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About RTO Kerala:

RTO Kerala: The motor vehicles Department was formed under the Kerala State government for the main purpose to carry the provisions which were developed under Motor Vehicles Act 1988. By considering all the road improvements and also differences in Road transport technology. Particularly the developed techniques in the motor vehicles management. The vehicle registration contains the records of the motor vehicles after verification. Vehicle registration is one of the essential document which is a proof of vehicle ownership. The motor vehicle ownership is required for the sale of a vehicle or transfer. This process shows the step by step which provides you a temporary registered vehicle. We have provided the eligibility criteria of Vehicle ownership, Instructions and required documents etc.

RTO Kerala

Eligibility criteria:

Every candidate who has a vehicle, he must be an owner of the vehicle which they drive and that vehicle should get registered the Kerala registration authority in whose where they have address or occupation the place where their vehicle is regularly used. Without vehicle registration, the citizen shouldn;t drive the vehicle at any public place or any other place. If in the case without registration, the person who drives any motor vehicle and no owner of the vehicle it shall cause offense under the law. So, we should be registered the new vehicle with the owner name. Check out the steps and procedure of the Kerala RTO vehicle registration.

Required Details:

  • Candidates those who are interested to register a new vehicle or non-commercial vehicle, candidates need to register in the application form.
  • Applicants can get the application form through online or also can get the prescribed form at nearer local authorities to the Regional Transport Officer or area transport department.
  • Candidate should provide the sale certificate which was given by the dealer of the vehicle, Road witness’s certificate which is given by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Vehicle Insurance policy copy, address proof of the candidates, chassis number and also similar papers.
  • Applicants must submit the road tax and also should pay the registration fee.
  • Applicants vehicle will get verification by the inspection officer.
  • To display thereon, a special registration mark will be provided.

These are the documents which are required to get vehicle registration. Attach all the documents with the registration form and carry it to the Local RTO office. We have provided the required documents to get the vehicle registration of the vehicles in kerala.

RTO Kerala

Kerala RTO vehicle registration Procedure:

Applicants who are looking to for Application for vehicle registration online in Kerala those can get it from RTO Office Kerala or at its official website of the Kerala vehicle department. Read the complete procedure of the vehicle registration.

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  • Every owner should get registration to their vehicles at the registering officer. applicant should submit the residence or the occupation where the vehicle is generally placed. Vehicle temporary registration is also available here.
  • Temporary registration is available for the new vehicle for transportation from one place to another. The temporary registration for the vehicles is given with a week from the registration.
  • Get the Vehicle temporary registration application form 20 and fill it.
  • Vehicle temporary registration fee is Rs 50/-
  • At Regional Transport Officer office, the application is provided.
  • Carry all the documents which are required while going to fill up the vehicle registration application form.

Required Documents:

Following are the documents which must be carried for vehicle registration.

  • Download the Application form 21 which available in online or also get it from the authority.
  • Get the copy of the sales certificate in Form 21.
  • Duplicate document of road worthiness certificate in form 22.
  • Get the copy of insurance valid document
  • Certificate of Pollution under control
  • Address proof Xerox such as Ration card, Current bill etc.
  • Semi Trailer or case trailar Xerox of design approval of STA.
  • Xerox of all the original documents from the authorities in form 21.
  • For imported vehicles, Xerox of customs clearance document.
  • The Temporary Registration fee which is payable shall be Rs 15/- under the APMV Rule 89.

Kerala RTO vehicle registration fees

Check the Kerala vehicle registration fees in respect of each vehicle

  • Motorcycle: 50
  • Invalid carriage:50
  • Three wheelers – 1000
  • Stage Carriers and lorries – 1500
  • Others: 200

Validity Period:

The validity of the vehicle registration fee is for 15 years of validity time, after finishing off 15 years, again owner should renewal the vehicle registration.

Kerala motor vehicle department ownership details

To know the Kerala motor vehicle department ownership details visit the motor vehicle department Kerala website to check the vehicle ownership details in Kerala. Complete Kerala RTO vehicle registration details are available at online. Enter the Kerala vehicle registration number and at Kerala vehicle department website and get the Kerala RTO vehicle details. To know the Kerala RTO Vehicle registration details, get the RTO Office Kerala department. Motor vehicle department Kerala registration details can check by visiting RTO Kerala office or also at its motor vehicle department Kerala website.



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