Income Tax E Filing Status in Online

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Income Tax E Filing Status in Online

Income Tax  had introduced the system of submitting the tax documents. E-filing is a system for submitting tax documents to a revenue service electronically, often without the need to submit any paper documents. In the previous days the business man needed to approach the auditors for the income tax filing. But as the technology is been growing the Income tax Online had introduced this E Filing Status in Online.B y this E Filing there is a facility that the tax payers can track their Income tax Refund and its status. Through this facility the taxpayers can know the tax returns as faster as possible, so that the tax payers will be able to know the status of their returns. The tax payers had to follow the following procedure to check the Income Tax E filing Status in Online.


In the first step the tax payers had to login the e-filing portal. If the tax payer is already registered on the portal, then click on Login Here to login the e-filing portal. If the taxpayer is not registered on the e-filing portal, then click on the “Register Yourself”.


After registering of the taxpayer , the taxpayer will get the dashboard of that respective taxpayer. On that dashboard, they will see a tab named Compliance. If the Compliance tab is clicked they will get the sub menu of View and Submit Compliance or View My Submission. Here the View and Submit Compliance is selected when the taxpayer wants to enter the newly response. And the View my Submission will allow the taxpayer to view the response which has previously entered.


In that tab press View and Submit Compliance Tab, then the taxpayer had to fill the details in the tab named Filing of Income Tax Return. In that menu the taxpayer will be able to view the details of the assessment years for which the return has not filed and for which the third party has been received by the ITD. In the response options you will have two options, they are: ITR has been filed and ITR has not been filed. If the taxpayer chooses the option that Income Tax Refund Status option has been filed, then there is need of providing the mode of filing, date of filing the ITR and the acknowledgement number. In case the Income Tax Refund Status is e-filed then it will be automatically updated. If the taxpayer chooses the option that Income Tax Refund Status is not been filed then they will get the sub options as Return under Preparation, Business has been closed, No taxable income, Others. If the taxpayer chooses the others, then the taxpayer are needed to  submit the remarks.

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As soon as entering all the data, the taxpayer needs to submit the data by clicking the Submit button, so that the taxpayer will be allowed to submit the response and after the submission, the taxpayer can take a printout the submitted response of their own record for the Online refund Status.

The  printout copy of the submitted response for record which the taxpayer can take this.


As the responses submitted through online by the taxpayers , will be verified by the ITD and if found satisfactory, the case will be closed. The taxpayer can check the updated status by logging in to the e-filing portal. In case the taxpayer does not file Income Tax return, the information will be pushed to the field formation for further action.



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