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If we think about the Carnatic music we will get some list of legends in that MS Subbalakshmi was one of them. she was very well known the person as queen of music, nightingale of India, goddess of perfect note. MS Subba Lakshmi was a legendary singer-musician and great vocalist. she was blessed with the perfect voice she was called diva of music. during her 10 years, old ms subbalaxmi songs were started her singing career. at the age of thirteen, she got her first stage experience. she appeared to her first presentation at the madras music academy. at her 22 years of old, she made some roles in Tamil movies. she performed as India’s cultural ambassador. she admired the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award for her vocalist and Carnatic music in 1988. Ramon Magsaysay award was given to ms subbalaxmi.

Quick Facts of MS Subbalaxmi

Full Name Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi
Born on 16 September 1916, Madurai
Awards and Medals                        Bharat Ratna,

Padma Bhushan,

Padma Vibhushan,

kalidas Samman

Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration

Died on 11 December 2004, Chennai
Profession Indian Carnatic singer from Madurai, Tamil Nadu



Childhood & Early Life:

On September 19, 1916, Madurai Shanmukhavadivu subbalakshmi was born in Madurai. her mother was named as a veena artist and her grandmother akkammai was famed as a is incumbent in her veins as she was born in a musicians family. Her mother belongs to devadasi community and performs regular programs as she was a good promoter of music. as she was born in a musician family, Acquire musical traits and learning music became a passion inherent part when she is growing up. she showed so much of interest and young subbalakshmi became musical minded.

She was the student of semmangudi Srinivasa iyer and trained in Carnatic music. Practicing this, she took training in Hindustani music under the tutelage of Pandit Narayan Rao Vyas. Because of her musical family background, she is exposed to various musical classified like karaikudi sambasiva iyer, ariyakudi ramanuja Iyengar, and mazhavarayanendal subbaram bhagavathar, at a young age.she was really inspirational and left a remarkable and impressive mark on her mind. As India’s cultural ambassador, MS SUBBALAKSHMI has traveled all over the world to gave stage performances. She is a multi-talented icon because she was a great singer, musician, and vocalist. Due to her singing capabilities, she was consider as a diva of music. When she was 1o years old, MS SUBBALAKSHMI has delivered her first stage performance and also first recording.



At an early age, she started her the age of ten years, the first song was recorded.shanmugavadivu and maragatha vadivum playing veena.twin recording company released the 1926, at Madurai sethupati high school, made her stage debut.she sang ‘anada ja’ a Marathi song interestingly. It is not a conventional one for her, it was a forced one. for the live audience she is asked to perform, then she is playing with mud.she wanted to finish her performance as early as possible to return to her favorite game. For her talent, she was offered to several stage shows in the year 1927. Subbalakshmi surprised her audience with her melodious voice and superiority towards music in the 100 pillar hall inside the rock fort temple, Tiruchirappalli. on behalf of Indian national congress f.g.natesa iyer leader, the event was organized by the 1933, at the age of seventeen, subbalakshmi’s first performance was given in renowned madras music academy(MMA).  it is known as a strict and hard selection process. after listening subbalakshmi is play in the academy, to allow a young girl.


It is known as a strict and hard selection process. after listening ms subbalaxmi songs is play in the academy, to allow a young girl, the conventional practice was broken.for subbalakshmi is a performance at the madras music academy took her ramble reviews from fellow musical authority and exponents.her performance was fascinating and hypnotic of being musical genius earned her the title. she is the meaning and new find of Carnatic music. karaikudi samba Siva Iyer admitted and praised her talent considering that she carried the veena in her throat. she became famous with her own talent and performing concerts on her own, major performances at the madras music academy.

MS SUBBALAKSHMI Carnatic Music Career

she became a leading promoter of Carnatic music by following her debut at the madras musical academy. When subbalakshmi was happy and enjoying her career music she got offers in 1938,  she made her debut in Tamil film with k.subramanyams ‘sevasadanam’. In the film, she made a duet with f.g.natesa iyer. The film was well received at the box office not only commercially but also critically. it explains the sufferings of the girl perfectly and mental hurt of the aged husband.with the success of ‘sevasadanam’.


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she was seen in some Tamil films such as ‘sakuntalai’,’savitiri’ and ‘meera’.the character Meera poetess role of the saint in the nominative film which brought her national prominence in 1947. she was acted in the hindi remake of the Tamil film ‘Meera’ titled ‘Meera bai’.Ellis r Dungan was the director of the film. the important decade in subbalakshmi is the career of Carnatic music is 1960. she not only took part in the music overseas but also performed at famous and significant musical festivals like Edinburgh international festival of music and drama in 1963 and at the Carnegie Hall in new york at the united nations general assembly inn 1969 she ended the decade by singing several and wonderful songs in front of the idol in Rameshwaram temple. having skilled Indian railways advisor sn Venkata Rao. In 1980s decade, subbalakshmi carried the heritage of Carnatic music forward by giving a performance at the royal alert hall in London in 1982 and festival of India in Moscow in 1987. she stopped her public performances after the death of her husband in 1997.

Major works:

M.S.Subbalakshmi was a well-known south Indian classical Carnatic style and was a legendary vocalist. ms subbalaxmi popularized and improved India’s musical tradition. through her concerts being India’s cultural ambassador,  ms subbalaxmi devotional songs enriched the rhythms and Carnatic music richness to the west.

Awards and Achievements:

Subbalakshmi was praised with some of the eminent and prestigious awards like Padma Bhushan in 1954, sangeet natak akademi award in 1956 and sangeetha kalanidhi in 1968 for her ms subbalaxmi songs. in 1974, she was honored with ramon magsaysay awardin 1975, and with the padma vibhushan, India’s second highest civilian award, Sangeetha kalasikhamani by the Indian fine arts society, Kalidas 1988, she was honored Kalidas Samman award.after two years, in 1990, she was respected with Indira Gandhi award for national 1998, she was honored with India’s highest civilian award Bharat Ratna. she was honored with the award for her excellence in Indian classical music and talent, and efforts for being spreading over both in India and abroad. MS SUBBALAKSHMI was the 1st musician to secured the Ramon Magsaysay award and also 1st musician to receive the Bharat Ratna. MS SUBBALAKSHMI

Personal life and legacy:

M.S.Subbalakshmi was married to kalki sadasivam. they don’t have a child. she stopped her public programs after his husband’s death in 1997. she died on december 11,2004 in chennai, Kancheepuram Tamil Nadu. she died due to bronjo pneumonia and cardiac irregularities.born after the death of originator, a large bronze statue of her was constructed at the poorna kumbham circle by Tirupati urban development authority in the temple town of Tirupathi.after this legendary singer and Kancheepuramsaree shade ms blue is named. by the Indian government, a memorial postage stamp on her was released on December 18,2005. m.s.subbalakshmi was not only a famous carnatic singer but also a philanthropist.she received many prestigious awards and huge prize money. MS subbalaxmi very kind and sympathetic. she donated more amount of the money to charity. she performed at many concerts about 200 charity and donating over amount worth Rs.10,000,000. The royalties was also donated to charitable trusts which are received from her records.


Trivia of MS Subbalaxmi Devotional Songs :

It is proud that she is the first musician to recive the ramon magsaysay award and bharat ratna. she was applauded by foreigners also for her marvelous performance. Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, and other people are also fans of the ms subbalaxmi. Mahatma gandhi commented that he wants to listen to only ms subbalaxmi songs rather than others. Some of the her works which are famous are suprabhatam (earky morning hymns), bhajagovindam(composed by adi shankaracharya praising lord krishna), vishnu sahasranamam (1000 names of lord vishnu), hanuman Chalisa(Prayers to the lord hanuman), kurai onrum lllai(composed by rajagopalachari) etc. every classical fan of Carnatic listen to all these and many works of m.s.subbalakshmi and her of the famous works vaishnava janato bring tears to anybody.the way she sang, her pitch, her voice, tone, passion and devotion, perfect pronounciation is distinctive and flawless. as she was passed away on 11th December 2004 in Chennai, at 88, we lost a legendary singer. but her works, which she gave life to music to songs will live forever. ms subbalakshmi music in south India is a remarkable and unforgettable one.











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