ITI Engineering Drawing Question Paper

ITI Engineering Drawing Question Paper

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ITI Engineering Drawing Question Paper            

ITI Engineering Drawing Question Paper: Dear Students, In this post, we have provided ITI drawing question paper!! Candidates those who are looking for engineering drawing paper can check this post, This post has completely targeted on engineering drawing exam papers, Students those who want to know the engineering drawing question paper can check this post regarding iti exam paper / dra exam question paper for ITI Engineering Students we have provided engineering drawing objective questions here. Read this post completely and know about drawing question paper.

ITI Drawing Question Paper

(i) Question Numbers 1 and 6 are compulsory.
(ii) Solve two questions each from remaining questions of Section A and Section B.
(iii) Assume suitable additional data if necessary, and mention it clearly.


Section A

Q.1.The projections of the ends of a line AB are on the same projector. The end A is 30 mm below H.P. and 15 mm behind V.P. The end B is 35 mm above H.P. and 40 mm in front of V.P. Determine its true length, the traces and the inclinations with the reference planes.
Column width = 6 row height = 35.25
Q.2.A regular Hexagon ABCDEF of 30 mm side is the front view of a plate when its surface is inclined at 30 degrees to the V.P. Draw the projections when its side AB is in V.P. and inclined at 45 degrees to the H.P.
Q.3.A pentagonal pyramid, side of base 25 mm and height 60 mm has one of its slants (triangular) faces on the H.P. and the edge of base contained by that slant edge makes an angle 30 degree to the V.P. Draw its projections.
Q.4.Three spheres of 40 mm diameter are placed on the ground touching each other, with a line joining centers of any two parallel to V.P. The fourth sphere of diameter 50 mm is placed centrally over these spheres, determine the height of a centre of the fourth sphere by means of projections of the arrangement.
Q.5.A cone diameter of base 60 mm and height 70 mm is lying on the ground with one of the generators its axis parallel to V.P. It is cut by a vertical section plane inclined at 40 degrees
to the V.P. Draw the sectional front view, top view and true shape of section.

Section B

Q.6.Figure 2, shows an isometric view of an object. Draw the following views.
i) Front view in direction of the arrow,
ii) Top view
iii) Side view from the right.
Q.7.Figure 1. shows a front view of a cut cylinder with base diameter 60 mm.with its axis parallel to V.P. and perpendicular to H. P. Draw the development of the lateral surface of the part P of the cylinder (13)Q.8. Figure 3, shows two views of an object, draw an isometric view of the object.(13)Q.9.Front view and top view of an object are given in
Figure:- 4. Draw: i) Redraw the front view; ii) Sectional top view (section BB), and iii) Side view from the right.


Figure:-1 (Q. 6.)
Figure:-2 (Q.7.)
Figure:-3 (Q.8.)
Figure:- 4 (Q.9.)
Q.1. Inclination with HP; θ = 50 degrees
Inclination with VP; Ø = 40 degrees
True Length; TL = 85 mm.








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