Interview questions and answers

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Interview questions and answers

Best Interview questions : Hi friends, hope you have enjoyed reading our earlier articles. I am pretty confident that a person going through all these articles and practice rigorously what is being told, will surely secure a job. In this article we will discuss about interview questions and answers. All these interview questions are the most common questions in an interview.

When we discuss about these interview questions and answers, one should understand that they are not ready made answers. The main intention of this article is to create a thinking capacity in an individual to answer the interview questions posed during the process. During interview, questions are asked to test one’s ability to think from a broader perspective. A candidate has to carefully comprehend the interview questions and then answer accordingly.

Before we go ahead with the interview questions and answers, we will understand the different types of interview questions asked. There are basically 4 types of interview questions asked.

  1. Closed ended questions: To these types of questions, a candidate is expected to answer in a short form. For example, questions with options as YES or NO.
  2. Open Ended questions: These are the most common interview questions. To these types of questions, one is expected to answer in detail (not too lengthy though) with lots of information in it.
  3. Situation based questions: Generally, these kinds of questions are asked to test an individual’s thinking abilities like maturity, out of box thinking ability, spontaneity etc., Candidates are expected to showcase right mind set and attitude to impress the employer.
  4. Link questions: These are asked in continuation to the previous question. Generally, when a HR wants more clarification related to your previous answer he chooses these questions. And also candidate is pushed very hard to check whether he is sticking to his stance or is he a fickle minded person.

Now let us discuss interview questions and answers in detail.

Interview questions and answers:

1. Tell me about yourself/ introduce yourself ?

This is a very common interview question. However, one is expected to give an unique answer as most of the candidates give an obsolete answer. A candidate is supposed to summarize his/her resume (not by heart the resume and read it out again) or convey what kind of a personality he/she is. The answer should not include details about parents, siblings and their occupation etc., A sample answer is given below

“My name is Karthik and I am born and brought up in Hyderabad. Basically I’m a kind of person who loves to accept challenges and convert them into fruitful results”.

2. Tell me about your family?

In this question, a candidate is expected to share information related to his/her family. Details like parents’ names, siblings names and their occupations are to be shared and also the bonding you share with them should also be highlighted. A sample answer is given below.

“I belong to a small family. I live with my parents. Dad works for the state government and mom is a homemaker. I have a younger sister pursuing her graduation. We are closely bonded to each and I share everything about my life with my family.”

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is a very crucial question in the interview process. To answer this question a candidate is advised to perform SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis on oneself. One thing a candidate has to be aware is that he/she should not bluff about his strengths as Human Resource professionals a very brainy to distinguish between the real and fake strengths.

“I have a habit of conducting a SWOT analysis on a regular basis. During this, I found “being a team player and being self-motivated” are my consistent strengths” and coming to my weaknesses “I generally sleep very late in the night, this causes stress on me at times. I’m working on this and will overcome it soon”.

4. What do you know about our company?

To answer this question the applicant is strongly recommended to visit the company’s website and jot down the important information. Details like turnover, share value, market value, projects completed, number of employees, awards received, companies acquired, etc., should be noted down. Also, the answer should always convey that the company is looking for a candidate like an applicant. Sample answer can be….

“Well, I have been following your company for some time now. I found recently you have acquired ***** company and also your turnover has crossed $** billion. You’re among the top * organization encourage a large number of fresher’s by providing employment”.

5. What can this company expect from you?

This is a question where a candidate can sell himself/herself. However, the answer should contain your unique skills set which will help a company to foresee a growth by employing you. Sample answer can be

“Right from my student days, I have always been a team player. Also, I used to take leadership during crisis and manage it to perfection in getting the solution. I would keep the same momentum going during my work in your company too.”

6. Why do you want to join this company?

To this question, a candidate has to highlight the work culture, appraisals, rewards, awards and the challenges one can face and the growth the company assures to its employees. Sample answer can be

“Well, when I was enquiring friends of my brother/cousins about this company, almost everyone was appreciating the work culture, the way the employees are encouraged and the kinds of projects they are assigned to. This motivated me, as I always wanted to work for a company of these traits.”

7. What are your GOALS/ what is your aim?

Here the candidate is advised to share his ideas and his route map with precision. I have observed many candidates giving a vague answer to this question. Please remember GOAL should always be a SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic/ Reliable Time Bound) one and AIM should always be higher than a GOAL. Sample answer can be..

“My short term GOAL is to excel in the role given to me in the company I work for and set a benchmark to my sub-ordinates and peer group.”

8. What is the happiest moment in your life?

A candidate is required to share the best moment in his life and how did it help him to enhance his personality. One should not boast too much in answering this question as it might lead to another impression (mostly negative as the candidate is too self centered). Sample answer can be

“The happiest moment in my life is when my sister got married last year. It taught me how to celebrate life and the challenges one encounters while performing a big event, responsibility involved and happiness in fulfilling this responsibility.”

9. What is the biggest disappointment in your life?

In this question, a candidate is tested on how did he/she overcome a failure. Generally, candidates start getting emotional when answering this question. Though there is nothing wrong in getting emotional, but should be able to demonstrate courage too. A sample answer can be…

“The biggest disappointment in my life is sudden demise of my grandmother. I was in intermediate writing my final exam when I go this news. I was mentally very upset and went into depression. However, I recollected her words – She always said that “one should always work hard and earn a good name in the society”. These words made me stand among the top five in my academics.”

10. Why did you choose this particular branch (whatever is the branch) in engineering?

Through this question, the Human Resource person wants to know “what was the basic element of interest to choose that particular branch”. Most of the candidates these days, regardless of the stream in which they study, opt for IT related job so this question is obvious. A sample answer can be….

“I chose mechanical engineering out of my passion of designing cars. I always think out of box in working on the projects or any other work and I always wanted to know how does the machine work. This enthusiasm made me select this branch.”

11. What are your hobbies?

This question is used to test how good you are in your extracurricular activities. Candidates are advised to not to be vague in answering this question. We find many students very casually mentioning reading books, listening to music, playing chess etc., as their hobbies. Please, be careful when mentioning about a particular hobby as HR might pose questions based on that. A sample answer can be….

“my hobbies are I read motivational books and go on a bike ride with my friends. My favorite motivational speaker is my dad. He encourages me in doing difficult things and when I encounter a failure, he sits besides and guides me in a right direction.”

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12. Who is your role model in life?

This is a very good question if answered properly. Generally, candidates boast themselves by mentioning some big names but fail miserably to explain how they influenced him/her. Candidates are advised to prepare for this question in a befitted manner, because the answer for this question signifies what kind of qualities you are attracted to and how do they help the growth of the company. A sample answer can be..

“My role model is Yuvraj Singh. Not for the way he bats in the cricket but for the way he batted the cancer out of his life. He is a true source of inspiration for people who play a blame game once they encounter tough situations in life. I learnt from him qualities like handling tough things in life, determination and how not to fade a smile when in crisis.”

13. Are you willing to relocate?

Please do not say YES immediately you encounter this question. Be diplomatic in giving an answer. A quick YES might land you trouble, as he might say I will post you to Andaman or Lakshadweep, then again you have to justify with a detailed explanation. So be assertive. A sample answer can be..

“Generally, I love travelling to different parts of the globe. However, I will make sure that my basic amenities like food, accommodation and other lifestyle related issues are taken care off. So if company offers me a good income I don’t mind relocating to decent places around the globe.”

14. Are you willing to work in night shifts?

Please be frank when answering this question. However, give a valid reason if your answer is NO, otherwise no issues. A sample answer can be…..

“I don’t mind working in the night shifts. I came to know through my brother’s friends that night shift works are exciting and fun too. I would love to learn and add knowledge which in turn helps enriching my experience. (in case of ladies) I’m little concerned about the safety measures, if the company takes care of the basic safety measures I don’t have any problem working in the night shift.”

15. How do you handle a difficult person/ BOSS in your company?

Don’t rush in answering this question. Take time and answer it assertively. The best practice would be citing an example from your life in which you have handled a head strong person and attained a fruitful result. A sample answer can be

“I can cite an real life example of mine to answer this question. There was this *** person in my classroom, who always differed with my thoughts. One day, I asked him to join me for a coffee and talked to him for a while about how our behavior is affecting the team spirit and the other issues. He did not come to college next day. However a day after he has come to me and assured me on working together and that he will still criticize if he thinks it does any good to to the team and I said “You’re welcome”.”

Interview questions and answers 16:

16. What are you expecting from the company?

This is a very general question. Your answer will give the HR an impression about your personality. So, answer it carefully. Don’t either expect too much or too less from the company. A best practice would be getting connected to the employees and asking them about some traits. A sample answer can be…

“I am looking for an environment which offers me challenges and also supports me in accomplishing solutions to those challenges, and also I appreciate an acknowledgement when the work gets done. A friendly attitude couple with professional approach is what I am looking for in this company.”

Interview questions and answers 17:

17. Why there is a steep decrease in your percentage from your +2 to degree?

This is a very general question. But answering this question might be a challenge. You cannot bluff the HR with a fake reason or an invalid explanation. Be true to yourself and give as genuine answer as possible (also don’t be too frank). A sample answer can be…

“Yeah, even I feel bad about it. There was lot of difference in the education system in +2 and degree. In degree I was focusing more on practical knowledge when compared to theoretical one. So, couldn’t score well in the academics. However, I think my practical knowledge on the concepts will be an added advantage for my role in the company.”

18. Tell me about your project? (What was your role in the project? Were you a TEAM MEMBER or a TEAM LEADER?)

This is a straight question demanding a straight answer. However, be careful in answering this. I have seen all the team members of a particular project identifying themselves as TEAM LEADERS. Then who was the team member? So please discuss with your mates well in adnvace and prepare your answer accordingly. A sample answer can be…

“My project was on *** technology and it is aimed to perform ___ ___ ___ functions. I played a role of a team member in this project my role and responsibility was to design the front end pages using HTML 5 and CSS and submitting it to my team leader. In this process I also used to consult my other team members to express their opinion, using which I made modifications to make them look the best.”

Interview questions and answers 19:

19. What are your salary expectations?

A candidate is advised to research the company’s salary structure for a fresher and then prepare the answer accordingly. Do not be too casual or too commercial in answering this question. Be diplomatic at the same time try to be in the range of existing structure. A sample answer can be…

“Though money is a secondary thing for me, I should be able to meet my expenses and my family expectations on me. I expect a perfect balance between my performance and my salary. If you want me to specific, I would say 20,000 rupees per month would be a decent start.”

Interview questions and answers 20:

20. Do you have any questions to ask?

Please do not say NO and the same time do not take an interview of the HR. Limit the number of questions to 2 or 3 at the max. Please ask questions related to you career such as opportunities abroad, new assignments, expansion of the branches etc., Sample question can be

“what qualities generally do you expect from a fresher? Do you encourage fresher’s for onsite opportunities? Does your company provide transportation facility (this is for girls, who are planning to work in night shifts)?”

This completes my article on interview questions and answers. In case, if you have any doubts regarding any question please feel free to reach me at .

All the very best!!!!

Article by Karthik KVN, Corporate Soft Skills Trainer, Director at After Campus Education Pvt. Ltd.- .

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