List of Hotels in Vijayawada

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List of Hotels in Vijayawada

Hotels for family and economical budget hotels

Sno Name of the Hotel Location Contact Number View Direction
Single Room Double Room
1 Sun City NTR Univeresity, Vijayawada 0866-2455551   Directions
2 Hotel Nagamani NTR Univeresity, Vijayawada 0866-2454455   Directions
3 Garuda M.G. Road, Vijayawada 0866-2499991   Directions
4 Hotel Green Valley Gandhi Park, Vijayawada 0866-2567567   Directions
5 Hotel Rajahamsa Governorpet, Vijayawada   Directions
6 Hotel Santhi Governorpet, Vijayawada   Directions
7 Hotel Keerthi’s Anupama Kaleswara Rao Road, Vijayawada 0866-2433921   Directions
8 hotel Siddhardha Kaleswara Rao Road, Vijayawada 9846765623   Directions
9 Hotel Riviera Inn Kaleswara Rao Road, Vijayawada 0866-2434315   Directions
10 Divya Rest House Near Head Post Office, Vijayawada   Directions
11 Hotel Mounika Gopala Krishna Street, Vijayawada   Directions
12 Hotel Sudha Old Bus Stand, Vijayawada 0866-2576294   Directions
13 Hotel Nayagar Old Bus Stand, Vijayawada   Directions
14 Hotel Nayagar Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-273201   Directions
15 Sri Triveni Lodge Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-652441   Directions
16 Srilekha Lodge Governorpet, Vijayawada   Directions
17 Sri Mahalakshmi Lodge Governorpet, Vijayawada   Directions
18 Vardhaman Lodge Governorpet, Vijayawada   Directions
19 Leela Residency Opp. Old Bus Stand, Vijayawada 0866-3095636   Directions
20 Venkateswara Rest House Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-3095636   Directions
21 Hotel Chaya Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-2576330   Directions
22 Hotel Menaka Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-2579391   Directions
23 Hotel Sri Balaji Besent Road, Vijayawada 0866-2572146   Directions
24 Sri Sai Srinivasa Rest House Governorpet, Vijayawada   Directions
25 Hotel Swamy Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-577215   Directions
26 Hotel Santhosh Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-577215   Directions
27 Hotel Samrat Governorpet, Vijayawada   Directions
28 Hotel Swapna Governorpet, Vijayawada   Directions
29 Sri Maharani Guest House Prakasam Road, Vijayawada 0866-572203   Directions
30 Balaji Rest House Prakasam Road, Vijayawada 0866-5566773   Directions
31 Brundavan Lodge Besent Road, Vijayawada 0866-5568446   Directions
32 Modern Café Besent Road, Vijayawada 0866-2572525   Directions
33 Janasudha Lodge Gandhi Nagar, Vijayawada 0866-2574598   Directions
34 New Modern Lodge Gandhi Nagar, Vijayawada 0866-2577208   Directions
35 Hotel Chandra Gandhi Nagar, Vijayawada 0866-2571211   Directions
36 Hotel Vikram Near Railway Station, Vijayawada 0866-613211   Directions
37 Hotel Sinduri Hanumanpet, Vijayawada 0866-6622777   Directions
38 Hotel Sithara Hanumanpet, Vijayawada 09951747446   Directions
39 Kakatiya Rest House Hanumanpet, Vijayawada   Directions
40 Hotel Sriram Hanumanpet, Vijayawada 0866-2579377   Directions
41 Hotel Raj International Hanumanpet, Vijayawada 0866-6631699   Directions
42 Hotel Sirpada Hanumanpet, Vijayawada 0866-6644222   Directions
43 Sri Srinivasa Lodge Hanumanpet, Vijayawada 0866-2574320   Directions
44 Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Rest House Hanumanpet, Vijayawada   Directions
45 Sri Kanya Lodge Hanumanpet, Vijayawada 0866-574660   Directions
46 Sri Surya Lodge Near Apsara, Eluru Road, Vijayawada 0866-2570106   Directions
47 Divyasri Lodge Near Apsara, Eluru Road, Vijayawada   Directions
48 Hotel Pecso Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-6641404   Directions
49 Hotel Allied Plaza Congress Office Road, Vijayawada   Directions
50 Sri Priya Lodge Near Apsara, Eluru Road, Vijayawada 0866-6667149   Directions
51 Hotel Apsara Eluru Road, Vijayawada 0866-3294404   Directions
52 Hotel Ashoka Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-6610006   Directions
53 Dwaraka Lodge Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-2571840   Directions
54 Sri Lakshmi Lodge Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-2571233   Directions
55 Sangeetha Lodge Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-2471266   Directions
56 Hotel Adhikar Tikkle Road, Vijayawada 0866-2472402   Directions
57 Surya Lodge Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada 0866-2412359   Directions
58 Sri Malleswari Lodge Canal Road, Vijayawada 9866274210   Directions
59 Hotel Satya Residency Patamata, Vijayawada 0866-2553747   Directions
60 Sai Lodge Autonagar, Vijayawada 0866-2546624   Directions
61 Sai Lodge Autonagar, Vijayawada 0866-2542303   Directions
62 Hotel Kanaka Durga Lodge Autonagar, Vijayawada 0866-6522755   Directions
63 Hotel Kanaka Durga LodgeSri Raghavendra Lodge Autonagar, Vijayawada 9848864291   Directions
64 Sai Ram Rest House Autonagar, Vijayawada 0866-2542836   Directions
65 Sridevi Lodge Autonagar, Vijayawada 0866-2543311   Directions
66 Prestige Rest House Autonagar, Vijayawada 0866-2427585   Directions
67 Hotel Paradise Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-6667912   Directions
68 Sri Venkateswara Lodge Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-2575411   Directions
69 Krishna Boarding & Lodging Governorpet, Vijayawada 0866-2425194   Directions
70 Saranam Lodge Old Bus Stand, Vijayawada 0866-6531441   Directions
71 Hotel Rajani Gandhi Nagar, Vijayawada 0866-2572420   Directions
72 Supreme Palace Pattabhi Ramaiah Street, Vijayawada 0866-2578792   Directions



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