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interview tips

Interview questions and answers

In the previous article we discussed about how to create a resume or CV. In this article we will discuss the interview tips and interview questions and answers.

When we discuss about the interview tips, the following questions will be answered.

  1. What is an interview?
  2. Why do the organizations conduct interviews?
  3. What are the kinds of interviews?
  4. What are the interview tips one need to follow to get a job?
  5. What are the interview questions and answers?

Now let us discuss in detail.

Interview tips:- What is an interview?

Interview can be defined as an interaction between 2 or more employers and an applicant, where the candidate is asked questions related to his/her education, skills, personality and many other similar qualities.

Interview tips:- Why do the organizations conduct interviews?

In the rounds like written test and group discussion, mostly your problem solving abilities, how do you respond and mingle in a group, your team skills etc., are tested. But, how does one know, what kind of a person you are as an individual? To test this they conduct interviews.

In interview they see you in flesh and blood (which means directly), they hear you speak and look at your body language, attitude, knowledge and skills more precisely.

Interviews are the best to create the best impression in the mind of the HR. Not only that the candidate also can know more about the company and kind of job he/she will get into.

Interview tips:- What are the kinds of interviews?

In the olden days to early 21st century days most of the companies preferred face – face interviews. Now – a – days as the technology is taking new shapes very regularly, the employers are also practicing new methodologies to test an individual. The face of the interviews has changed drastically because of this. There are many forms of interviews which are in place now, where the candidates are tested very particularly on the skills the company wants. Some of the different forms of the interview are

interview tips

  1. Face – face interviews (one-one interviews).
  2. Stress based interviews.
  3. Panel interviews.
  4. Situational Interviews.
  5. Telephonic interviews.
  6. Skype interviews (online interviews).
  7. Informal interviews (at public places like coffee shops or restaurants).

Interview tips one need to follow to get a job:

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Now let us understand in detail the interview tips which help a candidate getting his first job. I will try to present these interview tips in 3 parts.

Interview tips: Part – 1:- Before the interview (Pre – interview tips)

Most of the candidates fail in the interview round because they do not prepare well. When I say preparation it should start from the date of notification for the interview. What should one do then?

The candidates are advised to go through the notification properly and understand for which post the interview is being conducted. Once you understand the role and responsibility of the post, start preparing a customized resume click here to know how to create a resume. After you prepare your resume go through these steps

  1. Enquire about the company’s details like Name of the company, how old is the         company.
  2. Number of employees, number of branches the company has.
  3. Market value, share value, turn over.
  4. Projects – recently completed and recently acquired.
  5. Awards received, work culture, opportunities etc.,
  6. Company’s selection procedure (click here to know the general selection procedure)
    Keep 3 pairs of formal dress ready
  7. 3 formal shirts and trousers (click here for dress code for attending interviews)
  8. A good tie (optional).
  9. A pair of neatly polished formal shoes along with socks.
  10. Accessories like watch, cuff links, pen etc.,
    A file carrying important documents should be kept ready
  11. Your degree original certificates.
  12. Certificates of participation (extra and co –curricular activities)(optional, but advised to carry).
  13. RESUME (3 – 5 sets, 10 sets in case of attending pool recruitment drives).
  14. Role play with friends on interview questions and answers.
  15. Browsing internet for past experiences of candidates who already attended the interview, their interview questions and answers.
  16. Self – analysis.

Interview tips: Part – 2:- On the interview day (during interview)

  1. Reach the interview center at least half an hour before the actually scheduled time.
  2. Check whether all the documents are in correct place or not.
  3. Check whether you are in proper dress code or not.

Once your name is called for the interview

  1. Knock the door of the interview room (if the door is closed) and push it gently.
  2. Please enter into the interview with proper permission by asking
    “may I come in sir?” or “may I enter the room sir?” etc.,
  1. Walk towards your chair/seat placed in front of the HR. While walking, showcase confidence and have a smile on your face.
  2. Wish the HR in a formal tone, aptly according to the time of interview. Wish him/her confidently. Incase of a panel interview, wish the lady first and then the gentleman.
  3. Sit down in the chair/seat, only after you are asked to do so.
  4. Answer the interview questions with confidence. Say “NO” politely to questions you cannot answer. Do not bluff the HR by pretending you know the answer or by giving wrong answers.
  5. Ask the HR, questions (relevant to your career), only when you are asked to do so.
  6. Submit the documents properly with both the hands, when the HR demands.
  7. Follow proper body language and try avoiding involuntary body language (shaking legs, tapping feet, fidgeting with fingers etc.,) during interview.
  8. After completing the interview, get up from the chair elegantly and put it back in its original position and walk out of the room in a decent manner (do not be casual as the interview is completed).
  9. Close the door properly.
  10. Do not involve in gossiping with your friends outside the interview room, once your interview is finished.

interview tips

Interview tips: Part – 3:- Post Interview (after interview tips)

Post interview procedure is mostly neglected by many candidates. Though it not very important (in some cases it is very important), a candidate should possess some qualities which will make him/her stand apart from the regular crowd. One such interview tips is post interview follow up.

After a couple of days from the date you completed your interview, express your gratitude towards the company or the HR person who conducted the interview in any one the ways mentioned below

  1. Write an email: Acknowledge the  HR for coming to your campus or giving you an opportunity for the interview. Write an email which is formal and which is restricted to a formal discussion.
  1. Phone Call: Incase you have an opportunity to call the HR on his landline, do not miss it. Call him/her and convey your gratitude. Mind you, the entire conversation should be in such a way that you give him/her      an impression you are the best fit for the job (However, do it very not be very artificial).
  1. Write a Letter: Though it is a traditional method, it is very effective. Write a thank you note in a letter and address it to the HR of the company who interviewed you. Be formal and totally avoid casual and personal questions.

This completes the article on interview tips. In the next article we will discuss the interview questions and answers and also about the interview dress code and other etiquettes we need to follow during interviews.



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