about selected course? what will you do after finishing your course? all these questions are going to be the steps to visit United states.
  • so, candidates, who need student visa those should prepare well to crack the interview.
  • Consulate officer will starts inquiry on the student, that they may have any police case on them.
  • After finishing the complete process, you will get your visa only 4 months before of your course started.
  • After receiving the visa, united states don’t allow the student before to enter into their country.
  • Before commencing of the course 30 days, Student can enter into United states.
  • If you have visitor visa, you can visit earlier as your wish.

All the details of student visa application form are available in counselor officer. All the above steps are student visa information, candidates who are applying for a student visa those can follow the above student visa process.  apply for a student visa and get an international student visa or f1 visa. The visa student needs to follow all the above important steps carefully to get an f1 visa or student visa.



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