Loans for Backward Classes in Odisha

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Corporation Loans for Backward classes in Odisha

Loans for Backward classes in Odisha: The Odisha welfare department of Backward Classes, scheduled castes was developed to support the Backward Classes community by providing the several loans and schemes for their improvement in Odisha state. The Odisha backward classes cooperative development corporation ltd has initially established, the main concept of this organization is to encourage and support the Backward Classes of Odisha state. From the beginning stage of Odisha state Backward Classes cooperative development corporation, it promotes various loans and schemes which are specially designed and launched for the development of the Welfare of Backward Classes and also other targeted communities.

Odisha Backward classes Development Corporation

Odisha state has secured for well-established corporation which provides various loans and schemes of Backward Classes welfare commissioner Odisha compare to other similar government sectors. The state government of Odisha has completely focused on the poor families of Backward Classes to develop them, schemes of Backward Classes welfare commissioner Odisha provides the welfare schemes for the Backward Classes community of Odisha state. For the development of the Backward Classes of the society, Odisha state welfare department of Backward Classes took very prominent steps for the development of social security of the focused communities. The community of Backward Classes those who are financially poor and can’t sustain themselves, leading their life with their own resources in Odisha, can use the schemes which are provided by the Odisha state Backward Classes cooperative development corporation limited.

Odisha Government schemes for Backward Classes

The state government of Odisha is decided to carry out all the development and welfare loans for Backward Classes and also providing social security for all the targeted castes of Odisha. To handle and coordinate all the functions of the welfare of Backward Classes, administrative secretary, and Director has been appointed. The Odisha Backward Classes welfare department also provides financial support for the targeted community. All the entiched schemes are issued by the Odisha Backward Classes welfare department for the candidates those who belong to Backward Classes and who are below the poverty line, those who are in need of financial & economic support of Backward Classes in Odisha state.


Self –Employment Scheme for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers (SRMS)

Under this scheme, Odisha Backward Class Development Corporation provides the merit and technical education for backward classes students. Post matric scholarship schemes for BC students, under this scheme the post matric scholarship schemes are provided for the eligible candidates that annual income of the students family should up to Rs: 1 lac. Odisha Backward Class Development Corporation has also provided an educational scheme for the students of BC to provide quality education and also provide hostels for the targeted community.

Eligibility criteria of  BC Loans in Odisha:

  • Candidates who are interested to get the Odisha BC Development Corporation Loans those should belong to scheduled castes or scheduled tribes community.
  • Applicant financial status should be less than double the poverty line, i.e; The annual income of the candidate family income for rural areas should be less than Rs: 45,000/- and in urban areas Rs: 70 lac. Candidates those who satisfy the annual income eligibility criteria only those can obtain the Odisha BC Development Corporation loan.
  • The Corporation of NBCFDC provides the various and huge range of income generating activities which consists of small business, tradition occupation, agriculture, both service, and transport sector, both professional and technical trades etc.
  • Odisha BC cooperative development corporation limited provides loans and schemes to the applicants those who are a permanent resident of the Odisha state.
  • Applicant shouldn’t be a holder of any bank or financial institute.


Managerial Subsidy to Backward Development Finance Cooperative Corporation (OSFDC):

OSFSCDFCC Corporation provides Managerial schemes to Backward Classes communities providing income Schemes for through banks. To maintain the subsidy Project, Orissa backward classes Finance and development cooperative corporation has maintained separate staff at its office. For unemployed candidates those who belong to Backward Classes those will provide the training programmes in various recognized organizations. Under the Orissa backward classes Finance and development cooperative Project, Rs 26 lakh has alotted for the Annual plan for the cost and staff at Corporation office and also its district offices.

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To promote 100 Best BC Students to study in Best Residential Schools

Under this scheme, Corporation provides opportunities for the backward classes to have access better education those who are sustaining their lives in urban areas. Rs 45 lac has been sanctioned under this scheme for the expenses of the student’s educational institutions.

Scheme for providing quality education for Backward Classes students in a partnership of Urban Educational Institution.

Under this special scheme Rs. 200.00 lakh has been sanctioned by the Corporation for the backward classes students. Anwesha programme has established by the corporation for to incorporate the hostel facilities, reading and writing materials, tuition fees etc. As sum Rs, 200 lac has been proposed by the corporation.

Backward Classes Development Corporation Loans

Odisha Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Backward Classes Development Corporation have established under the state government of Odisha which is also an owned department which functions under the Ministry of Social Welfare. The corporation of Odisha is maintained by the directors of the corporation of both state and central government. Represented for the socio-economic development of various targeted groups like Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and other Backward Classes communities. To provide a better life for the targeted groups in Odisha, by providing various schemes for the socio-economic development.

SC Corporation Loans in Odisha

Students those who are looking for BC Corporation Loans in Odisha 2018-19 and their parents should belong to BC Community category only they will get this Backward classes loans. The Odisha backward castes Corporation loans are available for BCs. Aspirants who are applying for BC loans that family annual income is less than or equal to 1,00,000 (One Lakh) are eligible for this loans. The eligibility courses are been divided into the various groups. The following gives the various courses that each group contains. The main motto of this Odisha BC Corporation loans scheme is nothing but to encourage the economically weak BC students to pursue the education at various levels. This scheme is eligible to the economically weak families of BC Community of Odisha.




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