MAYDAY International Labor Day

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MAYDAY International Labor Day

May Day Holiday : May 1st is a public holiday which is celebrated as a May Day, In 19th century May Day was celebrated as International workers day by the Socialists and Communists.’may day is also referred as international workers day. The origin of the may day celebration was started before the birth of christ.May 1st was the second most important holiday for the  and also a popular feast time for the Romans, it was a honour of five day celebration from april 28 and the celebration will end on may 2. It was one of those festivals which was celebrated throughout the world.mayday was discouraged during the time of puritans who lost their power in England. In India mayday also called as labour day celebrated as antarrashtriya shramik diwas may day is also known as kamgar din in hindi, kamgar divas in marathi and uzhaipalar dhinam in tamil.


MAY DAY Workers Day:

Origins of may day ; in the late 19th century, the workers are in struggle to gain the 8 hour work per day because the working conditions were hard and it became common to work 10 to 16 hours per day without any safety 1880’s the workers got enough strength to cdeclre 8 hours work per that time socialism was new and had drawn attention of workers over the production and distribution of goods and services where as capitalism was benefited only employers where thousands of men, women and children were dying every year in the place of the work. Socialism offered another choice. During 19th century the socialist organizations ranging up the political parties to chorele Team. Huge number of socialists were selected in to the constituency of governmental office. In India first labour day was organised in madras by the labour kisan party of Hindustan on may 1st 1923 where the first red flag was used in India and a resolution was passed in that meeting declaring may day as a national holiday. 1st may is also celebrated as Maharashtra day and Gujarat day which are formed on language basis.


Mayday Holiday

May Day is depends on where you are, It is a day to celebrate workers rights or seasonal celebrations of the workers. May day is labour holiday for all over the world and also a part of thornier story. Since from 1880’s, May day is treated as International Worker’s Day. During those days, around the world fighting for the working hours such as 8 hours working days for unions. May day is choosed because it is connected with the anniversary of the Haymarket affair in Chicago. At that time, police force has attacked and killed four people and later some one threw a bomb into the crowd. This moment has showed heavy impact on labours all over world. So, then International worker’s day which is nothing but a MAYDAY  has came to protest the union of the Labour / workers all over the world.

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International Labor Day:

In a hard way, some of the issues slightly connected with the initial days of May day. But actually its not MAYDAY, it comes from the french term maidez. term maidez means help me.  there is nothing mistake with a small french lesson to go along with the history of holidays.



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