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IGRS Telangana

IGRS Telangana: TS IGRS is an acronym of Telangana stamps and registration department. Telangana IGRS is an old organization which has started its operations from the year 1864. The main object of the organization is to give promotions to the enrolled certificates. Enrollment of a document is a notice to the people by the form of details of the recorded data to the country at large to enable public to check the data and complete information about the property such as title and immovable property or land. The organization is performing as a ROYAL RECORD KEEPER which stores old records and also provides the duplicates of the records which acts as a proof in a law court.


Telangana IGRS

TS IGRS organization which collects the revenue in the form of stamps, transfer and registration fees. TS IGRS department is the one of the 3rd largest revenue earning organization in the Andhra Pradesh state. In this article, we have posted complete details and operations of the TS stamps and Registration acts. check out the acts which come under the Telangana state stamps and registration department. People who are seeking for the Telangana registration number search those can visit the Telangana IGRS portal. For Telangana Land Registration and also stamps and registration Telangana, go to the official portal of the IGRS Telangana portal.

IGRS Telangana

Telangana Stamps and Registration Acts:

Spl. Chief Secretary (Revenue and Registration & Stamps) Sri Rajeshwar Tiwari, IAS
040-23452768, 23416989, 9848599450
Fax: 23451836, Room No: 419,
3rd Floor, D-Block
Commissioner & Inspector General, Registration and Stamps  
Commissioner & Inspector General Sri Ahmed Nadeem
040-23449157, 040-23755850
Fax: 23449159
Jt. Inspector Genl. Sri M. Venkata Rajesh 9490153808

1. Registration Act,1908 1. Registration Act,1908

2. Indian Stamp Act,1899

3. A.P.Societies Registration    Act,2001

4. Indian Partnership Act,1932

5. Hindu Marriages Act,1955

6. Special Marriages Act,1954

7. The Indian Christian Marriages Act,1954

8. The Chit Funds Act,1982

9. The A.P. Non-Trading Companies Act,1962

10. The Notaries Act,1952.

1. Registration ACt 1908:

The Registration act signifies the enrollment of the certificates which relates to the properties of both movable and immovable properties. In this act, we can consider the Encumbrance certificates which are published under the immovable schemes by organizing a search of data which was stored. People who want to know the igrs Telangana encumbrance search, initially they must visit the igrs Telangana encumbrance website.
The duplicate copies of the registered certificates are published to the public. the Sub registrar is the competent authority for the enrollment of the certificates under the Registration act 1908.

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2. Indian Stamp act 1899:

IGRS Telangana Indian stamp act is also called as fiscal act which is augmented the revenues of the particular state of stamp duty of the Levying. So, this act was considered as one of the highest revenues of the state government.

3. A.P.Societies Registration Act,2001:

Here, all the public societies come under such as charitable, religious, and also the educational schemes among all others which are enrolled by the registrar. The authority of this act is district registrar who performs the actions such as registration of such societies.

4. Indian Partnership Act,1932

In this act, the partnership firms are enrolled. the authority of this Indian partnership act is District Registrar who is a competent authority to register firms.

5. Hindu Marriages Act, 1955:

Here, the Hindu marriage can be enrolled under this Hindu Marriages act which was implemented in the year 1955. After it is solemnized. The enrollment can be completed by the sub registrar of either the location of the residence of bride or groom. The Authority is District Registrar who is also called as DIG who concerned and agree / registered the marriage under this act.

6. Special Marriages Act, 1954:

In special marriages act, all the marriages are performed and enrolled. every ub registrar marriage done under this Special Marriage Act, This act was implemented in the year 1954.

7. The Indian Christian Marriages Act,1954

In this Indian Christian Marriages act, all the marriages are celebrated by the Pastors which are hired by the government. The marriage records are issued by the pastor which will be noted by the DIG.

8. The Chit Funds Act,1982

Under Chit Fund Act, all the issues are managed by the organization registration of agreements of chits filing of minutes.

9. The A.P. Non-Trading Companies Act,1962

In Andhra Pradesh Non-trading company, Nontrading companies are enrolled in the  Commissioner and also I.G is competent to the enrolled.

10. The Notaries Act, 1952

Under this act, The govt has all the powers to recruit, issues and the licenses of the Notaries in the state government.

All these are the acts which come under the IGRS Telangana. People who are looking for the details of the Telangana transport department visit the Telangana IGRS portal.

The Registration and Stamps Department in Telangana state is a old department which was established in the year 1864. The main theme of this department is to provide publicity to the registered certificates / documents. Registration of a Certificate / Document is a notice to the citizens by way of explain recorded details to the globe at huge to enable public to check the records. Later this department is acting as a “Royal record keeper”, by storing old huge records and giving copies of the records held by it to provide as proof of genuineness in the law court.

IGRS Telangana official Website: registration.telangana.gov.in



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