Just a Minute Topic – Literacy and Mobile Phones

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Just a Minute Topic – Literacy and Mobile Phones

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Just a Minute is an event of nonstop talking about a given topic around sixty seconds without any hesitation, repetition and deviation with control of mind over the mouth. Speaking too fast or too slow, grammatical errors, undue stress on words and repetition of any idea has to be avoided in a just a minute event. The positive points have to be considered leaving all the negative points in 60 seconds talk. The main advantage is that through just a minute, the interviewer would be able to know about one self in a minute, command over the language and convincing and managing skills.


Literacy is a fundamental human right and act as lifelong learning. It is an instrument of empowerment and human development. Literacy in traditional world means able to read and write but in today’s context, it means knowing how to solve the problems, proficient in maths, technology savvy and decision making power apart from the ability to read and write. Literacy is a person’s capability to apply the acquired skills from the theories in to practical life and situations. Sharing one’s knowledge and discussing about the various topics would enrich learning. Learning through library, newspapers, magazines and websites are the added advantage to build the learning power of an individual.

Mobile Phones

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Mobile Phones are the easiest mode of communication among the people and it is used for variety of purposes nowadays. Through mobile phones, one can listen to music, watch movies, playing games, browsing, making video calls and setting alarm calls. Mobile phone has become an essential component of one’s life. It is very useful for emergency situations, to gain knowledge by surfing, get to know about news update and the events that take place in the world at a faster pace. It acts as a personal assistant, teacher, instructor, adviser and guider. Nowadays android mobile is used for sending emails, net banking, paying e-bills and other bills etc. In case of emergency situations like accident and critical situations, mobile is found to be the best component for providing solutions. Many mobile applications like facebook, twitter, you tube, English dictionary and so on renders a very informative and act as a communication application.

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