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Krishna Pushkaralu 2016:

Krishna pushkaralu: The most awaited Krishna Pushkaram 2016 is going to be starts at on coming 12th August 2016, immediately after Jupiter (Brihaspati) enters into Kanya Rashi (Virgo). Krishna Pushkaram 2016 (pushkaralu) will be conducted for 12 days from 12th August and up to 23rd August 2016. This time Andhra Pradesh state will celebrates this traditional in three districts of Andhra Pradesh. Krishna pushkaralu 2016.
Andhra Pradesh government is working on this issue from last two three months at three districts Krishna, Kurnool and Guntur. concerning officers of Andhra Pradesh state is going to organize bathing Ghats and also repairing the existing bathing Ghats.

Andhra Pradesh government is going to conduct pushkaralu at mainly two cities there are Vijayawada and Guntur mainly. Vijayawada is well developed in road, rail and air. Government of Andhra Pradesh is fully committed for Krishna Pushkaralu 2016

Krishna Pushkharam is the holy festival of River Krishna which generally occurs once in 12 years. The Pushkaram is observed for a period of 12 days from the time of entry of Jupiter into kanya rasi. Pushkaram has been an age old practice in Andhra, especially in Amaravathi, Vijayawada, Avanigadda and Diviseema. Bathing ghats in Vijayawada Durga Ghat, Pushkara Ghat, Padmavathi Ghat, Metla Bazar Sithanagaram Ghat, Punnami Ghat and  Siva Kshetram ghat.

Vijayawada is the main center of the festival. A large number of devotees gather here to have a dip in the Krishna River which is considered sacred by the Hindus. Various pujas and rituals are performed. The festival was held in August 2004 and drew over 30 million pilgrims and tourists during the 12-day festival in 2004.


Before knowing the importance of Krishna Pushkaralu one must know the meaning of pushkaram, its role in Indian mythology. Why one should take a holy dip in the sacred river during that time and the ancient story behind it.

The next Krishna Pushkaram will be held in 2016 on August 12th to 23rd in Vijayawada.

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below we has mentioned the Andhra Pradesh Krishna pushkaralu bathing Ghats along with addresses:

Ghat Name Address Directions
Gullalamoda Ghat Gullalamoda, Etimoga Village, Nagayalanka   Directions
T.Kothapalem Village Ghat T.Kothapalem Village, Nagayalanka   Directions
Sri RamaPada Kshetram Ghat Nagayalanka   Directions
Nagayalanka 7th Ward Ghat Nagayalanka   Directions
Brahmananda Puram Ghat Nagayalanka   Directions
Vekanuru-1 Ghat Vekanuru, Avanigadda   Directions
Vekanuru-2 Ghat Vekanuru, Avanigadda   Directions
Edlanka Ghat Edlalanka, Avanigadda   Directions
South Chiruvolu Lanka Ghat Chiruvolu Lanka, Avanigadda   Directions
Kothapeta Ghat Kothapeta Village, Avanigadda   Directions
Puligadda Ghat Puligadda Village, Avanigadda   Directions
K.Kothapalem Ghat Kokkiligadda Kothapalem, Mopidevi   Directions
Bobbarlanka Ghat Bobbarlanka, Mopidevi   Directions
Mopidevi Warf Ghat Mopidevi   Directions
Kosuruvaripalem Ghat Kosuruvaripalem, Mopidevi   Directions
Pedakallepalli Ghat Pedakallepalli, Mopidevi Mandal   Directions
Pedakallepalli Ghat-1 Pedakallepalli, Mopidevi Mandal   Directions
Pedakallepalli Ghat – 2 Pedakallepalli, Mopidevi Mandal   Directions
Hamsaladeevi Ghat Hamsaladeevi, Koduru Mandal   Directions
Ullipalem Ghat Ullipalem, Koduru Mandal   Directions
Salempalem Harijanawada Ghat Salempalem, Koduru Mandal   Directions
Pittalanka Padavalarevu Ghat Pittalanka, Koduru Mandal   Directions
Kummaripalem Ghat Kummaripalem, Koduru Mandal   Directions
V.Kothapalem Ghat V.kothapalem, Koduru Mandal   Directions
Royyuru Ghat Royyuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal   Directions
Vallurupalem Ghat Vallurupalem, Thotlavalluru Mandal   Directions
Thotlavalluru Ghat Thotlavalluru   Directions
Chagantipadu Ghat Chagantipadu, Thotlavalluru Mandal   Directions
Devarapalli Ghat Devarapalli, Thotlavalluru Mandal   Directions
Illuru -1 Ghat Illuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal   Directions
Illuru – 2 Ghat Illuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal   Directions
Illuru – 3 Ghat Illuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal   Directions
Yanamalakuduru Ghat Yanamalakuduru, Penamaluru mandal   Directions
Pedapulipaka Ghat Pedapulipaka, Penamaluru mandal   Directions
Chodavarm Ghat Chodavarm, Penamaluru mandal   Directions
Kasaranenivaripalem Ghat Kasaranenivaripalem, Penamaluru mandal   Directions
Gani Atkuru Pushkar Ghat Gani Atkuru, Kanchikacherla Mandal   Directions
Chevitikallu Pushkar Ghat Chevitikallu, Kanchikacherla Mandal   Directions
Kunikinapadu Pushkar Ghat Kunikinapadu, Kanchikacherla Mandal   Directions
Punnavalli Ghat Punnavalli, Chandarlapadu Mandal   Directions
Kasarabada Ghat Kasarabada, Chandarlapadu Mandal   Directions
Ustepalli Ghat Ustepalli, Chandarlapadu Mandal   Directions
Gudimetla Ghat Gudimetla, Chandarlapadu Mandal   Directions
Gudimetla – 2 Ghat Gudimetla, Chandarlapadu Mandal   Directions
Popuru Ghat Popuru, Chandarlapadu Mandal   Directions
Sri Vedadri Village Ghat Vedadri, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal   Directions
Sri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Vari Ghat Vedadri, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal   Directions
Sri Ravirala Village Ghat Ravirala, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal   Directions
Sri Bhavani Muktheswara Swamy Vari Ghat Mukteswarapuram, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal   Directions
Uttaravahini Ghat Mukteswarapuram, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal   Directions
Vadapalem Ghat Vadapalem, Machilipatnam Mandal   Directions
China Yadara Ghat China Yadara, Machilipatnam Mandal   Directions
Bhogireddy palle Ghat Bhogireddy palle, Machilipatnam Mandal   Directions
Papavinasama Ghat Ghantasala   Directions
Srikakulam Ghat Srikakulam, Ghantasala Mandal   Directions
Ramudupalem Ghat Ramudupalem, Challapalli Mandal   Directions
Inapuru Ghat Inapuru, Pamidimukkala Mandal   Directions
Ferry Ghat Ibrahimpatnam   Directions
Guntupalli Ghat Guntupalli, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal   Directions
Tummalapalem-1 Ghat Tummalapalem, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal   Directions
Tummalapalem-2 Ghat Tummalapalem, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal   Directions
Sangamam Ghat Ibrahimpatnam   Directions
Damuluru Ghats-1 & 2 Damuluru, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal   Directions
Munnaluru Pushkar Ghat Munnaluru, Kanchikacherla Mandal   Directions
Vijaya Krishna Ghat Kanakadurgamma Varadhi, Vijayawada (Urban)   Directions
Padmavathi Ghat Opp.PNBS, Krishna Lanka, Vijayawada   Directions
Krishnaveni Ghat Vijayawada   Directions
Durga Ghat Near Prakasam Barrage, Beside Model Guest House, Vijayawada   Directions
Punnami Ghat Bhavanipuram, Near Punnami Hotel, Vijayawada   Directions
Bhavani Ghat Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada   Directions
Gollapudi Main Ghat Gollapudi, Vijayawada   Directions
Surayapalem, (H/o. Gollapudi Village) Ghat Suryapalem, Gollapudi, Vijayawada   Directions



This are the Krishna pushkaram bathing ghats list which has officially declared by the government of Andhra Pradesh.


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