How to Get TIN Number – Taxpayer Identification Number

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Taxpayer Identification Number:

TIN number: I think you may hear this word when you are new to business sector or you heard it from somebody those who had already done business in India. Readers who want to know about the What is TIN Number, What are the uses of TIN Number, How to apply for TIN Number and documents required for TIN Number. Here’s is the simple guidelines for you to understand about a TIN number and its uses in India. If your company is a startup and you are seeking to sell something online or through offline and your company needs TIN Number because it is a necessary thing. Now, let’s commence our topic.

What is TIN Number:

TIN Number is an acronym of Taxpayer Identification Number. Alternatively, TIN Number is used with the Value Added Tax number, which is nothing but a VAT number. Taxpayer Identification Number is also called as VAT number only when it is utilized for intra state sales. Initially, ” Tax information network ” is developed by Indian income tax department to establish the procedure to get direct taxes of processing, collecting, monitoring, processing through online mode. Under the TAX INFORMATION NETWORK, the Indian government wants to get all the tax related information which can be handled from any place in the country. To verify the company, every dealer should check the TIN Number whether the business has registered under the VAT by the income tax department.

TIN Number

How to get TIN Number

You should definitely need a TIN,  In India If you are a Dealer or Manufacturer or a trader based. A TIN is an 11 digit number, The first two digits are considered as state code and the remaining 9 digits differ as per the state government. On all the fields and areas business people should mention the TIN for all the VAT transactions. Generally, every sending and receiving organization has to show the TIN number on certain documents like Sales order, quotation etc. TIN contains two key sub-systems, we have listed out those two key sub-systems here. Read it:

  • Electronic Return Acceptance and Consolidation System
  • Online Tax Accounting System (OLTAS)

1. Electronic Return Acceptance and Consolidation System:

Here, all the taxpayers will be provided as a web based utility for insert of electronic returns of TCS, TDS, and AIR to the central system of the Tax identification Number – TIN.

2. Online Tax Accounting System (OLTAS)

OLTAS is the acronym of the Online Tax Accounting System. under this various tax details from different tax collecting branches of all over India will be available.

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How to apply for TIN Number

In India, people who are seeking to apply for the TIN number they can get the procedure by the following steps. Gone those days standing in a long line for the submission process of the application form to the authorities. The state government has developed the E service in India, TIN is available by online.

  • Visit the website, if you are interested to apply online.
  • Click on Apply TIN link and fill the tin number application form
  • Fill the form with the required correct information.
  • Click on submit button to proceed.
  • If you are interested to do in offline mode, you can get the application form from authority and submit it to the nearest center.

Documents required for TIN number registration

  • Applicant must submit the Identity proof such as Address proof or Pan Card or Aadhaar Card
  • 4 – 6 Pass port size photos.
  • Bussiness premises address proof
  • Bank statement collection proof, Purchase invoice, GR, and Payment.
  • Security or Surety.

State Codes for First Two Digits of TIN List

SL Name of the states First two digits of TIN number State Code
1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands 35 AN
2 Andhra Pradesh 28 AP
3 Andhra Pradesh (New) 37 AD
4 Arunachal Pradesh 12 AR
5 Assam 18 AS
6 Bihar 10 BH
7 Chandigarh 04 CH
8 Chattisgarh 22 CT
9 Dadra and Nagar Haveli 26 DN
10 Daman and Diu 25 DD
11 Delhi 07 DL
12 Goa 30 GA
13 Gujarat 24 GJ
14 Haryana 06 HR
15 Himachal Pradesh 02 HP
16 Jammu and Kashmir 01 JK
17 Jharkhand 20 JH
18 Karnataka 29 KA
19 Kerala 32 KL
20 Lakshadweep Islands 31 LD
21 Madhya Pradesh 23 MP
22 Maharashtra 27 MH
23 Manipur 14 MN
24 Meghalaya 17 ME
25 Mizoram 15 MI
26 Nagaland 13 NL
27 Odisha 21 OR
28 Pondicherry 34 PY
29 Punjab 03 PB
30 Rajasthan 08 RJ
31 Sikkim 11 SK
32 Tamil Nadu 33 TN
33 Telangana 36 TS
34 Tripura 16 TR
35 Uttar Pradesh 09 UP
36 Uttarakhand 05 UT
37 West Bengal 19 WB





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