Karnataka Government Schemes

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Karnataka Government Schemes

Karnataka Government Schemes are been introduced by the Karnataka Government for the welfare of the people of Karnataka. The Chief Minister of Karnataka has introduced these KS government schemes in order to maintain the people at Below Poverty Line to be the people Above Poverty Line. Some of the government schemes that are introduced as the implementation of the Central Government Schemes. Check out the Kar Social Welfare Schemes which are developed by the Karnataka government and Revenue Department.

Karnataka Government Schemes


Karnataka government schemes list

The schemes that are been launched under the Karnataka Government are the Shaadi Bhagya Scheme, Anna Bhagya Scheme, Gas Bhagya Scheme, Ksheera Bhagya Scheme, Krishi Bhagya Scheme, Mukhya Mantri Adarsha Grama Yojana Scheme, Laptop Bhagya Scheme, Manaswini Scheme, schemes for physically handicapped persons in karnataka, karnataka government schemes for small scale industries, In the Karnataka Government Schemes List, some of the government schemes of the Karnataka state are been described below.

Shaadi Bhagya scheme

Under this Shaadi Bhagya scheme, the government has given financial help to minority group (Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Parsi etc) ladies for their marriage. This Scheme’s Objectives are the principle motto of the plan is to give money related help to the backward Muslim ladies amid their marriage. In this plan, the recipients get Rs. 50,000 as a financial help from the state government. The fundamental point of this scheme is to bring a positive change after a girl child is born to the family, to help the family financially for the marriage of a young lady, to demoralize any minor girl in the state and encourage marriages only after the girl had reached the legal age for marriage.

Karnataka Government Schemes

This scheme is an initial activity for the development of minority group, as there are even some needy individuals in the minority group who don’t have much cash to arrange marriage cost. To get benefits under this plan the girl applicant needs to fulfill some qualification standards The Benefits the Scheme is that the Government gives a financial help of Rs. 50,000 for the marriage of a lady who has a place with the minority group (Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Parsi, etc) and the ladies, divorced people and dowagers will get benefits under this scheme.

Gas Bhagya Scheme

Under this Gas Bhagya Scheme, the state government gives cooking stove and free LPG gas association with the women who has a place with underneath destitution line (BPL). This scheme is required to profit around 40% of just about 1 Crore below poverty line (BPL) families in Karnataka state. This plan helps for those women who used to cook nourishment utilizing lamp fuel oil, wood, paper, and cow dung cake and crop residue. The fundamental motto of this plan is to give a smoke-free and healthy environment to the ladies all over the country. In this present day age, numerous ladies still keep on facing the adverse health effect by breathing in smoke radiated from burning firewood.

Karnataka Government Schemes

Numerous groups of Karnataka from Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) were facing the health hazards until now as they had to cook food customary challahs. The government took great intiative activity and give them a smoke-free and healthy environment with the assistance of free gas stove and LPG gas association in the state. The government has expected to engage ladies and ensuring their wellbeing and protecting their health and reducing the serious health hazards associated with cooking based on fossil fuel.The Advantages of a cooking stove and free LPG gas association ladies in the state.Advantages of without smoke and sound condition amid cooking for ladies from BPL families.

Anna Bhagya Scheme

Under Anna Bhagya Scheme, Karnataka government has distributed food grains to the Below Poverty line (BPL) families at free of cost in the state. The primary motto of this plan is to give rice free of cost to individuals who belong to below poverty line. The Anna Bhagya scheme was improved in the state spending plan by the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and now, a single member of the family will get 7 kg of rice while a 10 member family will get 70 kg a month. The aim of the scheme is to give subsidized rice to the focused recipients like families living below poverty line.

Karnataka Government Schemes

The cost of the food is expanding step by step and under such situation, the state of the poor families has turned out to be surprisingly more terrible since they don’t have enough cash to buy food grains at showcase rates. This is an exceptionally respectable activity taken by Karnataka Government for helping poor and denied families to give them sustenance grains. Karnataka government has distributed food grains to the underneath neediness line (BPL )families at free of cost in the state. A solitary part family will get 7 kg of rice. A 10 part family will get 70 kg a month under this plan. Alongside the sustenance grains, government likewise convey Wheat, Sugar, Salt, Kerosene, and oil on sponsored rate.

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Ksheera Bhagya Scheme

Karnataka State Government propelled ‘Ksheera Bhagya Scheme’ in a relationship with Karnataka Co-agent Milk Producers Federation Ltd. (KMF) and all its milk union for school and anganwadis kids’ in the state. The Ksheera Bhagya Scheme is implemented under the Department of Education and Women and Child Department of Karnataka. Under this scheme, the state government gives free milk to the school and Anganwadi kids’ for five days in seven days. To forestall lack of healthy sustenance in kids. To enhance the wholesome and wellbeing status of children.The fundamental motto of the scheme is to avoid hunger in children and to enhance the dietary and wellbeing status of kids in Karnataka state. Students from Class first to tenth studying in government, government-helped schools and Anganwadi children are getting benefits under this plan.

Karnataka Government Schemes

The program is focused on 65 lakh children studying in Class first up to Class tenth in around 51,000 government schools and 39 lakh children in around 64,000 Anganwadis in the state. This free milk scheme handles malnutrition among kids in rural ranges. Milk with constituents, for example, calcium, proteins, sugars, vitamins, zinc, and riboflavin is a complete food which is essential for a kid to become healthy and intelligent. The government has begun this plan with a mean to give nutritious food with protein and fat which is basic for solid development and all-round improvement of School Children and in addition Anganwadi in the State Government give free milk to the school and aganwadis children for five days in a week . Students from Class first to the tenth concentrate in government, government-helped schools and Anganwadi children will get benefits under this plan.

Krishi Bhagya Scheme – karnataka government schemes for agriculture

Karnataka government subsidies for agriculture: The Karnataka State Government has launched another leader plan to accomplish progressive change in Karnataka’s ranch segment named ‘Krishi Bhagya Scheme’. Under this Krishi Bhagya Scheme, the government focuses on changing the agricultural part by expanding farm profitability, the mixture of new innovation and gear, maintainable farming practices and better water administration and water system offices in the state. In the Karnataka, 70% farmers depend on upon rain water for their crop products. These rains fed fields don’t have any type of guaranteed water system during the dry time period. Farmers couldn’t ready to get a sufficient measure of water during their crucial time of crops. ‘Krishi Bhagya Scheme’ comes under the concept of Karnataka govt schemes for farmers, Kar state government has launched this karnataka agriculture department subsidy – Krishi Bhagya Scheme to provide financial assistance for eligible candidates.

Karnataka Government Schemes

karnataka agriculture subsidy

The aggregate misfortunes or lower yields decrease rain-fed cultivating to an unsustainable extent. This un-maintainability drives a few farmers out of horticulture itself. The state government began this scheme for farmers with an intent to offer an answer that empowers rain-encouraged cultivating towards economical agribusiness. In this program, the government is supporting farmers to make a farm pond with polyethylene lining, introduce pump and sprinkler water system framework.

Kar Social Welfare Schemes

“Manaswini Scheme” -Karnataka Government Schemes for Womens

Manaswini Scheme is also consider as one of the karnataka govt schemes which is issued by the Karnataka State Government with the association of revenue department. The main aim to launch the ‘Manaswini Scheme’ is to help the divorcee or unmarried women of the Karnataka state. Revenue Department has released various schemes under welfare projects of karnataka government for poor people. This scheme is one of the good initiative scheme which helps and support the unmarried & divorcee women financially which will help them to sustain their life easy.

Under the Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme and those whose age is above 65 years of unmarried or divorcee women are eligible for this scheme. The main motto of this scheme is to help those who are fall under the below poverty line them by providing financial assistance for women who are either unmarried or divorcee. Under this Manaswini Scheme, officials will directly transfers the financial assistance directly to the eligible candidates bank account or through post office account.

Karnataka State Government with the association of revenue department provide a monthly pension of Rs 500/- to unmarried and divorcee poor women’s those who are eligible for this scheme.



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