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Schemes for SC Corporation Tripura:

Loans for SC Corporation Tripura: The Tripura welfare department of scheduled castes developed to support the scheduled castes community by providing the several loans and schemes for their improvement in Tripura state. The Tripura state SC cooperative development corporation ltd has initially established, the main concept of this organization is to encourage and support the Scheduled Castes of Tripura state. From the beginning stage of Tripura state Scheduled Castes cooperative development corporation limited, it promotes various loans and schemes which are specially designed and launched for the development of the Welfare of Schedule castes and also other targeted communities of the Tripura State.

SC Welfare Department Govt. of Tripura

The state government of Tripura has completely focused on the poor families of scheduled castes to develop them, schemes of  SC welfare commissioner Tripura provides the welfare schemes for the SC community of Tripura state. For the development of the Schedule castes of the society, Tripura state welfare department of SC took very prominent steps for the development of social security of the focused communities. The community of Scheduled Castes those who are financially poor and can’t sustain themselves, leading their life with their own resources in Tripura, can use the schemes which are provided by the Tripura state Scheduled Castes cooperative development corporation limited.

Tripura Social Welfare Schemes

The state government of Tripura is decided to carry out all the development and welfare loans for Scheduled Castes and also providing social security for all the targeted castes of Tripura. To handle and coordinate all the functions of the welfare of scheduled castes, administrative secretary, and Director has been appointed. The Tripura SC welfare department also provides financial support for the targeted community. All these schemes are issued by the Tripura SC welfare department for the candidates those who belong to Scheduled Castes and who are below the poverty line, those who are in need of financial & economic support of Scheduled castes in Tripura state.

SC Community Development in Tripura

Tripura state Scheduled Castes Development Corporation have established under the state government of Tripura which is also an owned department which functions under the Ministry of Social Welfare. The corporation of Tripura is maintained by the directors of the corporation of both state and central government. Represented for the socio-economic development of various targeted groups like Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and other Backward Classes communities. To provide a better life for the targeted groups in Tripura, by providing various schemes for the socio-economic development.

Scheduled Castes Loans in Tripura

Application form of SC Tripura schemes is available at its official website of Tripura SC Development Department. The SC development department application forms of various schemes are available here. The social objectives of SC Loans in Tripura such as Financial support, Education, Shelter, Food clothing, and Health. Here we have provided the complete list of Scheduled Castes which is provided by the Scheduled Castes development corporation. Candidates who are interested in SC loan scheme in Tripura those can check the list of SC schemes in Tripura and fill the application form. To establish a quality life for SC community. Tripura and also provides health care, education and also income generation.

Scheduled Caste Schemes in Tripura

i) Socio-Economic Development of scheduled castes.
ii)Educational & Cultural Development.
iii) Protecting the Scheduled Castes from various social exploitations.
iv) Providing constitutional and legal rights of SC.


Socio-Economic Development of Scheduled Castes:

Under Socio-Economic Development of Scheduled Castes scheme, Corporation of Scheduled Castes provides the special schemes for the development of the Scheduled Castes of Tripura. To support the people who are sustaining their individual lives under the double of the poverty line, Tripura Scheduled Castes Development Corporation has targeted those people and issued several helpful and revolutionary financial assistance welfare schemes. Candidates those who are interested in avail the Socio-Economic Development of Scheduled Castes of Tripura those can apply for the various schemes which were designed to provide the  Financial support, Education, Shelter, Food clothing, and Health.

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Educational & Cultural Development:

The Corporation of Tripura SC Development Department has provides educational loan for the poor families of Scheduled castes those who are from Tripura state. The state government is providing educational loans for various students of SC community by providing technical education in also Abroad. 20 Lac loan is sanctioned for the SC student in Abroad and 10 Lac loan is sanctioned for the SC students those who are interested to pursue in India.  The repayment of the loan is commenced for every 6 months completion of course.

Protecting the Scheduled Castes from various social exploitations.

Under this scheme,  the Scheduled Castes community people will be protected from various social exploitations by the corporation. Candidates those who belong to poor families of Scheduled castes those who are from Tripura state those can be protected by other social exploitations. Check more details of Social exploitations in the official website of the Tripura scheduled castes corporation development.






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