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just a minute topics

JAM Topics : JAM is nothing but just a minute. It is session to talk about a particular topic for minute without having any grammar mistakes. While the candidate is speaking on a given topic, interviewer also tests he/she communication, behavior, smartness, way of presenting skills, confidence skills etc., while talking. candidate should speak on given topic without any repetition of sentences with good communication skills. In some of the interviews the interviewer will ask us to select a topic and talk for a minute. This is the very important session for the candidate to get good impression on them. Just a minute – JAM.


Topics for Just a Minute (JAM) 

  •  Literacy
  •  Education
  •  Women role in our country
  • Politics
  • Mobiles
  •  Corruption
  • Self confidence
  • Role Model
  •  Trees
  •  About your family
  •  Describe yourself
  •  Memorableday
  •  Review of a movie
  •  Social Networking
  •  Favorite sport
  • just a minute on GST

All the above mentioned topics which we had mentioned are good for JAM to clear your round with good marks and you can secured good impression from interviewer.

how-to- clear- Just- a- Minute
JAM Topics

Main Tips To Follow In JAM

Jam is the main round in interviews. Many of the students will fail at Jam round, so here there are some main tips to follow:

Just a Minute Tips and Tricks

  • The interviewer will observe your communication skills, the way you are spelling the word, so you should speak the sentences without having any mistakes.
  •  Try to avoid the repetition of sentences.
  •  If you have a chance to select a topic try to select a good topic that you know well.
  •  Try speaking the sentences in short and clearing way, don’t use complex sentences while speaking.
  •  You may have a chance to speak on your topic so prepare at least for 5 topics while attending an interview.
  •  Don’t speak too loudly, speak clearly audible to interviewer.
  •  You may have some grammar mistakes but it should exceed up to 5%, so try to not exceed it.
  •  The interviewer will also observe your dress code, be formally dressed while attending interview.
  •  One should maintain eye contact while talking to the interviewer.
  • Try to use ‘however’, ‘definitely’, ’actually’, ‘certainly’.
  •  Whatever you are speaking about the topic it should be simple, good and understandable to the interviewer.
  •  Don’t use ‘but’ and ‘hmm’ words while talking on a topic.
  •  Don’t give breaks while talking on a topic.
  •  Complete the topic on a given time; end the topic with suggestions or good conclusion.
  •  Don’t use negative words and don’t use religion related words while talking on topic. 
  • Conclusion should end with some words like hence, I conclude, Therefore, overall, in brief, in conclude that, etch.

jam-just-a-minuteHow to Prepare For JAM

Before attending an interview prepare yourself for 2-3 times, especially for the just a minute topics. Sometimes the interviewer may ask you to talk on your own topics, so be prepared of few topics which are easy to talk, for example trees, about your city, education, television, politics…etc. before attending interview practice yourself before mirror, so that you can know your body language, eye contact and record your voice while speaking so that you can make clear of your mistakes.

tips-to- clear -jam - Copy

By this you can give your best in your interview. Don’t break the sentence while talking and never pause the sentence while talking. Whatever topic they have given or you have selected, try to speak it confidently without any mistakes and in a clear way. Whatever you are talking first has to be confident while talking which makes the interviewer feel that, you are very confident about yourself. Whatever topic they may give, talk about that topic in a clear way and make sure that you are audible to the interviewer. If you don’t know much about the topic then speaks few sentences about the topic, then end the topic. Try to end the topic with good suggestion or with a good conclusion. just a minute-jam.

JAM TOPIC ABOUT Health is Wealth

Health is a dynamic process because it is always changing. We all have times of good health, times of sickness and may be times of serious illness. As our life style is changing so does our level of health. Those who participate in regular physical activities, do so to improve current and future level of their fitness. We strive towards optimize state of well being. As our lifestyle improves our health also improves as we experience less number of diseases and sickness. Physical fitness is one of the aspects of our overall health. We should be strong enough in social health, mental and spiritual health also. Wellness is the search for enhanced quality of life, personal growth and potential through positive style behaviors and attitudes. There is a saying that a healthy mind is a wealthy body. Finally I would to quote a famous saying “Health is Wealth”.


Let me say a few words on music. Even though I am too young to talk about an ocean like music, I will try to share my experience. Music is the most important and powerful thing in my life. my life without music would be incomplete. Listening different genres in the music helps me to get rid of stress and motivates me in my hard times. Listening to my favorite music in the morning helps me prepare for the entire day. I think it is like the memories which are with me always. There is saying that music should strike from the heart of a man and bring tears from the eyes of a woman. You know I have found that for lovers music is an inexpressible feeling of being in love. Music melts even the hearts of tough people and makes them friendly. Music teaches manners and humanity in several occasions. Finally, I would like to say that music has no bounds and it is the thing which connects people all over the world.

Just a Minute on GST Bill

Candidates can choose the JAM Topic of 2 min speech on GST Bill which was recently implemented by the central Government. You can prepare the short speech on GST in English, here we have provided Speech on GST for students. Nowadays, Students are choosing topic of just a minute on GST bill. You can finish your 2 min speech on GST Bill JAM topic by this words-  Goods and service tax (GST) aims at eliminating different rates of taxes within India and bring in a uniform rate at which goods and services can be taxed. This will ensure uniform prices of goods in India and will benefit people in all states as it prevents one state from excessively taxing certain commodities or services.

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Just a minute on Technology – Just a Minute Topics 

Just a Minute is a session to discuss about the given topic with specific points clearly and without any grammatical errors. The interviewer would like to know the shortest answer with lucid presentation. With just a minute, the interview would be able to analyze the interviewee’s confidence, knowledge and communication skills. Within a stipulated time, the interviewee should give good impression by the way of their talk and response to the interviewer. The interviewer would note down how clearly the interviewee can speak without repetition of sentences and how he is able to manage the topic without any nervousness. The topics mentioned below are focused for just a minute.

Just a minute on Education

Education is a process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, and beliefs. It is an enhancement of individual’s growth and acts as a strong base in choosing a profession. Education builds confidence, understanding of different experiences through a strong foundation in learning. Theory learning and practical learning are interdependent on each other. Both are essential as, without a theoretical base, experiential or practical learning cannot be made. Learning is a lifelong process and it does not stop with suitable degrees alone. Education is a process that triggers people to have a quest to learn, relearn and apply it. A good education would bring answers to tap the undiscovered potential. Education in India is a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14. Education is a pillar of both individual development and economy’s growth. A nation with the highest number of educated professionals is the backbone of the business growth and economy’s development.

Just a minute on Global Warming 

Well, you can also choose environment topics such as Global Warming. The main cause of Global Warming is due to increase in Earth’s average surface temperature due to an effect of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation or burning the fuels. Mostly the earth’s climate is influenced by first 6 miles. It was really a very thin layer. The greenhouse effect is caused by mainly 3 greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide, chloro-fluoro carbon, methane, nitrous oxides, etc gases. These gasses are obtained basis on our daily activities which get combined with atmosphere and form a cover around the Earth which can absorb hot sun rays and make this earth a burning earth. The heat which was absorbed will remain in the lower circle of the biosphere and it also boosts up the level of temperature. As per the studies which have estimated that by 2050 the rise in temperature of earth which would be about 4° to 5°C. By considering past five centuries, it enhanced about 1°C, the warming has enhanced severely only during the twentieth century. So, the global warming is increasing and it harms us.

Just a minute on Self Confidence

Self confidence is a positive attitude that one believes himself/herself and believes that they have the abilities to do everything even in case of difficult challenges. Being confident would render the focus or goals with robust determination to carry out the activities. To make an individual more self confident, the foremost is to think as where they are and where they want to be and commit according to the planned goals with positive affirmation. Self confidence is a sort of motivating oneself constantly. It is a sort of having trust in one’s abilities that they are good at dealing tasks and they have self assurance in their own judgment, ability and power. Thinking positive, focusing on body language, preparing to accept failure and boosting the positive energy are the ways to become more self confident.


Nowadays, everything is just in a single click. In the present world, all we need Social networking sites in our daily lives. Social media has revolutionized the globally, it helps a lot by bringing us closer than ever before and which makes our life easier. Social Media is very much helpful for not only youth to all the generations. But older generations are blaming social media and present generation because all the people are getting addicted.

However, every coin has two sides we can consider Social networking sites have a coin and we should also know about both the Positives and negatives impacts of Social Networking sites and we should use as much we needed instead of getting addict. If we use social media from morning to night continuously we are making individuals dumb. Mostly today’s youth are engaged in cyber crimes.

We are forgetting one thing, that is Being on social media sites means that we should be social but we are all social more on social networking sites and are keeping our self’s away from social life. Lastly, I want to like to conclude this topic with a simple line that is, we should use and consider social networking sites has a medium through which we can learn things broadcast our knowledge, views and general awareness regarding any kind of issues.

It all depends on us, either we can misuse or use it in a good way for a better life. So, the choice is yours !!

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